It has been a little over 7 months since the last time i wrote here and you know what, IM NOT EVEN GONNA TRY AND MAKE SOME LAME EXCUSE to why I have been M.I.A (lol) Ok, so shall we take it from where we left off? It's going to be a long looong post. Ready? Here we go...

APRIL - My birth month and I turned the big 21, me, being me, I didn't plan anything at all, just planned to be at home and chill maybe watch a movie or whatever but then ofc Adam and his family has planned this whole surprise. They took me for a meal and surprised me WITH A FUCKING SUSHI CAKE!!!! After my birthday april just went as fast as it came (that's what she said ;D)

MAY - To be quite honest with you, I have no single idea what happened in may, I think this was the month where I just drowned myself with homework and final test and all that stuff. The reason why I was doing this was I wanted to finish college as fast as I can without messing shit up. And that was May.

June - Early June, I finished college already. By now I have been working like 30-40 hours a week (which is like so much more than what I used to do while I was in college) at my wonderful job and I have been saying soooo much for lots of things. And that was June, work work work work work. And yeah ADAM PASSED HIS DRIVING TEST!!!!

July - Now July was something else, July was special. First off all I got to see Vanessa, whom I have missed since the day I said goodbye :( and also we were gonna see OUR QUEEN B, FREAKING BEYONCÉ, IN FREAKING GLASGOW. Vanessa and I were only reunited for about 3 days but god how it felt good. She is somebody I would never want to lose. Also Adam was there but cmon Vanessa+Beyoncé... Sorry Adam I love you but yeah you'll understand haha

August - I have no idea what happened. But on the 11th of August 2016, we got our very first car, a Peugeot 208 and we named her OTEO. ALSO I think by this time I was struggling with thoughts of going back to college. I applied for a Patisserie course but I was not as in to it as I was with my previous courses. It just didn't excite me so I was so torn between going full-time work or going back to college.

September - Adam's birthday month. He also turned 21. I still have not passed my driving test haha, I haven't even tried passing it yet.. I'm scared!! Still working, been probably working more than I've ever done in my whole entire life.

October - So on my last post I said something along the lines of 'we are saving for a car, to move out, to get a gym membership...' bla bla bla guess what WE FUCKING DID ALL THAT! I really can't believe we have done all of it bu we have and god it feels so good. We are broke AF right now but it's all going to be worth it.

And well, that brings us to now, I am working 45-50 hours per week, have a house, a car, and I am endlessly thankful of all the things I have and I got and all the people I have in my life, near or far. I adore every single one of you. It's almost Christmas, all I want to do is go home to Sweden to see and feel snow, also see my family and friends and Vanessa... God I miss her. I miss my family, I miss my friends. I miss Sweden. I also really need to go to sleep, working at 6:00 tomorrow morning so I should get my 8-9 hours of sleep if I go to sleep

But until I make another post, you guys take care!

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This blog post is going to be so so boring. But all I want to do is to speak what is on my mind...

Lately I have been finding it very hard to speak for myself and do whatever I like to do. I am a very independent person and feeling trapped and captured just makes me what to do something so rebellious (but ofc I would never) I have been planing to go home to Sweden for Easter but of course the plane tickets are not to my favour. I miss my family, friends and Vanessa my best friend. I know I saw them in December but that is not enough. Sometimes I feel like I am just in the verge of giving up because I feel such a tremendous feeling of missing and lost. When I feel like this I just want to pack up and leave. But as soon as a thought like this comes across I always spring back to why I am here in the first place. I am here to build my future, because I am 100% sure that if I was in Sweden all these time, I might still be unemployed and still be living off - off my parents money. And having your own income is the most satisfying and liberating feeling in the world. Being able to support yourself (even partially) is an achievement on its own.

Speaking of achievements, IFEX happened and well, I got Bronze. Maybe not the best for how much we had to do and the time we had to give for this but the experience is worth so much more. All the good times and the bad times we all shared was incredible. I won't get into details of the whole SCAM of the awarding ceremony but let's just move on, I guess....

Apart from seeing my loved ones in Sweden ASAP as my priority, Adam and I have a billion and one other things as our priority. Driving, getting a car, moving out, getting a gym membership. Yes I know... It's not really "a billion and one" but close enough. I feel like such an adult for doing all these but you know what it has been such a great process, I enjoy being an adult with Adam, everything feels so right with him... Yes I am in love.

