Good evening. Today was our last day in Oregon, and it might have beaten day three when we went to that cool waterpark. We went to a real American football game. If you wondered why I didn't write about day 4, 5 and 6, it's because I didn't want to. Want to know what team we watched? Keep reading!

American football vs Swedish football.

American football is a bit different from Swedish football. In U.S.A they call Swedish football soccer, but the direct translate is football. First of all, you play American football with an egg-shaped ball, and they play with their hands. Soccer is played with a normal ball and they use their feet. American football also requires a lot more equipment since it's more violent. The fields aren't exactly the same, but both of the sports uses grass or artificial as surface, and the field is marked with white lines. U.S.A:s most famous sport is American football, but worldwide it's soccer. 2.6 billion peoples play American football. To be clear they play soccer in Oregon too, but football is the thing.

College sports?

In Oregon, college sports is extremely popular. There's a team called Oregon Ducks, just a normal college team that plays Football. You think? Well, think again. They are the most popular football team in Oregon and have their own Football field that fits 50.000 people. INSANE HUH!!! And that's not only family and friends. People travels across the country just to watch them play. In Sweden, college sports exists, but most of the time only friends and family watches the games.

Almost every college in Oregon wants to have a great and popular team in any sport, especially football. In Sweden, it's just a fun thing.

Now I have to go, and since this is the last day of our trip, I guess it's goodbye... =(. I loved Oregon and I totally recommend it, let Oregon be the place you visit next time! And watch some American football!!!

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Hi, gorgeous! Today was the best day of the entire trip, even though it has only been three days. We went to "Wings and waves waterpark", also known as "the best waterpark in Oregon". It was so big and the slides were great fun. I found some interesting and fun facts about Oregon and I wanted to share them with you:

There is a world famous YouTuber called Zach King. On his channel, he cuts films and makes a normal youtube video look like magic! He's born in Oregon, but now he lives in Los Angeles.

My uncle's family live in Oregon, and Stefan (my uncle) works at the Nike headquarter. The headquarter is based is Portland, the biggest city in Oregon. The building is very cool. I've been there once. They have two soccer fields, a golf field, a basket court, and a real running track.

The Nike logo (swoosh) was created by Carolyn Davidson. Wanna know how much she made? FREAKING 35 DOLLARS! Now the Nike logo is one of the most valued logos in the world.

Boring is a town in Oregon. It was named after William H. Boring of Oregon. Boring, has a sister city in Scotland that was named 'Dull'. Together these two towns hold 'Dull and Boring celebrations' annually on 9 August in Oregon.

The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom in America. The town 'Simpsons' live in is called Springfield, and it's an actual place in Oregon. The co-creator is from Portland, Oregon

Did you like the facts? I did! Most of the facts came from "", it's an amazing website, so go check it out!

We were chilling by the poolside when I realized that it's a bit warmer here in Oregon than in Sweden since Oregon is closer to the equator. It rains more often, and that sucks. But of course, it's very good for all the plants that live there. But on the other hand, it barely snows there. And if it does, they close their schools and parents doesn't have to go to work.

It can get very cold, though, but only occasionally.

We just ate some pizza (again, haha) and it's bedtime soon. Goodnight!

The guy on the picture is Zach King.



Good morning guys! Today I'm going to write a lot about history in Oregon. We went to the mountain Bachelor, to ski. Here we go:

Oregon is the only country in U.S. to have different patterns on each side of their flag. On the reverse side, it's their state animal, the beaver.

Beaver fur is one of the first things Oregon traded with Europe, and the western side of Oregon's economy was based on the fur. That could also be a reason to why they have the beaver of their flag. I don't support fur trades because we have our own skin, and we don't have to torture animals. But that's my opinion.

In the 1800s, Oregon used colored people as slaves. At that time almost everyone thought colored people weren't "normal", but we know that's wrong.

Oregon was a large territory that included the future states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and parts of Montana. The territory kept growing, until one day when it eventually broke off from the other regions. Oregon was admitted into the Union as the 33rd state in 1859.

Hope you liked the history I thought were cool. I'll see you tomorrow!

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Hi! Today was the first day here in Oregon! None of us were tired when we arrived at the airport in Portland, so we decided to go to Crater Lake.

The lake was created 1995, by a violent volcano in the middle of the lake. It's Surrounded by 2000 feet high mountains! The deepest Crater Lake gets is 593 meters, I think that is really deep! Nowadays people come here to hike in the old-growth forest, or in the winter, to cross-country ski. It’s very beautiful, and perfect for a family trip with lots of adventures. Since we were going to stay there over the night, we hired really cool tents called "tree tents". They hang between two trees in the air, cool, huh!

Ugh, we were all starving! There was a restaurant nearby that sounded awesome. They served vegan food too! It took about 10 minutes to walk. It was very nice in the restaurant, all fresh. The food was also really fresh and nice. I ordered some kind of sandwich with guacamole, tomatoes, and on the top, there was a sauce that tasted acidulous. Very good, five of five stars!

When the clock passed 7 pm, my sister and I decided to play hide and seek in the forest. We had a very good time at the Crater lake!

I'm really tired and going to bed, so I guess it's goodbye... But not for long! I'll see you tomorrow.

Goodnight <3 /Agnes

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Hi! I decided to start a blog, since I'm going to Oregon (USA) in a few days! I thought you might wanted to know a little about me:

My name is Agnes, and I'm twelve years old. I live 25 minutes away from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. I'm a pescetarian, which means that I'm a vegetarian but I eat fish, even though I don't want to eat animals at all. My parents, Athena and Anders, says I have too.

In my sparetime I like to play tennis, Overwatch and hang out with my friends. School is fun as long as I don't have to do homework. My favourite subjects are English and math. I love dogs, and also cats. I have a cat btw, he's called Sirocco, but I always call him Bubbis, hehe. I also have a little sister, Daniela, but she's mostly annoying...

In my blog I will write about places to visit, food, culture, climate and nature, history and much more! Enjoy!

Hugs <3! /Agnes

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