Months really went by fast! Especially if you are enjoying something! My semester in Helsinki is over now, so I think it's best to give tips on the 10 things must do or see in Helsinki!

1. Sauna

Finns love sauna. Literally, every apartment buildings equipped with sauna facility! So, if you ever go to Finland, don't forget to hit some sauna places! Oh, it is especially unique experience if you come in the winter and swim in really cold lake and then have some sauna or the other way around. (image does not belong to me)

2. Central Railway Station / Rautatientori

What kind of person who would travel to a city without seeing the very centre of it? So, go here first after you arrived and experience the very busy and highly diverse-looking part of Helsinki! You can also get yourself travel card to go around the rest of Helsinki with public transportation of your choice (Train, Bus & Tram). Veeery convenient!

3. Cafe Regatta

Do you know that Finland is ranked the 1st in the world for coffee consumption with total 12 Kg/Capita? So, to enjoy a cup or two in one of the coffee shops would only be right! I can safely say that Cafe Regatta is among the best coffee shop! Especially in bright summer day, with smell of cinnamon and baked goods... Other cafes that I can recommend is Johan & Nyström, and Fazer cafe.

4. Aleksanterinkatu

I love Aleksanterinkatu... because it is such a pretty street and giving me this real-europe vibe! If you crave fancy-schmanchy shopping spree, this is the place! All famous brands are along the street of Aleksanterinkatu

5. Market Square & Helsinki Cathedral

Still located around the center, market square & Helsinki cathedral are mustvisit placesfor people who wants to truly experience Helsinki, because you haven't truly visited a place until you have picture in front of the famous landmark building, right? :)

6. Hakaniemi market

this is the place you can buy some local fish, reindeer meat as well as finns traditional dishes! Also on different floor you can find some fabrics with famous finnish design

7. Esplanade park

There are not really any nice parks in Jakarta, so I am way too excited when I see how beautiful Esplanade park is!

8. Kallio

If you consider yourself party-goers or like going to the bar or whatever (which I dont) Kallio district is the place... it is especially so vibrant in the weekend

9. ART Museums

I loveeee going to contemporary art museums just for the sake of seeing the unthinkable concept called art! Being an European city known for its design; then spending 4 hours in ART museums is very justifiable!

10. Design District!

Known as Hipster district (although, you do know you won't be hipster if you visit this district right?). I consider this Instagram-worthy visit! Also, there are about hundrends of shops that are just simply not anywhere else in the world!

Of course there are tons of other things/places to see (such as: somenlinna - UNESCO's world heritage), but I only focus on things at the very center of the city for now!

Until next time!

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”
Judith Thurman



in the amidst of overly deafening society, some people really go all out in doing it. They feel that it is part of their right to be personally involved in people's personal choices.

You see, happy people will not have time to do these such of things. They are content with their life. The people who tend to do these things are either highly insecure with their life and themselves and/or they are simply ignorance individual - who lacks conscience of how to be progressive, open-minded and accepting human being.

I have come across individuals like this; I think the best you can do is to just forgive and to avoid social contact with them. People with negative energy and bad vibe is not worth it to be kept around.

What are your thoughts on this?



The first thought that came into my mind before I landed in Helsinki was that... "Well, it will feel like Sweden only slightly bit different". But no, I was wrong, Helsinki looks and feels totally different. It certainly does not feel very Scandinavian. I guess in a way Helsinki's architecture adopt Russian legacy rather than Scandinavian impression; even though Finland has been Swedish for longer. To put it simply, it has this Eastern European vibe instead (even though I have never been to Eastern Europe, well...); which makes sense because it is close to Estonia and Russia. Someone from Belarus even said that He feels like home when he visited Helsinki. I notice that larger part of the city has lots of building from cold war era, some parts constituted by modern glassy buildings and other has these grand "european" buildings from older era. However, Helsinki certainly has its own charm, the more you look around, the easier it gets to appreciate this city plus there are so much more left to discover (Although, Stockholm is still my favorite and I will tell you why :))

P.s: Hopefully can review Oslo/Norway soon!



Known for its deep-rooted urban lifestyle for design and even awarded as City of Design by Unesco, Design district is one thing that can not be missed when you are in Helsinki. The district consists of sustainable design & local food, classic & vintage stores, nordic-style household showrooms, scandinavian organic make-up brands and paper & craft stores. The buildings around design district are also quite distinctive due to their unique architecture and colors. Design district is truly heaven for all design enthusiasts.



I was in the middle of conversation, calling with my sill and then quite naturally he saw a really nice weather and automatically said: “It is such a nice weather, I will get outside and run (…and enjoying the mighty good weather of northern hemisphere) *not a sarcastic remarks, the weather can be really lovely there

And then, my respond was…
“Dude, this is so not fair, I never got to say that…because the weather is never nice here. The weather in Jakarta is always on two other end of weather scale; either it is raining that you cant really enjoy anything or the sun gets really violent that you can feel your skin gradually starting to feel burned.”

Forget about equality for a while - a basic right individual should be able to get. This is fresh air, not an advanced individual, people, human need. Fresh air is something you need, to be able to have your body functions properly as an organism. Did you know?! that in order to function properly, cells in the body need water, oxygen, nutrients and cleansing. Even when you wear mask, your skin can still absorb the polluted air, one research in 2015 reported (link to the research paper: That, my friend, you certainly do not want heavily polluted air. now, why do you have to praise a country that does not even have a solution to help its people with basic organism need?

I was thinking that in life you have full autonomy, you cannot just accept the things laid out in front of eyes. not all things are tailored to your liking and that is why you live and hope and dream and kickin a good actions. a lot of people just trapped into their little bubble and stop thinking and just accepting and lost into living in chaos. That would be taking granted of life given to you.

Pictures (left: personal collection; right: google image) No picture enhancement used.



A very simple happy video that makes me happy! This video is not near to justify how special it is to have magical moments with my better half. Just thought I can share the happiness around! 😊



Some might say it’s better to be the greatest fish in small pond rather than to be the regular fish in the sea. There is a believe which would say something like there is always a place for the brightest one even if he/she stays in the most unassuming place. But it is really contradicts to what I believe, for me, it is always better to be just another face in the crowd, with important extend that it has to be great crowd in great place. What I mean here, with great crowd in great place fits perfectly to Japanese proverb about fish that says, “You can only find great fish in the sea”.

It is really obvious if we use our anthropocentric eyes for that proverb, but let me elaborate my idea here. If we live in noble and decent place with top crowd, shouldn’t you be one of those top crowd as well? Well yes, practically. Even, let say, to the worst extend, you are the worst person, you still one of those top crowd. There is always something to learn, apply and imitating the good moral, and you can’t just get enough of new form of aptitude, leading to better version of you every day. Albeit, you will be overshadowed by those who do well than you that is alright, because it promotes you to reach preeminence point.

Now compare it with third-world crowd and place. There is not much to learn, and as you live and communicate with (let use the cave-man epitome) cave men, you will more or less be a cave man. Despite you are the best in among those cave men, and resulting on gaining supremacy among them, well duh! (speechless)

I know I don’t end this quite well, it is because I really don’t know what to say anymore. Frankly it reminds me on this particular TV Show and the host said more so like this: third world-countries is good to explore within short period of time, but trust me, you don’t want to be stuck in it forever. With that, I laughed out loud.

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