My father has a weird way of keeping in touch. He has his regular routine greeting over the phone. ‘’how are you? ‘’Are you okay? Normal routine check-up. But on this day it was different. I think he sounded erratic, I could sense panic in his voice as he rasped ‘’There is going to be War in this country’’. Let me introduce you to my Father. I doubt he ever got over the War of 1967. He would always argue about how he lost classes, how he ate lizard out of extreme hunger, how he fought at the War front during the War, which my mother would always counter in her high pitched voice as a lie. She never believed he fought during the war!

My father never got over the War, his famous words are ‘’ We are not one’’.

The news everywhere is the northerners have given the Igbo’s till October First, 2017 to leave the North, while the Igbo’s have given the northerners till October 1st, 2017 to leave the East. What is it with the Northerners and the Easterners like seriously?

Biafra is like piled up resentment and rage that has grown into full blown furry! Let my people go! Just like the Egyptians refused to let the Israelites go, Nigeria has refused from time immemorial to let Biafran’s go. But should we really be surprised? I have read a lot of books about Biafra ‘’half of a yellow sun by Chimamander Adiche’’ and ‘’There was a country by Chinua Achebe’’. From the bitter discussions I hear from my parents about Biafra and my little knowledge from reading, I can tell you that War is not a sweet affair, that 1967 was not necessary, the blood shed on mother earth was not necessary and the time lost which we can never get back was not necessary. That there was greed, selfishness and Ego on both sides and this corrupted our minds. That the west was not affected in 1967 does not mean that it would not be affected now! That you feel you would not be affected because you are cocooned in luxury and you are not Igbo but forget that you have a friend/ a relative who is Igbo.

I do not blame the Biafran’s, after all they are industrious, highly intelligent, well Educated and want what is just-fully theirs. A mother cannot show favouritism to one of her children alone, the other children would definitely grow with resentment.

To think that after 1967 nothing was done to amend the constitution to make Nigeria an equal opportunity country for us all. I mean they fought for something right? So why weren’t their needs and wants looked into and granted, instead it was led to fester and become a disease in their mind, hearts prompting them once again to chant the ''song of biafra’’!

My Question truly is, Is Biafra ready? Or are we like the Israelites who wanted to be let go but had no plan. Are we truly one? Our fore fathers were ready then, and they were One. They fought side by side. But are we really ONE now? Are we truly ready to be let go? Who are the Biafran’s? And do they want to be Let go? Let us not hastily compare ourselves to Brexit because we are not as organized or as United as they are. We need to really think!

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A lot of people asked me, Why did you leave? it always felt funny😒, how does one start explaining. Sometimes I would just say oh! it was a Raggedy assed experience, other times I just smile and say nothing. I have wondered how I would write this story and came up with thousands and thousands of headings, but it has never felt right. But yea, this is my memoir🤓🗒🖋.

I resigned from a company a couple of months ago and that was the best decision I made. I was free💃. A friend of mine joked 'working is overrated' when I told her I had resigned,I laughed! she did not know the half of it!

I remember my first days at work in a haze, my first impression of my colleagues was that they looked like puppets, lacking excitement🤦🏼♂️🤦🏼♀️, they did not have funk! but what the heck! I came to deliver and deliver I banked on.

The first few months were busy great months, I was excited, I mean I wanted to do and give my best that's always who I have been. Willing to go the extra mile, go beyond, the perfectionist. Learning,assimilating, understanding, I am one of those women who loves learning new things, I feel great when I can look back and say Yes! I did this/ we made this happen. So first few months were great, great teamwork. But then it started to dawn on me...this was heavy weight half Scam🙀🙀🙀! lol.

Firstly, all the training that was supposed to be learnt, did not happen🙃🙃. At some point it kept being procrastinated to a point I knew deep down that it would never happen, it was one of those YO-YO jokes you toss at a child. I personally did not feel very bad about it, because the current state of Nigeria and the industry was crazy. But I felt that if something is not going to work out, instead of making more promises you cannot fulfill cut the crap and just explain😒, it’s always that easy🤷🏼♀️.

Secondly there was this drastic incidence were we were harassed by military individuals. I was practically scared for my life (Like what if I had been raped)right on company premises 🙆🏻🙆🏼♂️ and all for what really? The shocking part of it all was I watched the HR being harassed, Insulted and humiliated. There was no way we could actually take a picture or record it down because the minute we stepped into the office our phones were seized😢.So I stood there and watched the HR tear up so badly, and could not do anything about it. Another colleague was told to sit on the floor🙆🏻, When the whole ordeal was over I picked my bags and went straight home. The saddest part about it was, no apology was sent round to employees for putting our life’s in danger😢( I mean it was the fault of management and they saw this coming, why weren't we given a heads up?). Instead puppet master as a reward to his ''loyal staffs for cleaning up office mess and items thrown out of the premises'' bought them gifts items (like if one of them had been raped the gift would cover up for it🙄).I was flabbergasted and I knew then that my days in that company was numbered!

