I haven't written here for a while again and it's simply because nothing exciting happens. I've been to school, gone home, listened to the rain and thunder basically for two weeks time. Everyday life as we all know it! I did win the class bet for Melbourne Cup (no worries, no money went to the racingindustry, it was just the class) and bought a big stuffed Kangaroo for the money. I don't know how the hell I'm supposed to fit it in my bag when going home, but I guess that's a later problem...

Anyways, the reason that I write here now is because I just realised what I hate most about living in the city! More than all the obvious things like the lack of nature and quiet places. Being me and being socially awkward (most people probably know what I'm talking about) I absolutley H A T E crowds. I can't stress it enough. Therefore it makes it superhard for me to go outside without having company or a clear goal (like school or the supermarket). Today when the sun finally is shining I really want to go outside with my sketchbook and sit down under a tree and just let the imagination flow. Is there such a place here? Yes, there are plenty of parks in varying sizes. Are they empty enough for me? No. I cringe by the mere thought of going to one all on my own and I don't even now why really. It's not dangerous. Back home, in the tiny town with 3 000 people I can just go down to the lake and sit somewhere for hours together with Padfoot and not see another human at all. Here I would be extremly lucky to be alone in a park for 3 minutes.

I guess you never really appreciate what you have until it's gone.

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