Today when I was walking home from school (finally, after being sick for another week hense my absence) I passed this small family with a mom and a dad and a young boy who was pushing his own stroller in front of him. The father went a little to close to a tree and got stuck with his T-shirt in it. The boy loudly said "Look out, dad!" and as you all know, when you're not supposed to smile or laugh you just can't resist. It was so adorable and I couldn't hide my wide smile for anything. It wasn't special at all really, so I don't understand why it made my cheeks hurt that way. Just one of those small things that make your whole day (or afternoon) I suppose.

I've had many spontanious smiles and feelings of pure joy the last couple of weeks and I embrace every single one of them. Even though I've been sick for more than 2 weeks now (and getting seriously sick of it) I've tried to find the satisfaction in this new way of life (i.e. living on the other side of the world) and it has paied off. I am truly, genuinly happy with my life and every time I realise that, I also realise how far I've come since I was 14 and nothing was good. The conclusion is that I'm unstopable. Simple, yeah? I thought so too. Of course I miss everyone and especially Padfoot, but I know that I'll see them soon again so it doesn't bother me that much most of the time. Just crying my eyes out every once in a while.

Take control over your life before anyone else does it. (Someone wise said this originally, not me)

Peace out!

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