I have a major problem. If I love eating something in a restaurant, and it costs me a lot of 💰, my cost effectiveness skill pops out and I learn to prepare that dish myself to save my trips to that restaurant😃. This has happened to me on several occasions, like that time I learnt how to make Blackened chicken Alfredo ❤️ and I felt so proud of myself👏👏. The time I learnt how to make Banga soup because my aunt felt I was a ‘’nut job’’ at cooking and no man would be interested in my fast internet skills🙄🙄. The time I roasted plantain, corn and felt I was a genius👯♂️. That time I made groundnut soup, Ofe Owerri (hehehe) and finally the time I felt proud of myself for baking cake because some people felt it was winning world 🗺 championship 🤕🤕if you could (even though I used cake mix😜).

Anyway am not here to talk about my trial and passes on all recipes I find tasty, I am here to complain about my inability to get the perfect homemade Kentucky fried chicken🍗 . We all know how Kentucky fried chicken tastes, very golden/crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside😍. If I tell you the number of times I spent on blogs and YouTube videos, learning, writing down procedures and techniques only to try it out and get weird tasteless results,😡🤣😂dammit!

I tried to steam the drumsticks first and dip in eggs🥚 , then in sauce (mixture of all sorts of spice) then roll in flour and deep fry, then I tried the fresh drumsticks procedure, then I tried it the other way round and any other way you can think of.

When I was not still getting the desired result, I watched ‘’the help’’ because ‘’Octavia Spencer’’ was the queen of chicken recipe. Still nothing.

This is not a rant😒, even though it sounds like it. This is just a plea to someone who really has made Kentucky fried chicken to share his/her knowledge. Help a sister who doesn’t know when it’s time to give up😅.

Thanks. Please like, share , comment and subscribe.

By Alamander264

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I am a foodie 🥘 that being said I don’t mind trying out different meals (if it's edible 😃 I am munching it, my curiosity is my downfall) with exceptions to snakes and frogs (Dear Thai people, forgive my outburst) and weird as shit stuffs. I have always believed that eating a foreign food is like a peek into another’s culture. But there is nothing like that naija food, I have been teased about my penchant for swallow, that it probably cures my malaria. I sincerely cannot go a week without having some😘.

This is not about my taste buds or my penchant for food, this is actually a weird moment kind of story. A friend of mine (White American) said he wanted to eat some Nigerian food 👀👀(First shock, had to ask twice incase I got it wrong the first time). I have this weird attitude I adopted from my student life in Uk of always asking if the other person is paying if they ask me out to lunch (you have to cover the basics, who concurs?). Once we got that out of the way, I was in the mood to show off our Nigerian cuisine😀.

So we get to the Nigerian restaurant and am out there ordering Jollof rice and toppings`, that’s the easiest thing to eat and this white dude orders pounded yam and ogbono soup. Damn yea! Rolls up his sleeve and digging into that food like mehn its bae! Don’t get me wrong, Jollof rice is bae but if I had known he was hood, I would have got me some sexy wraps and egusi. From the way that poundo was gliding😘 down his oesophagus, I had to ask him what’s up? Where have you eaten that before, and that’s how he told me his tales of visiting Nigeria and the times he spent in Port-Harcourt, Enugu and where he found his love for our food.

And I was there eating jollof because I was shy about eating Eba! 💆🏼Jollof is bae but who jollof help? 🤕🤕

By Alamander264



On one of those crazy episodes of insecure, my head definitely did a lot of buzz🙇🙇! Let me get straight down to the nitty gritty. So Molly (Yvonne Orji) a successful lawyer met Jared in a karaoke bar. After a couple of dates that’s ‘one date’ they became very intimate😘, molly is elated she has finally found her purpose. Jared is caring😍, playful😘, sweet ☺️ and between the sheets is a rocker 👌moment. They decide it’s time to tell each other their inner most secrets and past.Molly starts out saying she has fooled around with a girl 👭👩❤️💋👩and had a brief affair with a college professor,Jared also opens up that once he was really drunk and his friend a dude almost gave him a ‘bj’ and he was fast enough to refuse even though it had gone quarter way! But he definitely was not homo💆🏼♂️! That was the first and last time and at least if he ever doubted his sexuality, he had proof that he wasn’t going down that road. Okay! Okay, let’s pause. Molly couldn’t bear the thought, becomes judgmental, grills him with a series of questions about his sexuality that becomes offensive and stopped seeing him. It wasn’t about how great they were together both in and out of the sheets, it was just the mental image that kept haunting her💆🏼.

