Gothenburg , The Netherlands

I feel like I should end this blog in some good way but to be honest I don't really know how to...

The past few days in the Netherlands have been really nice, we've had good food, gone bowling and just taken it easy with friends and family which is the way it should be.

Our journey home was quite smooth yesterday, we went by airplane and switched in Denmark to go back to Gothenburg. The only minor problem was that they had changed my seat to another one but luckily I could get the other seat back.

We arrived at the airport around 12pm where my mom and my little brother picked us up before heading home to sleep.

Donny's currently on his way to work even though neither of us slept that much tonight, my work starts in about a week when the daycares open again.

I've tried to come up with words to summarize our trip together but all I can say is that it was amazing! The cities, the sights, it was everything I could've dreamed of but better.
Some places were less interesting but we came up with things to do anyway.

It was also a good experience because we had to figure everything out ourselves. There was no one there to tell us how to get anywhere or where we would be staying, eating, etc. so I feel like we've learned a lot through this journey.

It's a little sad to be home again but it also feels very nice. Backpacking is really good and a fantastic way to learn and to grow but it can also be exhausting. Which is why it feels good to be back home again.

Anyway, it's back to reality now with work and everything that comes with that. Though it only means we can start saving up for our next trip already❤️

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The Netherlands

I thought I would update what's going on with our trip. We're currently in the Netherlands where Donny's parents and sister lives and we arrived yesterday around 20.30.

In the morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to the train station. I think we arrived around 11.00 and our train would leave at 14.25 so we had a couple of hours to kill.

We bought some croissants for breakfast and then just sat down and waited, not too fun but we didn't wanna have to stress there.

When it turned 12.30 we decided to go outside and find somewhere to eat lunch which wasn't too hard because there were lots of food places around. The place we picked was called Buffalo Grill and we had cheeseburgers and fries. You got a really big plate so neither of us could really finish all of it but it was a nice lunch.

After that we headed back into the train station and sat close to the platforms again.
About 20-30min before our train was supposed to leave people started lining up to get into a train. The people who worked at the train station put up a sign and we noticed that we had to line up as well.

We went through security and then found our seats before heading off to our first switch. I can't remember the name of it right now but when we arrived it wasn't that hard to figure out which train to take next.

Though when we got on the train the person in the speaker announced that you had to have additional tickets to go on that train so we had to get off the train at another stop to get some.

After that was done it was straight to Amsterdam central where we switched to the train that would take us to where Donny lives.

It took about an hour and then Donny's mom and his sister picked us up from the train station which was really nice seeing as we'd been traveling all day.
Donny and I had some dinner later that evening and then we headed to bed.


Today we haven't done too much, we ate some breakfast and headed to the mall not far away from here with the whole family.

Other than that we've just taken it easy and watched the new season of Game of thrones. Donny's going to the dentist tomorrow so we'll see what we'll do other than that.




Today we went to Arc de Triomphe first and got our pictures before heading towards the famous Phantom of the opera theater where we got an audio guided tour that told us all about it which was really exciting.

Sadly the actual balcony where it's said that the phantom sat watching was closed due to renovations but it was an amazing sight to see anyway.

We had planned that we would go to the catacombs today as well but this morning when Donny checked, it was closed. It opens tomorrow at 10.00 but it takes 45min to walk through it and our train to the Netherlands goes at 14.25 so we're not sure if we'll be able to go there.

Anyway, we had some lunch before heading back to our hostel where we are right now, I think we'll go out and eat some dinner in a while but right now it's pouring down with rain so we're waiting for it to get better.

Tomorrow were heading to the Netherlands where Donny's family lives which is really exciting! First of all because we're gonna get to see Donny's niece and family but also because we can finally take it easy for real.

It's gonna be great to go home soon but also quite boring because then you know your every day life starts again with work and our Swedish weather which isn't too nice.




Our first "real" day in Paris has been really good, we started with Versailles where I think we skipped a three hour line by cutting in at the very start.
I didn't feel too well on the way there but when we arrived I at least felt a little more like myself.
Anyway, some people in front of us in the line complained to the guard and he didn't do anything, just shrugged and went on with his business.
The palace was so nice, though the natural lighting from the windows kind of ruined the paintings by shining light on them which reflected and made white spots.

After that we had some lunch and then headed towards the Eiffel Tower and I can tell you, it's massive! And of course there was also a massive line at the entrance to it, so we decided we would spare ourselves some time and just take pictures of it.

