Igwe tupac got nothing on us. We came to slay in 2017 and we aint kidding about it, that’s why we screaming 😀😀 at the top of our voices 🙌🙋👏 AMOSHINE!!

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Ever since I started using Ivette naturals body butters and bar soap am like 👏👏😘 *snaps fingers three times screaming* I gat luscious skin! 💋💋 in fact the speed and ease at which I rub it morning and night…sister gurlllll you can testify from just watching me step.🎊💅🏾

Hold up! Don’t just stand there admiring! Shine with me, cos this year I want us to SLAY together!!! 💋👄

The wonderful thing about Ivette naturals is that we have a wide range of products from turmeric body butter which I use, to Shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax, not forgetting our soap bars which span from Turmeric, Charcoal, Moringa and anti-ageing soap (If your mama loves shakara like mine 👀👀, then call us up baby 😉😉)

Ivette naturals is ready to customize their products to suite your skin ailment, just because they love you, the valentine season is fast approaching, shine and catch Mr right! 😉

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All the places I had to show my ID for a sip of alcohol 🍹..

Was so confused with the choice of drinks at green turtle that the bar tender asked for my ID...

Never been a fan of Hennessy but I had my first shot at Dave & Buster's. Dave & Buster's is a gaming center, You have an array of game choices to play...You all should have seen me in the car race..I was a natural.

I cant wait to jet off again!

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Finally, the long queue came to an end, and I was able to get into the museum.

It wasn’t what I expected, I was looking forward to knowing more about the slave trade revolution, but I guess everyone has had enough of all that, and don’t want to generate more hate and create something that would be a constant reminder to the black American society. Instead it was more about celebrating their growth to lime-light.

A celebration of those people who fought against all odds to be more than what they were told they would be, a fight/race from freedom to stardom.

I learnt how to step dance, did you know that the black Americans are originators of the step dance?. Helloooooooo!!!!

Up above: Simon Biles Signature move.

I wish we could save our history (Nigeria) like this guys....!!! 🙏🙏

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I took a break😌, life was going in a crazy direction, and I felt like I was in a box, so I decided to tick off some of the items on my bucket list starting with a trip to USA😘.

Anyway it was fun fun fun all the way, Americans are Big on history, went to so many places and had mega fun, I even fell half in love😍! it got me singing..(Hey I just met you, this is crazy, so get my number and call me maybe💃😍). I did get into trouble, on a few occasions but what the heck! Who is Pamela without a bit of trouble😜.

Here are some of the high lights of my trip:

Ok I have to say something, I went to the National Air and Space museum, it had all the air planes flown in the USA from the wright brothers, amazing right, I entered some of them which were still preserved 😍, I heard that the building had to be built around the airplanes😉.

It goes on and on, from monument that is so high up, you wonder if there is a secret pass way under, to the statue of Abraham Lincoln and his ascribed words, to the images of the fallen heroes, to National World War 1 memorial, to constitution garden pond were I made a wish…it goes on and on.

Above national Air and Space museum, I watched Flight simulations😁, the issues with the first plane made, how they used those problems to make better more comfortable planes, so what we are enjoying today as a faster more comfortable means of transportation, people like you and I sat down, thought this through, am pretty sure when they started it, they probably didn't know what the future would be like, I was in there just amazed, wonder struck and I wanted to transport my self to that time and just watch them brainstorm😁.

Above surrounded by the 50 states in America, lets not even talk about all the work put into maintaining this art work, plus the cameras...jeezzz

Words of Abraham Lincoln forever standing tall, this was what 'Jay Z' meant when he sang ''forever young, I wanna be, forever young, do you really want to leave forever, forever, forever Youngggg'' 🙏

(Above left)Those gold medals (stars) are real gold (4048 in number)😊, for all the people who lost their lives or were injured during world war 2. Then I decided to goof around at the monument, I heard the president when flying through that route has to circle it twice, while other planes have to go around it (talk about tradition). Am pretty sure there may be like a hidden pass way...(hmmm)✨.

I would be going to the National museum of African American history and culture, would gist you about that in a bit!

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It felt like a heavy metallic door

Soaking me in darkness

Preventing me from reaching out to the light

I wanted to beat the door down

With all the rage I felt.