For the driving part, its going very well, Adam passed his theory test and I could not be any prouder! So thats really one step closer to getting one of our drivers license haha. Getting a car and getting a car goes hand in hand. BOTH OF THEM COSTS A FREAKING FORTUNE. But it has to be done, the moving out bit might not happen until (hopefully) after summer, but getting a car we are putting right under Sweden. Now for the getting a gym membership, for about a month now I have been trying to cut down on unnecessary shit that I eat and I have been very good with it. I don't see any result or anything but I didn't really expect to, but for a next step I think I am soon ready for a gym membership and Adam is with me too, which makes things so much more exciting! Who knows I might just gift myself a year of gym membership as a 21st birthday present LOL

So yes, so sorry for this long as boring post but this is what is on my mind



Hello... It's me! (so cheesy) I'm back, well I can't and won't make promises BUT at least I am here. So lets see... what happened since my last post let's sum this up by month :

Late December - Early Janaury

After saying goodbye to my loved ones in Sweden it was time to go back to Norn Iron ( Northern Ireland) It was bitter-sweet. Bitter because as soon as I left Sweden I missed everyone just as much as before I arrived but also very sweet because I get to see my Adam again and my family here too. I left Sweden on the 27th of December and I was flying back quite late, and then 6 am the next morning we were travelling again to Southampton, England. Elizabeth and Simon was so sweet and kind enough to not only spoil us with presents for christmas but also invited us to go on a cruise (THANK YOU!!!) to Brugge and supposedly Amsterdam but... we'll get to that later.

Soo basically from when I flew to Sweden until we got in the ship I was travelling the whole entire time! I LOVE TRAVELLING. I will make another post about my travel plans with my loved ones. But with travelling so much my skin was freaking the fuck out, spots everywhere!! It's still trying to recover but its slowly getting there. Anyway, so cruise. My god it was the biggest damn ship I have ever been on, it was like a whole freaking city with motors and propellers!

The picture of the ship doesn't really do it any justice but there it was the P&O Cruises "Ventura". And ofc when "In Brugge" you must visit the clocktower!!! we were #fangirling. Ok so we went to Brugge, it was amazing! we shopped a little but not too much because we are saving for so many things at the moment haha, being responsible adults and all. After that we were suppose to sail to Amsterdam BUUUUT that did not happen, the waves were too strong and the wind as well, so our captain decided not to risk anything, so from the 30th of January until the 2nd of january we were slooowly sailing back to Southampton, we were slower than turtles.. honestly haha but I honestly like going on cruises I would definitely save up and go on another one in the future.

Now let's speed up to....

Mid January - Now

January has been a very very busy month, with tech on going again, and also work I've just been on it 24/7 hence the absence... January was our anniversary month too, 2 years with my goober, WOW time flies! I love him more than ever. We just went for dinner at Wagamamas and well walked around town. And then that brings us to now, a couple of days ago it was my best friends 21st birthday and I'm so sad that I couldn't be there to spend it with her but I tried my best to give here little presents anyway, and I hope she liked them hihi, Love you Nessa! And after that it was Valentines day woohoo believe it or not it was the 3rd year Adam and I spent Valentines day together abd it still gives me chills <3 Since I was gonna be working on the actual day we went for a meal and a movie on friday and just chilled the whole weekend, it was an amazing weekend!

And as if RIGHT NOW, it is half term break but for me and a few more student who are competing on the 8th of March for IFEX its 8 am call time for us for our 4th run through! It's getting really intense but fun at the same time! So I guess that's all for now, Im gonna drink some water and head to sleep...

Thank you for talking you sweet sweet time and I'll see you soon



December 23, 2015

So this is my first post, don't really know what to write more than IT WAS AMAZING SEEING MY LOVELY VANESSA AGAIN. This girl means so much to me and I dont even think she knows how much she really mean to me. But, let us rewind to 8 am this morning. I arrived at her place that early because we wanted to spend as much time as possible with each other #goals. We had a nice and cozy breakfast at Espresso House and then a thought struck us, we wanted to get tattoos. The impulsive Aries that I am then said "lets get it today!!". But of course we didn't, it took us a long looong time to find what we wanted the tattoo to look like. in the end it ended with Vanessa doodling spaceships and dinasaurs.

After that we got so hungry that we spent so much money on sushi, it was so much money it was ridic but it was so worth it.

After the AMAZEBALLS sushi, we went and walked around town a little bit and just made the most of our time together before we head back to her place to talk some more and then said our goodbyes. We were getting a bit more emotional than we wanted to so we had to just say goodbye or else we would ball our eyes out. LoveyouNessa!

December 22, 2015

This day I met up with another girl I can't see living life without, and that is Guste, my little poodle! Again we ate sushi haha seems like all we do is take polariods and eat sushi oh well, I'm certainly not complaining. Guste and I have a long long history, we have known each other since 2009. She's probably one of my oldest friends that I've kept in touch with. And honestly, life without these two girls (and Adam and our families) would be worthless. LoveyouGuste!

The hardest thing that I have ever have to deal with apart from leaving my family, is not seeing my friends as often as I used to. I do not regret my move to Northern Ireland but sometimes I wish I could just pack all of them in my suitcase so I can have them, OR have a miniture version of them, which ever works.

Well this is it for tonight folks, I'm gonna go ahead and continue chatting with my wonderful amazing boyfriend (I'm not cheesy at all). Good Night, Stay smiling!