So hey girls do you agree with Molly, and hey guys would you stop seeing your girlfriend if she opens up about having a onetime fling with a girl but she didn’t switch to the other side? I mean if Jared was cool with Molly about her past, you would think she should be cool about his past right?

Do you think there was some double standard at play?

And if you want to see Jidenna 😀😃in classic man moves… get over to Insecure

By Alamander264



We all know how listening to the news can sometimes be funny and other times be so annoying. On Thursday there was this update on a tropical storm about to hit Texas again😱. Apparently it's just warming up but no one is sure if it’s a hurricane yet. With all the hurricanes that have hit this year, it gets you wondering if the world is coming to an end, it better not be, I don’t have kids yet🤕. Anyway I decided to do a research on all the tragedies that have happened this year, damn over 25 some I hadn’t even heard of 😢.

The list below shows the most current tragedies, try not to get too sad!

Las Vegas Shooting:

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but definitely not this shooting! On October 1st 2017, Stephen Paddock a 64-year-old retired resident of Mesquite Nevada opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas leaving at least 58 people dead and injuring more than 500 people. According to USA today, this is the deadliest shooting rampage in modern USA. Stephen Paddock sent his girlfriend Marilou Danley away in other to orchestrate his plans with no disturbance and also wired the sum of $100,000 to her account. Police is still trying to investigate what ticked Stephen off to commit those murders. Is this going to finally start Gun control in America?
Hurricane Frenzies (Maria, Irma and Harvey):

2017 brought the reign of hurricanes, for the first time in the history of America, two category 4 storms (Hurricane Harvey and Irma) had made landfall in the same year. Harvey hit Texas on the 25th of August causing $180 billion in damages and affecting 13 million people from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky. Harvey brought all the Hollywood celebrities together singing their hearts out at the ‘Hand in Hand fund raiser’ in New York.

Irma took Florida Keys on the 10th of September, after pummelling the keys, it moved up the west coast to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama

Hurricane Maria a category 4 storm which struck 2 weeks after hurricane Irma leaving 26 people dead in the Caribbean and 16 people dead in Puerto Rico. It also left 100% of the Island with no power, no means of communication or proper drinking water. A storm that made Kim Kardashian tell Donald trump to sit his ass up on twitter👏👏.
Floods and bloodshed, Nigeria:

Everything possible happens in Nigeria, most not even recorded. On the 6th of August, Gang violence occurred in St Philip's roman catholic church Ozubulu, Anambra state. Gunmen opened fire on Sunday worshippers killing over 11 people and injuring over 20 people.

According to USA today more than 30 people lost their lives during the rainy season, but over 100,000 people were displaced from their homes in Benue state during the flood that started on August 27th.

Biafra is like the most sensitive topic in Nigeria. This year group of army individuals called Operation Python dance invaded the home of Biafrain’s Activist and leader Nnamdi Kanu killing 5 people and injuring over 30 individuals. Although federal government proscribed IPOB a terrorist group. US refuses to acknowledge IPOB as a terrorist group.