It felt like it was stripping me naked

Controlling the beat of my heart

Controlling my different faces

I wanted to scream out loud

But my mouth was gagged.


It felt like I was in prison,

Let me out, I screamed.

Murmuring constantly to my self,

But I did the right thing.

How did I get in here?

How else do you walk freely?

Into your own prison.


I woke up, in the darkness

And realized it was all in my head😃😃

I could flap my wings and fly away😌

Just like that

I flew away into the light.💃💃

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Be Kind to me,

Oh mother Africa,

I was born in a different generation.

I was taught before I could count my teeth,

The sky is not your limit, but your starting point,

But now, as I enjoy the bounce of my hips at every step,

You tell me,

Limit your expectations child!

Please be kind to me,

I was born in a different generation,

I am an intelligent woman,

A dreamer, a visionary,

Confident and full of life,

You made me this way!

Why then do you speak,

From two sides of your mouth?

I became a chef,

I soaked myself in your religion,

I walked the path of professionalism,

Yet clean like a boss.

You made me this way!

But you say,

Zip your mouth child!

Limit your expectations.

But I have already learnt to soar,

Better than the eagle in the sky,

Be kind to me,

Oh mother Africa,

For you made me like this,

When you taught me, before I could count my teeth,

That the sky is not my limit!

But my starting point.

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 I heard about Jazz-hole from some friends. Ikoyi's oldest jazz clubs still  in existence, some say ''in those days, it was a site to behold''. It was ‘’the place’’ to be for the best coffee, book read😍, munch apple pie crumble and just transport oneself to another realm. So when the opportunity came to visit jazz-hole, I hopped on it like a rabbit.

I was totally in love with the mini club owner’s African print attire, other love moments were the array of books, as a geeky geek like me, 'just so you know I did literature (that’s why am so lomantic)', my eyes kept roaming for the latest/newest book to read and there were alotttt…there was Chimamanda Adichie, the beautiful ones are not yet born, there was once a country, things fall apart, I wondered if I would see ‘’Tess of d’Urbervilles’’ that book gave me headache😥😓. I also saw African cook books and contemplated getting one to sharpen my culinary skills(who knows were bae would be from😁). I finally settled for ‘’the Glimmer Palace’’ it was a novel about a famous actress who grew up in Berlin (it did not inspire me)

I was extremely happy when I was invited for a live band show on the 18th of September 2016. I can tick that off my bucket list ‘’join a live band’’.

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The 2016 SPE NAICE Conference or rather society of petroleum engineers, Nigerian Annual International Conference and Exhibition was here again😄.

All the oil and gas companies you can think of came out to show their soldiers might, show case their products and of course to network.

From Ofserv, total, Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, NNPC Group,weather ford, Petan, Well fluid, Weltec, AOS Orwell, Oil data, Eroton, Emval,the list goes on and on am exhausted already👌. It’s a job seekers hunting ground, who knows you might just get lucky👍.

The last time I attended SPE NAICE Conference was in 2013,it was a crazy year. I was fresh out of NYSC😜, ambitious, smart, courageous,young😍and optimistic. Ah when you are young and the world is at your feet😘. This year I like to think am younger🙏, but smarter and wiser…lolz.

This years conference was a bit scanty tho, you could tell that the oil price saga and the economic issues had hit some companies below the belt, but still some companies are still standing tall.

I have to respect the organizers and participants, the journey from start to final day of exhibition is not an easy one😓, I have literary lost my groove life😓(if that is possible😁),I have missed my “udeme is a great man days”😍. I have been neck deep in preparations, I have worried my eyes out, gotten upset😒, contemplated dividing myself into 10 places, if that is possible just to meet deadlines and make the exhibition worth it. You won’t understand half of it.

I got to meet friends I haven’t met in years😃and lecturers that refused to give me an ‘A’😉. I was actually shocked that they remembered me😳. I missed my famous ‘pam pam pam’ tho 'Engr ####'😁, I was actually on the look out for him 06’ set y’all know who am talking about!😄It was great. When I wasn’t worrying or talking about one product or another, I was definitely laughing.

My highlights of the exhibition was definitely I got to eat lovely customized cakes, and I had this lovely dinner at “bottles”, you know my fancy for new places, I was impressed 100! The live band, the cool serene atmosphere, I love it love it love it…Expect a full gist of that later on!

