This is a competitive world. One has to be academically qualified to succeed in this competition. It is always better to remain a step ahead of the competition. Pursuing a dual degree graduate programs course can be a rewarding option. There are certain basic advantages of pursuing such courses. We shall look at the finance field where such dual degrees are very common.

Finance and accounting are two sides of the same coin. Every course in finance has links with accountancy and vice versa. Therefore, any student with a Finance degree has basic accounting knowledge as well. You can say the same about the accounting graduates as well. If there were a degree that combines both the aspects, it can work wonders for the student. You will be happy to know that the Al Nasser University in Yemen offers such dual bachelors degree program .

There is ample scope for people having accounting and finance qualifications in the private and the public sector. A dual degree can give you the best of both the worlds. In addition, it can make you an expert in both the fields. You need not waste time studying for two different degrees that have many aspects in common. This could be a duplication of effort.

When you enroll for a dual degree program in Finance and Accounting, you get access to the following subjects in detail.

- The course equips you with comprehensive knowledge on the unified accounting system. This system is in vogue all around the world.

- You acquaint yourself with the latest aspects of Commercial law. This is necessary to survive in this tough environment.

- In order to survive in this industry amidst the heavy competition, one has to take risks in life. This course exposes you to all the faculties of risk management. You can learn a lot about the insurance aspects as well.

- Finance involves money. Where money is the topic of discussion, banks come into the picture. This degree equips you with all the necessary knowledge about the banking laws and practice. You get great exposure to the money markets as well.

- The financial markets play a great role in determining the course of a company’s progress. Understanding the market is very important for a company executive. This dual degree course enables you to master the financial market thoroughly.

- This are the days of online banking. Hence, the issues concerning banking are also different from what it was a decade ago. You need to have adequate knowledge to deal with the latest banking issues. This course has specific subjects that can help you in this regard.

- Finally, you should be aware of the accounting practices to follow. This course goes deep into the accounting aspects with the sole objective of making its students become better accountants.

We have just seen some of the advantages of pursuing the dual degree courses in Finance and Accounting. Under the present circumstances, this is an excellent choice to make. This is the need of the hour as well.