We cannot finish the tragedies in Nigeria without Boko Haram. On the 25th of July, Boko Haram laid ambush on an Oil exploration team and killed over 50 people in the North East (Borno) area of Nigeria, it was classified as one of the deadliest attacks of Boko Haram in months. On the 31st of August they raided a camp in Banki area of Maiduguri, Borno State killing at least 11 people
Sierra Leone, Africa Mud Slide Victims:
On the 14th of August, Mudslide killed about 500 people and displaced about 20,000 people including 5000 children in the mountain town of Regent on the outskirts of Sierra Leone capital of Freetown. Destroying homes and leaving residents scarred and worried for news of missing family members
Barcelona Van Crash Victims:
On August 14th, over 14 people were killed and 100 injured in a terrorist attack in Spain, when a van rammed into a crowd of Barcelonans.
Turku Finland Attack Victims:
Imagine seeking asylum into a country and being a terrorist at the same time. Such was the fate of 18-year-old Moroccan Teenager Abderrahman Mechkah who although was denied asylum stabbed two finnish women to death and injured 8 other people. He would face Murder charges with several counts of attempted murder with terrorist intent.
Burkina Faso Restaurant attack:
On 13th of August Gunmen (Islamic Terrorists) riding motorbikes opened fire in Turkish restaurant (Aziz Istanbul) in Ouagadougou killing 18 people and injuring over 20 individuals. Amongst those killed were Canadians, Nigerians, Kuwaitis, Citizens of France, Senegal, Lebanon and Turkey.
Feng Xian Kindergarten Blast Victims:
On Friday June 16th a blast in Feng Xian China killed 8 people and injured dozens of individuals most of whom were waiting to pick up their kids outside a kindergarten in eastern China. The assailant, a 22-year-old man with health problems was killed in the explosion.
United Kingdom terrorist attacks and Fire:

UK has seen its own share of tragedies; most recent tragedy September 15th is the improvised bomb blast at London underground station at parson’s green station central London injuring over 25 people.

June 19: Van hits Pedestrians outside Mosque killing one and injuring 11 people.

To the fire which engulfed Grenfell tower in the early hours of 14th of June in North Kensington West London killing over 50 people,

June 3RD: London bridge and Borough Market attack

May 22nd: Ariana Grand Concert Bomb Blast in Manchester.

March 22ND: Westminster Bridge Vehicle Attack & Stabbing killing 5 people and injuring over 50 people.

By Alamander264



In 2013 at an SPE technical conference, a question was asked about the possibility of crude oil drying up in the near future, the response followed with high handed laugh was that crude oil was here to stay and would never run dry. The Oil moguls and professors even promised to ensure their children partake in the ‘race for the oil money’. They say time changes yesterday and we can all see that around us, not only is this the dawn of technology 🤓 but the decline in oil price has made a lot of engineers scampering for their jobs. It may not be the case of crude oil drying up but now the case of supply being higher than demand as many countries have now discovered crude oil in their backyards. The age of technology is also rising a new giant in Automotive called the Electric Cars which is slowly taking over internal combustion cars.

How is it possible for Electric cars to take over Internal combustion cars?

  • They would reduce the harmful effect Internal combustion cars have on the environment
  • The increase in government support especially with countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom and China banning completely the use of Internal combustion cars in the near future would thereby decrease global auto sales in diesel and gasoline cars.
  • The ability to save money 💰 at the pump and prevent drivers from taking a trip to the gas station as they can conveniently charge cars is an added plus.
  • In the near future battery electric motors will cost about the same to make internal combustion engines thereby improving cost economics.
  • Electric motors also offer instant torque which makes for different driving experience, let’s not even discuss the space that replaces the Engine which can be used for extra luggage compartment for those road trips!

After seeing the success of Tesla 👏, other OEM’s want a piece of the magic and have jumped on board. Jaguar land rover said all its models will be electric by 2020, Volkswagen is investing $24 billion to make 80 electric cars by 2025 , Ford and General Motors have also reported plans on their journey with electric cars.

With poor electricity supply, heavy dependence on Crude oil coupled with bad roads and lack of a refinery, What is the future of Electric cars in Nigeria? 🤷🏼♀️

By Alamander264



America’s got talent has got me glued to my Television every Tuesday evening by 8pm😃. The talent exhibited on the show is so amazing and sometimes scary😱, most times I go to bed with dreams of me singing my own opera!

Today I am not talking about my singing skills because I have been told that it’s a ghastly 😒 career path for me. I am talking about the girl Nigeria left for dead ‘Kechi Okwuchi’.

Sometimes I Tell my friends that Nigeria is a killer of dreams and talents🤦🏼♀️. Watching Kechi on America’s got talent sing her heart out gives me so much inspiration to live another day literally, to not give up and believe in myself no matter the circumstances. I find myself being mesmerized, this is a young girl who at the age of 16 was the second survivor of the 22nd October, 2005 SosoLiso aircraft flying from Abuja to Port Harcourt killing 117 passengers on board. This is a young girl who had to go through 100 surgeries as a result of that ghastly accident.
This is a young girl who defied all odds went ahead and got a degree in economics from the university of St Thomas. This is the same young girl standing on America’s got talent, one of the biggest, oldest and most popular talent shows in America, with all the burns and scars still obvious from the aircraft accident, not giving a care in the world, singing her heart out👏👏👏👏👏.