Then we headed to the Arc de Triomphe but when we got there there was a queue, which made no sense to us until we realized that Tour de France was at its last day there today. So since we couldn't go in, because of the big line, we decided we would go there in the morning instead.

Next on our list and closest to where we were was Notre Dame so we checked that it was open and then headed towards it. Notre Dame is beautiful, inside out! Lucky for us the line wasn't that big and we could get in free so we got to see all of it.

Last but not least we quickly went to the Louvre, Donny and I wanted to see Mona Lisa before they closed for the day. There was no line at all and we got in for free there as well which was great for us.

It took a while to find her but we did! And the painting is quite small. I wasn't surprised really seeing as I've been told this but with all pictures she seemed so much bigger.
Anyway, we walked around in there and saw some other things as well but ultimately she was the most interesting thing.

When we got out again we had some dinner and then we went back to our hotel where we are just chillin right now.
Tomorrow we're going to some more sights but I think it's gonna be a calm day.




Woke up today after a good nights sleep and took showers before checking out of our hotel. We proceeded by heading out to get some croissants for breakfast and walked to the train station.

Seeing as we, the previous day, had reserved seats already we didn't have to do anything but wait. Though when the clock struck 10.28, when the train was supposed to leave around 10.40, and we didn't have our track yet we went and asked a person who worked there.

The train journey was nice, both of us listened to music and just took it easy before getting off in Paris to take the Metro to our hotel.

After managing a million stairs up from the metro platform to ground level it wasn't that hard to find the hotel, 300meters away from the stop.

When we got there the receptionist started arguing with us about the payment ,because they had already taken money off of Donny's account, but still wanted him to pay full price for the room which didn't make sense.

Anyway, the boss came and sorted it all out and explained everything to us before giving us the keys to our room and telling us where to go.

The room is on the third floor and quite cozy, it has everything we need and it's close to the Metro station which is a must for us.

We rested for a bit before heading to another train station to reserve our seats for the train from Paris to Amsterdam. The person who helped us was quite rude and wouldn't listen to what we had to say but we got our tickets anyway, not directly to Amsterdam but close enough.

Donny and I got some dinner at a restaurant which was really nice and the waiter was really friendly to us which I hadn't expected with all the bad talk about French people and English.

When we were done eating Donny suggested that we'd go to Sacré-Cœr which we did. It was really nice and the view from there wasn't like any other either.

I bought some souvenirs in a gift shop which I won't tell you what it is because my family reads this so...

On the way back to the hotel we walked past Moulin Rouge and ended up on, I think, Paris biggest sex street with cat suits and dildos in every window along with signs inviting you to hot pussy and dancing ladies all around.
Good thing we live just around the corner 😆

Overall, it's been an interesting day and we're now tired but excited for some sightseeing tomorrow 👌🏻




Here are our Pisa pictures!

Picking up where we left off today, we went on the train all the way up to Bardonecchia which is way up in the mountains of Italy.

There we located which bus we needed to take to go to France. It would leave at 12.00 which was about 1h 30min away so we decided to go and explore a little and maybe find some lunch and snacks.

We went to a local supermarket and bought some cereal bars and a drink. Then we went and bought ourselves a cheeseburger at a local dining place which was really good.

Anyway we sat outside and ate our burger until the bus showed up. Then we went inside a mountain all the way to the other side of the boarder to Modane on the French border.

When we arrived we tried to reserve tickets to Paris but unfortunately all of the trains with second class interrail tickets were full so we had to come up with another solution.

So we decided that we would go to Lyon and stay there for a night before heading to France. So instead we asked if she could check for a train to Paris in the morning and luckily there was one at around 10.40.

We booked it and waited for our other train. There were three changes before Lyon but everything there went smoothly so we arrived in Lyon around 17.00.

After that we checked into our Hotel that we had booked and rested for a bit before heading out to a burger restaurant that had really good food and ate dinner.

The long day was ended with a nice sleep and today we're going to Paris ❤️




Eh I couldn't wait, so here's what we've got so far!

Today when we woke up we hurried and got everything ready and left. We wanted to be at the train station bright and early when the train company opened at 07.15.

We get there and wait for a couple of minutes to get told that their tourist help center opens at 09.00 but that we can go to Porta Sussa and fix it there seeing as the train was gonna leave from that station.
Anyway, off we go to Porta Sussa. We took the metro there and arrived on the first floor where we got really confused because we couldn't find anything.

