PENSOTTI distributes a full range ofGranby Confortooil-fired and gas-fired residential furnaces that align perfectly with today’senergy and environmental requirements.

Whether you are building a new homeor replacing an existing furnace, most of our units can be integrated withother heating/cooling appliances such asheat pumps and air conditioners to facilitate your needs. Our Conforto furnacesare synonymous with:

· Performance

· EconomicalOperation

· Versatility

· Comfort

· Easeof maintenance

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Long ago, a cartoon ran in The New Yorker, showing a canine seated at a desktop computer. “On the internet,” ran the caption, “nobody knows you’re a dog.”

The same premise holds true today and poses a knotty question in online commerce and FinTech: How do you know the person on the other end of a transaction is really who they say they are? And even if you do confirm their identity, how do you know that person can be trusted?

One firm, IdentityMind Global, provides real-time risk management and fraud prevention through “digital identities,” collecting data across dozens of parameters, separating the financial ecosystem into good actors — those deserving of trust (and completed transactions) — and, well, bad actors.

In an interview with PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, Garrett Gafke, president, CEO and founder of IdentityMind Global, said that the construction of digital identities, by necessity, goes well beyond data that might be thought of as standard, such as a street address, a credit card number or a two-factor security question test.

True merchant risk goes hand-in-hand with global digital commerce and, as Gafke described it, comes in the form of people with little or no history — no history of driver’s licenses, credit cards issued, traditional bank accounts or other standard bits of information. They may not even be scored by the traditional credit bureaus. Yet, these individuals are looking to do business and conduct transactions. Their would-be partners on the other end of the transaction must decide whether to enter into a relationship (however fleeting) with that consumer … or not.

Gafke noted that “transactions of any kind leave a kind of financial, online exhaust” and that each transaction has attributes that, taken together over time, ultimately, can be assembled into a digital identity. “This is real, current information,” said Gafke, “rather than just public, physical information. Good reputations are built slowly, while bad reputations come very quickly.”

That digital identity is established, as Gafke said, in IdentityMind Global’s platform, which links and finds correlations between disparate bits of information and transaction trails that “process, capture, rate and build overall profiles on online identities.” Emails, digital wallets and payments are all linked together, said the executive, to build a “trusted” digital identity.

“Trust” would be the operative word in the relationship between individuals and the firms with which they seek to do business. Trust would also extend to, and be colored by, the people associated with that individual or business. Consider how, in the age of social media, amidst concerns about money laundering, an individual might be viewed with demonstrable trails of following, say, terrorist-linked groups on Twitter.

In a recent whitepaper by the firm, IdentityMind Global also noted that additional data points may come from internet-enabled devices, which can, for instance, help bring location into consideration when determining good actors from bad and in screening across sanctioned individuals or nations.

Using these techniques, said IdentityMind Global in its whitepaper, can help reduce manual review time. There is also a financially positive impact, via a 60 percent reduction in transactional fraud from chargebacks and a 90 percent reduction in fraud that comes at the point of account origination.



BGC Partners Announces Agreement to Acquire Sunrise Brokers, a LeadingFinancial Brokerage for Equity Derivatives

LONDON - July 19, 2016 - BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGCP)(“BGC Partners,” “BGC,” or “the Company”) a leading global brokerage companyservicing the financial and real estate markets, today announced that it hasentered into an agreement to acquire the businesses of Sunrise Brokers Group(“Sunrise Brokers”), an independent financial brokerage with a leadingreputation in worldwide equity derivatives.

“This transaction enables us tofurther expand our equity derivatives offering and complements our existingfinancial services business,” said Shaun D. Lynn, President, BGC Partners. “Asa recognized leader in its market segments, Sunrise Brokers is clearly avaluable addition to the BGC family of brands.” In 2015, Sunrise Brokers was voted overall Number One Equity ProductsBroker of the Year by Risk magazine for the ninth year running and Number OneEquity Exotic Derivatives for the thirteenth year running.