During all that period I was working on a project and pulling a few strings with the help of old friends, like I said, I love to look back and tell myself Yes! we did this, so before I was ready to share to my team members I wanted to get to a certain point. At this time Puppet Master recruited Papa Bear!Apparently Papa bear was meant to be my mentor/monitor I never quite figured out what exactly🤷🏼♀️. (I would have preferred structured training but its all good) I felt it must have been a personal joke! but then I believe you can always learn something even from a three year old right? That's how the house of cards started falling down.

The first round table meeting I had with Papa Bear, he went on and on about my nice earrings, beautiful face, young girl, do I love ''Manolo booths🙁😕!''?? and how Nigerian men are a softie to women like me so therefore I would definitely bring in contracts😦😦😳. I was dumb founded I definitely was not expecting that. This frustrated looking man who did not know jack about the industry was giving me dead lines, the funny thing was the ''head Puppet'' and the 'Puppet Master' were at the meeting as well and they all kept mute (so saying they were in on it!). When I complained to my friends they would all laugh and give me that story of ''welcome to Nigeria. there are no jobs''! I just kept counting down quietly and decided this was not where I wanted to develop my career!

Fast forward to an incidence Papa Bear told me he would walk me out of the door 😳during a meeting, screamed how he was going to sack me, walk me out the door, how the industry was down at the moment and there were no jobs for graduates. 🤣🤣Wawuu!!!

Things kept going from crazy to worse and there were days I would leave my house early and just go to church 🙏 and just sit down, because the zeal to go to work was not there anymore. I did not see why I should continue pushing the project I was working on because I was being side lined in meetings on purpose, the excuse they would come up with is ''its technical'' and I would ask myself technical what am I? I was not getting the fulfillment I wanted at work and when I asked for a leave of absence, it felt like I was asking for ''too much'' like it was not my right! I was tired, exhausted, irritated, some days I would want to come to work and give papa Bear the middle 🤦🏼♀️finger. He would smoke, curse and use swearwords all the time in the office!. The funny thing was Puppet Master loved loyalty, he loves it when you can give him gossip! 🤦🏼♂️and that’s what they were feeding him fake bullshit gossip he was swallowing and taking it as loyalty, never met anyone who loved gossip 🙀 like he did. I remember a colleague telling me once that 'I need to understand puppet master and follow him, don’t question, don’t act like you don’t understand, just agree and not do anything about it'' what a crazy advice!

I struggled within me and almost started to loose my self confidence 😢. I would question myself, if my decisions were the right ones and even ask my colleagues for feedback ''were was I going wrong''? I began to loose myself bit by bit.

I was used to working in a fast paced environment were ones opinion mattered irrespective of age, gender or status as long as you were polite about it. If for anything, I was the one everyone would like to work with because I always knew my stuff and was always eager to learn. So I was very amazed at this new turn of events.

At some point, I called a personal mentor of mine and explained everything to him, he told me that ''I was a woman, I was an Intelligent woman and a bit too courageous and maybe ambitious and most African men are yet to accept such women''. ''It did not matter if I had a degree or I was smart. I was just a beautiful woman to them and this was Nigeria anything goes! and that was the problem''.

I was ready to GO🏃🏾♀️🏃🏾♀️! My mum held me back! be patient, keep silent! I was dead done! Months before I resigned, I already drafted my resignation letter and waited. Waited for the right time, and when it came I seized it with a bang and it was named ''pull a Pamela''.

At the end of the day why am I writing this? is it to motivate the next person?🕴🏼. A lot of people are going through this in their jobs, the fear of lack of jobs and the next meal ticket makes them stay put! maybe you would not take my approach but I personally looked at three things before I made my decision.

Was I being invested in? I was not 👩🏻💼

Did I have peace of mind? I did not, I was constantly reminded by Papa bear how people on the streets of lagos were hungry for jobs and by Puppet Master how he would put some constrains, some of those messages I saved, munched and words I recorded.

I was not being mentored, nor empowered, nor TRUSTED, nor valued, nor appreciated, nor challenged and I definitely did not feel mentored. I was working with a bunch of men who had no value for women. I would not want to go towards the tribalistic approach but on a lot of occasions, I wondered if that was the case and if it was should it be?