We went in and asked a person for another company where the GTT office was and he pointed us in the right direction.
As we got there another, civilian person, told us that that office only was for bus/tram and that we had to go to another office downstairs so we went downstairs.

Of course we couldn't find another office and but we searched and searched until Donny asked a man at another train company again where the office was. That person pointed us in the same direction as the first and we headed there.
Donny and I got some breakfast seeing as we hadn't had any food yet and I was about to either faint or cry which wouldn't have been too good.

We get in there at 08.00 and take a number, when it's finally our turn the woman says that we can't book seats at that station and suggested that we'd just get on the train without reservations even though it was mandatory. She then tells us that nobody she told this to had come back complaining so we left, confused and slight defeated.

We quickly decide that we'll take the metro back to Porta Nuova where we started and try there instead. We get there and wait for the klock to strike 09.00.
After waiting for about 10min we get our number and then have to wait quite a while for our number to be called out.

When it finally is though the person tells us the same thing as the other one did, that they can't reserve seats for us there.

But instead he comes with a solution to our problem and that's where we are now. The man told us that we could take the train to Bardonecchia ,which lies at the border between Italy and France, and from there take a bus to Modane in France and from there take a train to Paris!

So right now we're on the train to Bardonecchia where it's 16°c and raining up in the mountains. We'll see what happens but right now we're hopeful!



Rome, Pisa, Torino

Just updating you guys on yesterday a little, more exciting things coming later today!

Well yesterday when we woke up we hurried to the reception to call a cab which went fine, it cost about €35 but we needed to get to the train station.

I think we got there around 7 in the morning and our train would leave at 09.57 so we had a few hours to kill.

Anyway we got some breakfast and sat down to wait for our train which was quite the drag, some Asian people asked us a lot of questions which we answered as well as we could but that was the most exciting thing.
If you count out the woman who suddenly dropped her food bags and then started whining and pouring out her food on the floor before calmly walking away from it...yea it was weird.

We made our way to Pisa first where we took the all too common picture that all tourists do (pictures coming later), then we went back and took the train to Torino.

The train wasn't much to talk about, we got on there and then went all the way to Torino where we would spend the night so we could go to Paris the next day.

We asked people at the ticket office if we could reserve tickets but it was another company that fixed the one we wanted. So we had to wait until morning to fix that one.

The hostel wasn't bad, we had our own room, bathroom and shower and it was quite comfortable.

Anyway more coming later when we know where we are because currently we're going into unknown territory! 😬



Rome, The Vatican City

Today we had a plan to go reserve our seats and then go to the Vatican City which we were excited about but sadly sometimes things don't go as planned!

We ended up sitting at the train station for about 40min maybe before we actually got to the lady who would help us reserve our seats. Though when we actually got to her it didn't take long so we shouldn't complain!

After that we had some lunch before looking up which metro (subway train) we needed to take to get to the Vatican City. It didn't take long but of course the metro was packed with people, like every other public transport in Rome.

Anyway, we squeezed our way in and stood all the way in between other sweaty and annoyed people who like us probably just wanted to sit down on the floor.

The first thing that happened when we arrived in the Vatican City was that we noticed a lot of people with folders and papers walking around trying to get some customers to buy their tours.

Of course we get stopped by one of these people and get a 10min walk through on how much more expensive and how much longer if would take us to walk through everything in case we didn't choose his tour booking place.

We politely told him that we would think about it and then headed over to the other side of the street where we, for the second time in 30 seconds, got stopped and thus guy rambled on about the same thing even though we told him that we'd already heard everything.

The guy doesn't give up and decides that we need to go see the office from the outside in case we change our minds. So he shows us a building where a tourist group is standing and tells us that we can still make it to that one which we declined.
After he finally stoped talking we politely and annoyed told him that we would think about it and start heading in the complete wrong direction of St. Peter's square just to get rid of him.

A few meters later we hear him call out for us again one last time but we decide to ignore him at this point. Anyway, after that we walked around the building and headed to the square just to see how long the line actually was.

We would've fainted if we had stood in that line, it was all way around the square and probably stopped somewhere in a backstreet somewhere. The decision wasn't easy because both of us wanted to see the Sistine chapel and everything else but we couldn't wait for that long.

We didn't even know if I could get in because all tour people said I had to cover my shoulders and my knees. Instead we decided to head back to the camp where we could rest and pack our stuff.

After a few hours of doing that we headed to eat some ice cream and then had dinner which was really nice, I had a burger and Donny had a plate of different meat along with fries.