I am awed, she is not just a survivor she is an inspiration to young women, never, ever give up.

According to research, there were two survivors of Sosoliso aircraft, I sincerely wonder where the other survivor is?

We have not seen the last of Kechi Okwuchi, heaven saved her for a purpose.🙏

By Alamander264



My mother has this story of some of her relatives who travelled to USA never to return again😒,well news flash our relatives may be coming home in 6 months, if United States Congress votes against the DACA and DAPA program.

Some of you may be wondering, what is she talking about 🤷🏼♀️. Well DACA means Deferred Action for childhood arrivals while DAPA means Deferred Action for parents of Americans.

Still don’t get my drift right🙄? Well in 2012 during Obama administration, Obama made a lawless amnesty which protects all children brought into the United states illegally by their parents under the age of 16 or below the age of 31 when the program started, to have the right to remain in the United States to work, study, have driver’s license, bank accounts and credit cards as long as they have zero criminal records. This does not give them legal rights as citizens nor make them legal permanent residents, hence they have to renew their visa every two years. These young immigrants are referred to as ‘Dreamers’. According to US citizenship and Immigration services there are over 800,000 recipients of DACA in the United States.

In 2012 when it was created, Obama’s executive action had strong public support but recent polls especially with Trumps campaign against immigrants, nearly two-third of Americans do not favour allowing the ‘Dreamers’ to remain in the United States. Ending the DACA program would also end the DAPA program which protects undocumented or illegal immigrants whose children are legal residents or citizens of the United states. According to Congress, they feel that the program is unconstitutional, without congressional permission and if Legalised would promote future illegal immigration.

It is said that if the DACA program Ends nearly half a trillion dollars in the next decade would be lost in the United States as ‘Dreamers’ have become stable, most of them owning companies and others already in the work force. In recent twit Trump has given congress 6 months to legalise DACA. So yes! Maybe our long lost relatives may be coming home, we have to wait till after 6 months when congress decides their fate!

We hope that the decision is fair and congress would show great heart!

By Alamander264



Nigeria is a federal republic in west Africa. It is a country of over 500 languages and hundreds of ethnic groups. The most common ethnic groups are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba with a percentage population of 25.1%, 18.0% and 21.0% respectively. These ethnic groups have their individual customs, rites and Taboos. Some of the top 10 Taboos of the major ethnic groups are:

1. Osu Caste System of Igboland:

In Igboland the Osu is considered as a property of the traditional gods and therefore referred to as an outcaste. They must never marry a freeborn, and a freeborn is advised to do a proper investigation into the social class and origin of an individual before indulging in marriage to ensure that the individual is also a freeborn. Osu’s are not allowed to marry freeborn but are allowed to marry other osu’s or individuals from other ethnic groups.

2. Whistling at Night.

It is believed in Yoruba and Igbo land that whistling at night invites evil spirits and demons into a person’s home, which would in turn torment the individual.

3. Pregnant women must never walk in broad daylight:

It is believed in Western Part of Nigeria (Yorubaland) that between the time of 12pm to 3pm when the sun is at its brightest, evil spirits roam the streets and can enter the womb of a pregnant woman causing the child to be deformed.

4. Committing Adultery:

Adultery is a taboo in both the eastern part and western part of Nigeria (Igbo land and Yoruba land). It is said in Yoruba land that when the husband suspects the wife of adultery he laces the wife with Magun which leads to the death of her adulterous lover during intercourse.

5. Killing a Python:

In some parts of Igboland and mainly delta state, pythons are regarded as sacred. They are believed to be the reincarnation of for-fathers and as such are forbidden to be killed or eaten. People believe that killing a python is like killing one’s father.