Details of the transaction were notdisclosed, and completion of the transaction is subject to legal and regulatoryapprovals and certain closing conditions. Sunrise Brokers generatedconsolidated revenues of approximately $90 million in the financial year endingDecember 31, 2015.

About BGC Partners, Inc.:

BGCPartners is a leading global brokerage company servicing thefinancial and real estate markets.  BGCowns GFI Group Inc., a leading intermediary and provider of tradingtechnologies and support services to the global OTC and listed markets.  The Company’s Financial Services offeringsinclude fixed income securities, interest rate swaps, foreign exchange,equities, equity derivatives, credit derivatives, commodities, futures, andstructured products. BGC provides a wide range of services, including tradeexecution, broker-dealer services, clearing, trade compression, post trade,information, and other services to a broad range of financial and non-financialinstitutions.  Through brands including FENICS,BGC Trader, and BGC Market Data, BGC offers financial technology solutions,market data, and analytics related to numerous financial instruments andmarkets.  Real Estate Services areoffered through brands including Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, Newmark Cornish& Carey, ARA, Computerized Facility Integration, Landauer Valuation &Advisory, and Excess Space.  Under thesenames, the Company provides a wide range of commercial real estate services,including leasing and corporate advisory, investment sales and financialservices, consulting, project and development management, and property andfacilities management.

BGC’s customers include many of theworld’s largest banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, trading firms, hedgefunds, governments, corporations, property owners, real estate developers, andinvestment firms. BGC’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Marketunder the ticker symbol (NASDAQ: BGCP). BGC also has an outstanding bond issuance of Senior Notes due June 15,2042, which trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol (NYSE:BGCA).  BGC Partners is led by Chairmanand Chief Executive Officer Howard W. Lutnick. For more information, pleasevisit

BGC, BGC Trader, GFI, FENICS,FENICS.COM, Capitalab, Swaptioniser, Newmark, Grubb & Ellis, and Grubb aretrademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks of BGC Partners, Inc.and/or its affiliates.  Knight Frank is aservice mark of Knight Frank (Nominees) Limited.

About Sunrise Brokers:

Founded in 1991, Sunrise Brokersoffers broking services across equity, credit, FX, hybrid and commodityderivative asset classes. Sunrise Brokers was voted as overall number oneEquity Products Broker for the ninth consecutive year by Risk magazine in 2015.The firm covers its markets globally from its offices in London, New York andHong Kong. Sunrise Brokers LLP is Authorized and Regulated in the UnitedKingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority. Sunrise Brokers (Hong Kong) Ltd islicensed in Hong Kong by the Securities and Futures Commission. Sunrise BrokersLLC is a FINRA Member Firm in the USA. Please see formore information.

Discussion of Forward-Looking Statements about BGC Partners

Statements in this documentregarding BGC’s businesses that are not historical facts are “forward-lookingstatements” that involve risks and uncertainties. Except as required by law,BGC undertakes no obligation to release any revisions to any forward-lookingstatements.  For a discussion of additionalrisks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ from thosecontained in the forward-looking statements, see BGC’s Securities and ExchangeCommission filings, including, but not limited to, the risk factors set forthin its public filings, including the most recent Form 10-K and any updates tosuch risk factors contained in subsequent Forms 10-Q or Forms 8-K.

Media Contact: Sarah Lukashok

+ 44 (0) 20 7894 7056

Investor Relations Contact: Jason McGruder

+ 44 (0) 20 7894 5057



Cleaning both the HVAC unit and the ductworkhas beneficial effects to your home. Duct cleaning is a method to clean theintake, return and supply ducts of your home and professionals from PughHeating & Air Conditioning use specialized vacuums, blowers, and brushesduring the process. It includes a thorough cleaning of the HVAC system'sregisters, grilles, motors, fans, housings, coils and air handler.


Duct cleaning can be helpful in case ofcontamination in the HVAC unit and the ducts. Reviews made by Pugh Heating & AirConditioning state that animals, contaminants, illness, mold,and renovations are some factors for duct cleaning.