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I have read a lot of advice to job seekers and most times I would be like uhun😏! This is naija abeg. The oil saga taught petroleum Engineers a lot of lessons, even though we have been hustling the job way before the oil price saga happened, but let’s just blame it on that.

I believe with the way naija economy is going and the uncertainty of the stability or rising of the oil price any time soon, it’s very obvious that one needs to have their own side geek. I would get calls from some of my friends asking me ‘how far na’ what can I do? And I would be like shuooo! Even me I dey the same hustle o. So I put some stuffs together to tell you how we do it the naija way! Correct me if am wrong.

PRAY:If you don’t know how to pray, just get on your knees and say ‘God help me🙏’ he will take over from there. Please naija is crazy and you need to pray. Prayer gives you the grace you need to overcome the frustration of rejected letters,irritation of long queues at exam halls, annoyance at searching and not finding any vacancy. Join a volunteer group, Sow seed once in a while, Olamide knew what he meant when he sang ‘who u ep’ abi u think say na your condition worse pass. Be sincere and true in your prayers.

Stay connected and develop yourself: Learn how to build and keep relationships. Who are your friends? Are they lifting you up emotionally, do they motivate you? Are they encouraging you? Are they also helping you in the job hunt😃? Stay connected with people in and out of the ‘industry’. Keep in touch, let them remember you’re still on the look out. Develop yourself, a lot of free courses are advertised on LinkedIn👍. Block that aunty, uncle, sister,brother or friend who happens to have WIFI. I have blocked so many people that when they see me standing outside the window, they just say, please just come in, I know what you’re doing😂.

What’s your flavour?And by that I mean what’s your passion😍? I would always tell my brother, you have talent you design shirts, you make music, you started your own studio. To my sister I would say you started your own body butters/ facial scrubs👍, to my  mum I would say, you are a writer, an editor and a poet, I am just an engineer  who spots talents and get people to buy into someone’s idea. My brother would look at me and say, the ability to spot talent is a talent itself. Linda  Ikeji loves gossip and makes lots of money from it, wizkid loves music and makes  loads of money from it, I know a friend who is so good at graphic designing,his name is ‘EL Russoe’ find him on Facebook. I know another friend who started a foodie mart go to ‘’http://ekofoodie.com.ng/’’, I know people who work and  also are experts in makeup, fashion designing, catering, what have you! So  what’s your flavour😍, everyone has that something that comes naturally, discover  it. Have you read about Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky fried chicken or Mary Kay Ash?

Don’t Stop!What the heck would you stop for😳? You keep applying, you would get rejections,you may not but who cares, one day monkey go enter market see banana. It’s a sink or swim situation and you want to swim because the people who finally made it, swam!😁

Please have fun:Be like me and chill with a cold bottle of stout sometimes because basically there is nothing else you can do😃. My over wise brother would say ‘you need to remember that everything comes from God, you may work extra hard and won’t see the result but someone lifts a pen and it goes boom’ It’s all God at the end’.

Sometimes plan B even becomes better than plan A that we forget about plan A

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I once witnessed a marriage proposal and I was all smiles😊. Some months back, I went to Titanic Club house which is one of the coolest club houses in Finima Bonny Island😉mostly known as the best spots for mouth watery meals😍, footie moments, Birthday parties 🎈🎉🍸, musical battles and of course marriage proposals💍. On this faithful day, I was at the club house cosying up with management, contemplating if I should go for Isi Ewu or Nkwobi😁, discussing the way forward and just watching people getting their grove on, when suddenly a girl jumped up with surprise,ring in check, big time YES😍😘!!! Free drinks for everyone🙌. It was a funny sight to behold, all that emotional excitement, love and romance in the air🌹(makes me wonder what I would say, before I say YESSS!!😜).

So if you’re coming to bonny Island for vacation, leisure or you live in bonny island and looking for a place to say “marry me😉😉” and hear the words “I do👊” or throw a birthday bash, or perform a musical contest or rap battle or better still you love mouth watery meals 😍like me and you’re looking for the best spots, then come down to Titanic Club House Finima,lets share your fun moments with you.

If you’re also looking  for that all stars outfit 💃🚶👠👟for that special moment lets stroll down to our  shopping extension, we have everything you need. We make partying, eating and shopping easy for you👍👍.

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