There was no structured system? who was I to report to, Puppet Master, Papa bear and Head Puppet were in on it. I understand that the situation in Nigeria is so crazy, there are no jobs, and for as little as anything/experience graduates would leap at a job offer, so my rage was not with them, my rage was with the Industry 😶 and government 😠 for not going back to the drawing board, changing policies and putting structures in place to protect the youths, for not understanding that the work force of yesterday was different from today!

There is nothing more valuable than peace of mind or working in an organisation where you are valued and motivated. 👌🙏👊🏽

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Music is like magic to our souls ❤❤. From 'Leave it like 👌that on the streets of Newcastle to 'Better than you'👌Lolli X keeps bringing it on! 👏👏

Subscribe and comment because no one is better than you!...👉👉👉@

Let's sit back and enjoy this new jam! 🤛👊🏽

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Anyone who knows me can tell am a sucker for movies🙄🙄. I am that kinda girl that would come out of a movie theater and cant wait to gist about the movie🤗🤗, in fact I may even sleep off and dream about being the heroine of the movie🏃🏾♀️👊🏽 ( I cant explain how this has happened on countless occasions🤦🏼♀️). Anyway, this past two weeks have been movie hulola for me.😁

I could not wait to watch Logan, the theater was full beyond doubt, everyone kept laughing or whistling about one special move or another 🙄( I did not get this as I did not find anything amusing or funny🤷🏼♀️). What a movie tho! 👌Is it truly the end of the professor and Logan😿. When I was a kid, I fell in-love with wolverine😍😘, he was my best character in X-men. to think that the old mutants are gone, and the dawn of a new bio-generated mutants are here🙋😎, wawuu! What happened to the old mutants, how did they die? the last I watched was Apocalypse!! I see a new conspiracy theory coming up🤔. I sincerely wonder what the new story spin would be. I did not get the usual shivers I get when watching X-men but all in all, on a scale of 10-0, may give it a 6. .mehn who would have thought wolverine had a daughter and what a weapon of mass destruction she 👏👏is...Fast forward to that little chubby boy running 🙈(Ok that was funny😀!)

OK when I think of Kong, I just want to jump out savage like and beat my chest wildly 😺😺bang-bang..bang-bang-bang-bang- bang and then ROAR at all the people trying to challenge my panda peace🙏 (💭💭 am going to practice that).

I cant help but remember that creepy crazy old battalion soldier mans voice when he said 'You don’t go into someone’s 🏡 and start dropping bombs 💣unless you trying to pick a fight🙃'! Kong's god around here, but the devil leaves below us!...Wawuu to skin shiver statements.🤡🤡🤡

Tale as old as time (how so true those words are🙄🙄🙄), beauty and the beast. The major story right here is that there is something deeper than what the eye can see. Oh well lets not forget we have a 'trans 🙄' in 2017 beauty and the beast. All that music made me almost go crazy😒😒, but all that romance, oh lord lord😍, took a lot not to shed a tear😀.

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We all have weird friends, don’t we? Some guys turned best friends that the thought of dating them means you want to cross over to the LGBT society 🤦🏼♀️ and nah nah nah (not my forte). But am not talking about those friends, am talking about ‘’the girl friends 😍’’. Every girl has that friend who is ‘a good girl 🙏-she don’t club, she doesn’t drink, she prays 24/7, she got no BF or male friends 💆🏼, she’s waiting on the lord for that super human perfect man😒’ or ‘the coded one’- I cannot even define this one! She is the baddest of all ✋🏻she is the real definition of sheep in wolves clothing 👁👀(GO FIGURE), we have the crazy friend🙋💃damn she’s always turning up💃.The talkative 🤦🏼♂️🤦🏼♀️-that friend who don’t care about nothing, she’s going to give you the type of gist that would make your ears 🙋🙆🏻ringgg!!!, then we have the smart ones👩🏼🎓, the responsible friend👰🏽, who will always have one or two advice for you 👩🏼🏫, the alcoholic 🍷she’s not crazy, she just has an affinity for booze and lastly the curious one👩🏽💻-who believes she has nine lives and therefore has to try everything new👱🏻♀️!

Today I am celebrating the responsible one😁. When this love story started, I don’t know where I was, all I know Is I heard 👂, I was excited and as always 😍, I joined in the happily ever after👰🏽.

Because they love to laugh......❤❤❤ stay around this guys....damn..someone is always teasing the other.

Trust us 🤞🏿, we must always come out 👏👏SLAYING!!!