When we were done we headed back to our room where we took it easy for a bit longer before Donny had to go to the reception to ask them something and came back running telling me that the shuttle bus we were planning on taking tomorrow wouldn't go because of a strike!

Yep! All the public transport people are having a strike tomorrow between 08.30 and 12.30! So we basically had no way to get out of here!

It's been a lot of back and forth thinking and looking for options but we've finally decided that we're gonna take a cab to Rome termini no matter how expensive it is. So it'll be up early tomorrow to go down to the reception to book a cab!

Good night everyone, I'll tell you how everything went tomorrow!




Finally the time has come for us to explore Rome, one of two cities that we've been most excited to see.

We got up early and ate some yoghurt that we bought at the supermarket yesterday. After that we headed to the shuttle bus that went from just outside the camp.
It got us to a train station from where we could head into town.

In town we got 48h Rome passes which wasn't too expensive if you think of all the busses, trams and trains we were gonna take. You also got free entrance to your first architectural museum.

We decided to go into Colosseum since we expected that one to fill up quickest and we wanted the morning heat for that one so we wouldn't pass out in there. Of course we also used our free pass so we didn't have to pay anything!

Since we had gotten our Rome passes we could skip the long line and walk in our own line which was really nice since we don't have "a lot" of time to see everything.

It was amazing to see from both inside and outside, it's huge! I can only imagine how it looked when it was newly built and in use.

Next we walked around all the sights we had in mind though I think the Trevi fountain was the most crowded! And the police were there telling people off for some reason. Sadly we didn't have any coins with us so we couldn't throw any in but oh well.

We had some lunch before going to see the pantheon! I would've liked to go inside but there were so many people inside and the line outside was huge so we decided not to.

Now we're on our way back to the camp to go chill by the pool again, maybe buy something from the supermarket.
Tomorrow we're gonna reserve our seats for the train to Pisa and then go check out the Vatican City 👌🏻




Today has been quite the chill day for us!

We started off by going on the train to Rome which took about 4h. Since it was mandatory to book seats on the train we had that all the way along with some Pringles and water that we had bought at a local supermarket.

When we arrived in Rome it wasn't that hard to figure out where to go, mostly because the camp had such a good description with both bus and tram stops.
First we had to take a tram which was quite nice actually and then we had to take but 070 to the actual camp sight which was horrible!

The bus was full of people who all were going to the camp and we had to stand up squished together trying helplessly to hold on to a rail for 40min.
Luckily the bus ride didn't feel as long as it was an we were soon out in the hot air again which was quite the relief believe it or not.

We entered the camp (yes it's seriously named camp fabulous), and got our keys plus some information about the place and the facilities around.
The room is quite big, it's half a cabin basically with two beds standing on the floor and then one top bunk bed. We have a fridge and air-conditioning along with a nice sized bathroom with a shower.

I think this place is more for families though and not really a backpacker place because there's a swimming pool, tennis court, golf court along with a restaurant small supermarket and a bar inside the camp!

Since we already knew about the pool we decided to go check it out, so we put on our swimming gear and sunscreen and headed down there.
I have to tell you, it was really nice! We each got a chair to tan in and then hopped in the not too crowded pool before going up again to get some sun on our skin.

Breakfast was not included in our booking so we went into the supermarket and got some yoghurt and water amongst other things and then headed to the restaurant to eat some dinner.

Donny chose pasta carbonara and I had some pasta with salmon and sauce, both were really good and for quite a good price as well.

After that we've just been taking it easy in our room, we headed to the bar and got a drink before they closed for the night and now we're heading to bed.

Tomorrow we're heading into Rome for some serious sightseeing, I can't wait! 😍🇮🇹

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Just thought I would update a little about yesterday and what's going on!

When we finally got to check in yesterday at 14.00 we decided to just spend the rest of the day taking it easy.

Both of us showered because we felt disgusting after being in the sun sweating for so long and then walked to a pizzeria and bought ourselves two margaritas that we took back to our room.

Today we woke up around 07.20 and packed our things before heading down to the lobby to eat breakfast. It consisted of a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant because that was the only thing they served.

Then we went up and got our bags and checked out before walking to the train station to check from what track it would go.

Because we didn't have anything to eat or drink on the train with us and about 1h & 30min to spare we decided to head to a supermarket to get some snacks and drinks.

Now we're back at the train station, waiting for our train which will leave at 10.37 for Rome.