Dirty ductwork might be the cause of renovationor remodeling to your home, especially if the ducts are not sealed off. Duct cleaningis needed if there was asbestos abatement, large dust, or lead paint removal.This method is also required if there was animal infestation or nesting insideyour ducts. Remove first the animals then clean both the ductwork and the HVACunit.


Mold growth is another problem that needs ductcleaning because ducts can release contaminants, debris, odors, or pet hairinto your home after the registers have been vacuumed or cleaned. If you'resuffering from an allergy-related illness, it would be better to consider ductcleaning as well as cleaning your HVAC unit to have a cleaner indoor air.


You should avoid fraud services online whenlooking for good HVAC companies on the internet, and once you found the companythat is to your liking, make sure that you: check certifications and standards,check references, get free estimates, get full-service cleaning, verify resultsof the cleaning, avoid sprays and sealants, avoid steam cleaning and avoid anygimmicks. Good thing, the team at Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning providesservice protection to their customers. Contact them for more details onalternative heating systems such as boilers, hot boilers and water heaters, andother information on their HVAC services.



Heating your home using natural gasfurnace can give you a lot of benefits other than saving energy and money sinceit uses less boiler energy to heat the air to a higher temperature. These days,natural gas furnaces are palpably a trend among homeowners and it is the mostpopular home heating option on the market. In recent years, almost 70 percentof new-build homes have included gas heaters. The following are the goodreasons why you should have gas heaters in your home:

Energy efficiency

As described above, one of the mainadvantages of gas heaters is its ability to save energy since such equipmenthave the highest energy efficiency, so other than keeping your house warm, youcan also save money using them. With this, gas heaters can diminish the impacton the environment, and its byproducts are typically water vapor and smallamounts of carbon dioxide. There are hardly any emissions of any home heatingfuel with natural gas. In order to eliminate the carbon dioxide made from yourhome, gas heaters require venting to your home's chimney.  PughHeating & Air Conditioning needs you to understand first the exactventing requirements building and safety codes in your area and confirm it withyour local public works officials.


Because of innovations intechnology such as pilot-less ignition systems and zone heating, gas heatersare also known to be safer. You can also suit your specific needs to it sinceit can also be customizable.


Unlike other fuel types, naturalgas furnaces last longer than its expected lifespan.

No-hassle delivery

When you're choosing a heatingsystem, the very first thing you need to consider is the delivery method. Withnatural gas, you don't need to worry about an empty tank and running out offuel to heat your home because gas is delivered to your home throughunderground pipelines.

However, Pugh Heating & AirConditioning also wants you to know some of the disadvantages of boiler naturalgas as a heating fuel, and they are listed as follows:

- It is apparently flammable

- It can be toxic if a large amountis inhaled

- Carbon monoxide is poisonous (theexhaust produced when burning natural gas)

- The current network ofunderground pipes doesn't reach all rural or urban areas

To give solutions to some of thepredicaments mentioned above, fire departments suggests the use of a carbonmonoxide detector since this kind of gas is completely odorless, and in orderto make leaks noticeable, gas companies add a scent to natural gas.

When looking for heating systems,avoid fraud services online because according to the review done by PughHeating & Air Conditioning, thousands of customers are being a victim offraud every day. Getting service protection from reliable security firms willhelp you purchase items with no worries of fraudsters. But it's also importantto be careful at all times to avoid any problems during the process.

You can also inquire at PughHeating & Air Conditioning about different alternative heating systems suchas boilers, hot boilers, water heaters, garage heaters, etc. since the companyhas a wide variety of available heating systems. Begin discussing your heatingneeds with their team today.



Becomingrich in an instant is not the promise of real estate investment. One must exertgreat dedication and effort first before seeing great results. It is alsorequired to learn the foundations in advance before putting them into practice.The firm of Bacall Development needs you to consider the helpful tips provided in the following paragraphs even if you'reexperienced or new to this enterprise.