6. An unblessed marriage union:

It is forbidden for a woman to leave with a man without proper marriage blessing from her parents or proper marriage rites performed. A man is expected to pay the dowry of his wife before or shortly after they live together, if not the woman would lose the respect of the community. It is believed that she would be caused to die or have problems relating to poverty and sickness.
7. Urinating in an upright position:
It is forbidden amongst the Hausa ethnic group for the men to urinate in an upright position. All Hausa men are mandated to squat while urinating.
8. Alcohol is forbidden:
Consumption of alcohol such as Gin, Whiskey, beer and all alcoholic beverages openly amongst Hausa people in the north is forbidden. It is considered a taboo and has been implemented in sharia law
9. Using the Left Hand:
In Igboland the use of left hands to eat, write or give something to an elderly person is frowned upon. It is considered disrespectful.

10. Wearing Gold or Silk in Men:

It is a taboo in Hausa land for the men to wear Silk or gold. While it’s okay for the women to wear silk and gold ornaments such is not extended to the men.

By Alamander264



I believe every Nigerian has endured some months of ASUU and their never ending bickering 🙄, that’s if you went to a federal University.

Every time the Federal Government fails to honour the agreement of Lecturers, ASUU strikes its ugly head and this is a yearly affair😕. I may sound ignorant but what does ASUU use this money for? Is it that Federal Government has never ever met them halfway because I am lost 😫. The educational system is a wacky story to tell. I remember strolling into YABA Tech in 2015 and seeing some Engineering students running around with technical drawing board for an exam😂! Rewinddddd! Hold up! What millennium company still uses Technical Drawing boards 😒? I remember feeling proud of my perfect shapes on my Technical drawing paper back in 100 level then realizing during my Industrial attachment 400 Level that no one uses that shit anymore 😡.Softwares are the order of the day! Imagine someone who had a carryover in that course only to find out it’s completely irrelevant😢. What are this academic staffs teaching because the industry says ‘’graduates being churned out of Nigerian Universities are unemployable’’ So what is going on! (in my Igbo accent!)

According to ‘’My school gist’’ from 2006 to 2012 when I graduated, I endured 1 year plus some months of sitting at home waiting for ASUU and the Federal Government to ‘’get back together’’ that is 1 year plus of my life gone to waste😒. I wish someone had told me or advised me on what to do with all that spare time.

I was going through LinkedIn and I saw the message above and I was wowed, what a smart girl and then I went through Instagram and saw the message on Jenifa's diary and laughed my sockets out😀😒🙁😕.

Listen Honey and when I say honey, I mean you still in school thinking of all the free time you have this period, all the clubs you can go to💃, all the friends you can visit 👭👫and the movies you can watch🤦🏼♂️🤦🏼♀️.Today the employment world is looking for 22 year olds with 5 years’ experience, are you still reading 🤷🏼♀️🤦🏼♂️or you’re getting your ass ready for the job market! Forget about the government, those people gat nothing for you. They told us ‘’buy naija to grow naira’’ but you all know where our president is getting healthcare 🤔? and were most of the politicians’ children are? Or you don’t? oh lord! 😱🤦🏼♂️

As Teckno said : my county people .. story..story.. story story everywhere!

By Alamander264



In New York

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of

There's nothing you can't do

Now you're in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you

Lets hear it for New York, New York, New Yorkkkk....💃💃

New York, the City of Sin and Marvel 💋💋.

Beauty cannot begin to define it. New York was breathtaking, completely amazing 😍. I felt so small standing at the center of the universe ✌🏼. From the crowd of tourists to the skyscrapers 😘, I totally Understand Jay Z and Alicia Keys when they sang Empire State of Mind👌.

Some pointers to note about New York, packing is not cheap 😅, Especially around Times Square or Broadway. It cost a lot of money to pack one's car.

Everyone in New York City is a hustler, dont buy shit you dont need 😁and Uber doesn't waste time when you request, I think everyone is an uber driver. You can even request an uberPOOL which is way cheaper.

Enjoy the beauty and scenery of the city, let the big lights inspire you 💋✌🏼❤️. I saw a gentleman's club and a museum of sex..OMG! dont want to know what New Yorkers are into 🤣.

Okay be like me, when you go shopping you can sneakily say your a student 😁and you forgot your ID card to get discounts..(Covers face) who knows! it may work for you 🙈.

Understand that if a New Yorker tells you it's 10 dollars, you may get it for 5 dollars. I was able to beat down a ticket from 49 dollars to 20 dollars. (Its called the hustle sweet heart) 😘

By Alamander264