We decided quite quickly that we would make this a calm day by the new hostels pool because both of us are really tired and we haven't taken a "day off" from sightseeing or traveling.




Arrived in Venice around 08.15am this morning and headed to our hostel which seems to be the worst so far. We didn't get to check in or see our room so I can't say for sure but the "security room" where we could leave our luggage was a little corner covered with what looked like a curtain.

Our hostel is one train stop away from the actual Venice so after we had left our bags we headed back to the train station.
Since we only booked one night here in Venice we decided to book our seats for the train to Rome so we wouldn't have to do that in the morning.

We have walked around Venice for a while now and come to the conclusion that this isn't our type of city! It's pretty and all but if you want things to see and do there's not much around, at least not on Sunday's.

Anyway, we had some Burger King for lunch and have walked around a little bit more to waste some time and now we're sitting by the central station waiting for 14.00 to come around so we can check into our hostel.

We're more excited about our trip to Rome in the morning where we have decided to spend at least 3 days 👍🏻



Venice, Vienna

Today we started off as usual, eating breakfast and then taking the subway into the central.

This time however we were headed to Liesing where Donny's grandparents are staying at a camping with their caravan.

We got there and left our bags before heading back and in the direction of another castle we wanted to see before we left for Venice.

It was beautiful as you can probably see in the pictures though the weather changed from being really warm to being really cold every few minutes which wasn't the best.

After that we took the train back to Liesing and Donny's grandparents picked us up in their car to take us with them to the camping.

It was a really nice place, they even had bunnies and chickens running around free there going from place to place I suppose.

We had some margarita pizza and then left for the train station again around 19.11pm seeing as we wanted to be quite early for our train which left at 21.27pm.

We got on the train, found our beds and then we thought that we would be nice and fix the other four beds in our room. For some reason when the conductor came to check our tickets he got really suspicious and almost surprised that we had done it, which made no sense to us.

Anyway then the police came to check our passports and took an awful long time looking at mine which of course made me nervous for no reason! Luckily there was no problem and they gave it back afterwards.

After that Donny and I tried to sleep and I think the other four came in a few hours after us because we woke up not too long after we had gone to sleep.

Now we just woke up and are waiting for breakfast which the conductor is suppose to come down with, I think he said, an hour before we arrive in Venice which is at ca. 08.20am.

I'll update more tonight when we're at our hostel and have done some sightseeing.




Today we woke up fairly early to go out and have breakfast before we were gonna meet up with Donny's grandparents at 12am.

We went to a small breakfast shop and each bought ourselves a chicken sandwich. Donny also bought some water with cucumber, lemon and thyme in while I bought an Arizona pomegranate green tea.

After breakfast we headed to the subway and took the tram into town to start sightseeing. I think we got to see a lot in the two hours we had before meeting Donny's grandparents.

On my moms request I had Donny take pictures of me as well at some places and I think Donny found his new favorite pose 😉❤️

When we got to the Cathedrals we each lit a candle, in different Cathedrals, and I started crying for a reason unknown to me.

After that it was time to go to the central station to meet up with Donny's grandparents who were eagerly waiting for us.

They showed us around the places we hadent yet seen and bought us lunch when it was time for that which was really sweet of them. We had burgers and fries along with Coca Cola for lunch before Donny told me they wanted to take us somewhere special.

They took us to a place where an architect called Hundertwasser had created some really colorful and nice apartment buildings all around the world.

When we were done looking around that place Donny's grandparents also took us to an amusement park where we walked around for a bit before we decided it was time to head back to the hostel.

Overall it's been a nice day, it rained a bit at times but it was mostly sunny and nice which made our Vienna trip a really nice one.

Tomorrow we're taking the night train to Venice which is gonna be an interesting experience, we'll see how that goes.




When we arrived in Vienna today we took tram number 13A to our hostel which looks more like a downsized hotel room with its high ceiling, modern bathroom, and tv.

The location of the hostel is also really good, not too crowded even though it has lots of stores and popular coffee and food places around.

The woman who greeted us was really nice and showed us the best way to get around to all the sights and also some good food places close by.

After that we headed back to the central station to book beds for the night train we want to take to Venice, it was not cheep but we decided we need a good nights rest.

For dinner we decided to go with an Austrian specialty, Wiener Schnitzel! We went to a place recommended to us by the hostel host.

It was so much food though! Each person got two big schnitzels while we also out of habit for me ordered fries along with it.
Donny happily ate both of his while I managed to push down one and a half without exploding.