Bacall Development is a comprehensivereal estate firm that has been responsible for the complete ground-up development of several real estate developmentsin various U.S. states.


Nothingstays the same, even in the real estate market. What is popular today may notbe popular tomorrow. In fact, during the past decade,the rental market was strong but has been weak in the recent years.


However,one shouldn't be scared to gamble in this venture because it is still possibleto make money in real estate because it is considered a cycle and cycles have some level of predictability. This way, it isimaginable to earn a profit in your real estate business and run itself despitethe constant changes in the real estate market.


Learningthe basics often leads to smarter investment decisions. The basics are composedof tried and true methods as well as strategies and systems that worked in thepast and are still working and will work in the future. Having all thesignificant tools to become flexible in real estate investment is crucial whenthe real estate market starts to change.


Thefollowing names the tips for investing in real estate prepared by the firm ofBacall Development.


Start planning. Entering this endeavorrequires a good plan first, reviews said. Determining your long term realestate goals and short-term needs is important. Once your plan is developed,set up the proper entities and put the plan in place.


Determine your target market.You can't be all things in the real estate market. For example, start investingin the foreclosure market if foreclosure interests you, or if you want to be alandlord, focus your efforts to state owners.


Gain more knowledge. Educating yourself isalso vital in real estate investment. You must learn new tactics, tips and strategiesto help you earn more in real estate.


Master your finance. The business of real estate involvesfinance and marketing, so it's only natural to thoroughly comprehend the fieldof finance. One must understand the interest rates, loan programs, andmortgages available out there. You can properly negotiate your deals and sellyour properties well if you fully understand how financing works.


Solve problems well. You can get realestate deals that others can't if you can properly solve problems. Being aneffective investor is often about being ready to face the challenges of realestate investment all the time and to refrain from getting rip off and scammed.


Don't overthink. It's hard to be in an"analysis paralysis" state. Over-analyzing things won't help you comeup with a good decision.


Be consistent. Finding good results inreal estate investment requires consistent and persistent traits. Stick to yourplan, and obtain more knowledge in real estate to become a great investor.


For more info, see relatedtopic Bacall Development: Thebenefits of investing in commercial property.



Intercountry adoptions are very complexbecause they must follow laws set out by:

· provincial and territorial governments

· the Government of Canada, and

· the country of adoption.

We make sure that immigration orcitizenship requirementshave been met before granting permanent status to an adoptive child. For moreinformation on the process, read about CIC’s role

Be cautious– adopting a child from overseas can be complicated

Sometimes, prospective parents try tospeed up the process by taking matters into their own hands. Although the vastmajority of adoptions progress smoothly, adoptive parents should use cautionthroughout the process.

You should contact the government ofthe province or territory you live in to obtain the most up-to-date informationabout the adoption process, and to ensure that the adoption meets all theirrequirements.

To avoid unnecessary expense anddisappointment, adoptive parents should not plan to return to Canada with theadopted child until they know for certain that all immigration or citizenshiprequirements have been met.

Don’t letthis happen to you

The following stories are based on real experiences ofintercountry adoptions. They are meant to demonstrate some of the problems thatcan arise in the process. These types of situations may be avoided bycontacting your province or territory of residence to obtain the mostup-to-date information about the adoption process.


The families described are not real. The names arefictitious and the stories may combine details from several adoption cases.

Pierre andMaria’s story

Like many couples who decide to adopt,Pierre and Maria had been trying to conceive for several years.

They began the process of adopting achild overseas and were told they could be matched with a child in two years.But Pierre and Maria did not want to wait any longer to have a child, as theyhad already experienced such a long, frustrating and emotional journey.

A friend who worked in a hospitaloverseas told them about a baby who was abandoned by his mother and offered tohelp the couple adopt him. She assured Pierre and Maria that she had manycontacts in the local government and could help them with the paperwork.

Pierre and Maria decided to bring theabandoned child to Canada in order to adopt him in their province. Over thenext several months, they received pictures of the baby, furnished his room,and bought him clothing and toys. Pierre filled out many forms, including theCIC forms to sponsor the child for permanent residence in Canada, and hisfriend helped with the paperwork on the child’s end.

