Diary questions:

First sentence: "When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold."

Narrator: Katniss Everdeen is the narrator of the book.

Narrative voice;: Same as previus question.


Setting: Panem, more than 100 years in the future.

Vocabulary words (10):











Write first paragraph of your Book Report. Choose a special feature.

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Week 13:

Monday – Grammar assignments. Work
Tuesday – Grammar assignments returned. Work
Thursday – Grammar quiz. Work.

Diary questions:

Background of the author:

Suzanne Collins born in Hartford, Connecticut. Her father worked while the vietnam war and korean was alive, he got awardet the Cross of Distinguished Flying and bronze star. She has 3 other siblings and she is the youngest of them all. Suzanne began her career when writing childern shows for example nickelodeon. In september 2008 Scholastic ress realesed The hunger games, the first book of the trilogy. Her trilogy was inspired by the greek myth of Theseus and the minotaur. Also by her fathers experience of the war so she knew the effects of the war too. As the result of the popularity of The hunger games, Suzanne was named one of time magazines most influential people of 2010. 

Birth: 1962 (54 y/o)

Death: none

Other writings: Fire proof (1999), When charlie McButton Lost Power (2005), When Charlie McButton Gained Power (2009)

How many sold: more than 65 million copies

Genres of authorship: Fantacy, science fiction, young adult fiction.

Audience ages: All ages. but maybe most teenagers and young adults.

Book reviews (give 3 links):




Film productions: Yes, all of the books of hunger games is avalible in movie form.

Vocabulary words (10):



Week 10:
Tuesday – Presentation of the area, choice of novel and start-up blogs
Thursday – Begin work with diaries

Diary questions:

Last year I recommended the novel: Hunger Games, Sussane Collins

The reason was: I watched the movie and i really likes it, so i want to give the book a try!

This year I voted for the novel: HUnger games

The reason was: because i recommended it

The novel I have chosen: hunger games

The reason is: i still recommended it, and i liked the movie :)



Solved the problem with hunger games, spoke to the librarian for 5 minutes ago and he said that he could fix the book probebly this week. Gave my number out and he will give me a call when the book arrives at his desk. :)))



​I havent recived or found my book yet so i cant plan my reading quite yet... But i think that i should get another book so i can start my reading as fast as possible!! tick tack tick tack...



Diary questions:
The novel I have chosen: The Hunger Games

The reason is: I love the hunger games!

Information about the novel: The main character is katniss everdeen, survives the hungergames and gets alot of followers

Author: Sussane Collins

Publisher: Scholatic press

Year of first publication: 2008

Genre: Adventure, Dyspotian, science fiction

Number of pages: 374

My reading schedule; pages per week: 62,33333 pages

Vocabulary words (10)