Now we're on our way back to our hostel to get a good nights sleep before heading out to sightseeing with Donny's grandparents tomorrow.

Good night from Vienna ❤️



Brno, Vienna

Just forewarning you, this'll be a long post 😆

After our little test run yesterday we decided to actually make our way to the caves today.

We started off with a McDonald's breakfast since we wanted to go as early as we could, I would not really recommend it but it was what we could think of in that short amount of time.

Anyway, we had our breakfast and then headed to the ticket office to get our free tram tickets. With them in hand we headed outside to catch tram number 2.

A few stops later we had to get off and walk under a bridge, and past a food store to the train station. From there we hade to take the train to Blanko and then switch to bus 226 the rest of the way to the caves.

We got there around 11.30 and decided to go to one of the caves to begin with because we wanted to take the 15.21 train to Vienna.

The cave was freezing but also very cool to walk through, I think it took us around 40min to see all of it but it was definitely worth it.

The trouble started when we had gotten out of the cave and decided that we wanted to go back and make it to the train...

We walked to the information desk to ask when the next bus would be there and they told us that it would be there at 15.40, which at that time was 3 hours away!

Donny asked how much it would be for a cab and it was about 200 Czech Koruna which is about €7. Of course we didn't have enough money with us and they said that the cab driver didn't accept credit cards. We asked if we could take some money out but they didn't know enough English to understand us properly.

I think we walked in and asked if we could withdraw 200CZK at every facility they had there when finally one person from a restaurant was able to tell us that the cab driver could drive us to an ATM if we asked.

We were just about to ask the receptionist at the hotel there to call us a cab when Donny suddenly saw a cab right outside with people getting out.

Sprinting out we asked him if he could drive us to an ATM so we could go with the cab and yet again the person didn't understand us. Luckily the woman who was getting out understood and told the man what we said.

So after about 30min of almost giving up we were finally on our way back to civilization. The man drove us to an ATM and we paid him before going to the train and heading back to the hostel.

We got our bags, ate some lunch on the go, went to the local food store and bought some water and snacks before going to the train station again to go to Vienna.

Now, after a lot of trouble and laughter we're finally on the train to Vienna where we'll spend the next to nights.

Tomorrow we're thinking about visiting Donny's grandparents where they are with their caravan, that's gonna be fun ❤️




Today we had decided to go to the caves but nope, first we walk to the wrong train station to begin with, then when we get to the right one we jump on the wrong train!

So instead of going to Blansko we jumped on a train to Trebova! Because they had the same end destination and of course I told Donny that we should get on it!
So anyway, we get there and decide to just go to the caves tomorrow instead.

Then we got some lunch at the train station and went back to the hostel instead and fell asleep because it was so warm and we were tired.

Now we're sitting at a restaurant where we've just had pasta bolognese, I'm currently drinking a Mojito and Donny's drinking a Swimming Pool 👌🏻

Soon we're going back to our hostel to pack our things and have a good nights rest.




Today after we were done with Prague Donny and I took our bags and headed to the train station to go to another place 3h away from Prague called Brno.

We booked a hostel on the train there and I have to tell you that this is probably my favorite place so far! A private room with shared bathroom on the top floor so you're basically almost on the roof.

The hostel is called Mitte and it's a hostel/caffé so you can basically come here and get a fika.

Anyway, the room is great, it fits a double bed, a table, a small couch/bench and another smaller bed. Free towels, free breakfast and a free guided tour of the town if you'd like which I think it amazing for the price we paid here.

We got here around 17.00 and dropped our bags of before heading to a mall not far away to get some late dinner and shop a bit.
Donny and I had fish and chips which was so good after traveling.

Now Donny's in the shower one floor down and I'm sitting on the small bed with the window open listening to a live band playing not too far away from the hostel ❤️

Tomorrow we're thinking about going to the caves I talked about earlier which is gonna be really exciting!




Today we had breakfast at our hostel which was less good comparing to our last one but it was still edible. We proceeded to check out and put our bags in the hostels luggage storage so we didn't have to carry those around while we looked around.

Taking tram 9 from our hostel got us quite quickly into town where we checked out all the thing we had planned to see, sadly we couldn't see the castle from up close but the little we saw was beautiful.

Right before we got to the castle it was raining like hell so we had to run into a shop to buy ourselves umbrellas, luckily we had rain ponchos though so we didn't get that wet.

Now we're back at the hostel to get our bags and go to the central station to go to Brno where Donny found some caves that were gonna go check out tomorrow.