Once they thought all of the paperworkwas in order, Pierre and Maria scheduled the next flight to the country wherethe baby was. The long-awaited moment to meet the boy had arrived, and theirdream of having a family was about to come true.

Meanwhile at the local Canadian visaoffice, Janine, a visa officer had been working on the couple’s adoption file.Although Pierre and Maria had submitted what they thought was the necessarydocuments, Janine had serious concerns about the child’s history.

When Pierre and Maria arrived at thevisa office with the child in tow, expecting to get a visa within days, Janinehad to inform the couple of the visa refusal. She explained that without theproper documents, there was no way of proving that the child was legallyavailable for adoption. She had no choice but to deny their application.

Stunned, disappointed and angry, Pierreand Maria returned home childless.

Stefan andNicole’s story

Stefan and Nicole had been researchingadoption agencies online for several months before selecting one that promisedquick and efficient intercountry adoptions. Unbeknownst to Stefan and Nicole,many cases handled by their chosen agency were under investigation.

Stefan and Nicole eagerly proceededwith the adoption process and provided the agency with the necessary documents.Soon after, the agency informed the couple that they had been matched with alittle girl. The agency mailed pictures to Stefan and Nicole, who were ecstaticto share their good news with family and friends. A few months later theyreceived an update from the agency on the status of the adoption and theybooked the next flight to meet the little girl and pick up her visa.

Upon arrival, Stefan and Nicole couldnot wait to meet the little girl and bring her back home with them to Canada.They arrived at the Canadian visa office, expecting to receive a valid visa forthe child. The couple was completely shocked when the visa officer told themthat the visa had not been approved.

The officer explained that the adoptionfile had been poorly prepared, the documents submitted were poorly translatedand there were gaps in the information provided, which caused concern as to thecircumstances surrounding the legality of the adoption. Devastated by thisnews, Stefan and Nicole were informed that they would have to re-submit certaindocuments through the host country’s judicial or adoption system. They werealso informed that the process could take another few months. The officer wouldalso need to investigate.

In order to avoid further disappointmentand expense, the visa officer suggested that Stefan and Nicole wait to hearnews from the visa office that all requirements were met before returning forthe visa.

After months of having waited for theirlittle girl, Stefan and Nicole returned to Canada without her.

Seven months later, Stefan and Nicolereceived the news they had been waiting for. Their little girl’s visa wasready. They booked the next flight and were finally able to meet her. From thatpoint the process went smoothly, and a week later Stefan and Nicole were backin Canada with their new daughter.

Elena andBrian’s story

Elena and Brian had been keen onadopting a child from within their province. They had started the preliminarywork for the application process when they came across an adoption agencyspecializing in intercountry adoptions, which promised faster adoption times.Hopeful and eager to start their family, Elena and Brian turned to intercountryadoption.

The agency soon matched Elena and Brianwith a two-year-old girl and assured them a quick and simple process. They weretold that they could expect to bring the little girl home in less than sixmonths. Excited by this news, Elena and Brian spent the next months completingthe necessary home study, gathering the required documents, finalizing thefinancial commitments, and getting their house ready in time for the child’sarrival.

A week before the flight to go meet thechild, Elena and Brian contacted the Canadian visa office to ensure the paperwork was complete. They were then told that the file was not ready and that itwas under investigation.

The visa office told them that therewere concerns with the accuracy of the information provided on the birthcertificate as well as serious concerns about how the child had come to beavailable for adoption, and that they were looking into the possibility ofchild trafficking. The visa office explained that in cases of potential childtrafficking, additional verifications must be done to ensure the best interestsof the child are respected.

Under the impression that the child hadbeen abandoned as an infant, Elena and Brian were shocked by the news that thismay not be the case. They later found out that many other adoptions from thatparticular country were also being held up or suspended because of fraud andchild trafficking concerns.

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