Double tap if you spot the three musketeers 👊🏽✌🏼....From QC TO UNIPORT...we always have each others back.

Family that SLAYS together...🙌🙌🙌..the look on the bride's mum's face tho..epic..peaceful, joyful, fulfilled.

The twerk master..😉☺️i tried to learn but forward to next that my backside😂😂 (wowzers)!!!

I raise my glass 🍷as I say a big cheers to our responsible one with all my heart❤,I cannot wait to see little responsible girls-honey get with 😘😘it am counting down already!! Cheers because just as you found the man of your dreams, he found the woman of his dreams.

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When music makes you happy 🙋😀, you cant help but SING! 🎼🎶🎤🎸🎻🎺from gospel music at ATC club in ANSU Nigeria, to R & B on the streets of Newcastle ✨Lolli x the lover of love 💕💓has come to romance us with his music 💫

2017 got everyone screaming SLAY year💪🏽👊🏽!!! Lolli X decided to SLaY with us 👏👏by romancing us with a new and amazing solo R & B😊😉

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Igwe tupac got nothing on us. We came to slay in 2017 and we aint kidding about it, that’s why we screaming 😀😀 at the top of our voices 🙌🙋👏 AMOSHINE!!

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Hold up! Don’t just stand there admiring! Shine with me, cos this year I want us to SLAY together!!! 💋👄

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Ivette naturals is ready to customize their products to suite your skin ailment, just because they love you, the valentine season is fast approaching, shine and catch Mr right! 😉

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All the places I had to show my ID for a sip of alcohol 🍹..

Was so confused with the choice of drinks at green turtle that the bar tender asked for my ID...

Never been a fan of Hennessy but I had my first shot at Dave & Buster's. Dave & Buster's is a gaming center, You have an array of game choices to play...You all should have seen me in the car race..I was a natural.

I cant wait to jet off again!

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Finally, the long queue came to an end, and I was able to get into the museum.

It wasn’t what I expected, I was looking forward to knowing more about the slave trade revolution, but I guess everyone has had enough of all that, and don’t want to generate more hate and create something that would be a constant reminder to the black American society. Instead it was more about celebrating their growth to lime-light.

A celebration of those people who fought against all odds to be more than what they were told they would be, a fight/race from freedom to stardom.

I learnt how to step dance, did you know that the black Americans are originators of the step dance?. Helloooooooo!!!!

Up above: Simon Biles Signature move.

I wish we could save our history (Nigeria) like this guys....!!! 🙏🙏

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I took a break😌, life was going in a crazy direction, and I felt like I was in a box, so I decided to tick off some of the items on my bucket list starting with a trip to USA😘.

Anyway it was fun fun fun all the way, Americans are Big on history, went to so many places and had mega fun, I even fell half in love😍! it got me singing..(Hey I just met you, this is crazy, so get my number and call me maybe💃😍). I did get into trouble, on a few occasions but what the heck! Who is Pamela without a bit of trouble😜.

Here are some of the high lights of my trip:

Ok I have to say something, I went to the National Air and Space museum, it had all the air planes flown in the USA from the wright brothers, amazing right, I entered some of them which were still preserved 😍, I heard that the building had to be built around the airplanes😉.

It goes on and on, from monument that is so high up, you wonder if there is a secret pass way under, to the statue of Abraham Lincoln and his ascribed words, to the images of the fallen heroes, to National World War 1 memorial, to constitution garden pond were I made a wish…it goes on and on.

Above national Air and Space museum, I watched Flight simulations😁, the issues with the first plane made, how they used those problems to make better more comfortable planes, so what we are enjoying today as a faster more comfortable means of transportation, people like you and I sat down, thought this through, am pretty sure when they started it, they probably didn't know what the future would be like, I was in there just amazed, wonder struck and I wanted to transport my self to that time and just watch them brainstorm😁.

Above surrounded by the 50 states in America, lets not even talk about all the work put into maintaining this art work, plus the cameras...jeezzz

Words of Abraham Lincoln forever standing tall, this was what 'Jay Z' meant when he sang ''forever young, I wanna be, forever young, do you really want to leave forever, forever, forever Youngggg'' 🙏

(Above left)Those gold medals (stars) are real gold (4048 in number)😊, for all the people who lost their lives or were injured during world war 2. Then I decided to goof around at the monument, I heard the president when flying through that route has to circle it twice, while other planes have to go around it (talk about tradition). Am pretty sure there may be like a hidden pass way...(hmmm)✨.

I would be going to the National museum of African American history and culture, would gist you about that in a bit!

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