Homophobia makes no sense. What about someone else's love life can affect you enough for you to get the right to discriminate them or even bully them? What about someone else's love life can affect you enough for you to get the right to tell them they're disgusting or even tell them that their presence gives you a sick feeling in your stomach? What about someone else's love life can affect you enough for you to get the right to hurt them or talk badly about them behind their backs? Homophobia makes no sense at all.

First of all, homosexuality is normal and natural. There's nothing wrong with being in love with a person of the same sex as you. How could it possibly even be wrong? Give us one good enough reason and then we'll believe you, but we're a hundred percent sure you can't come up with an argument good enough for us to change our mind. Because homosexuality is normal and natural and there's nothing wrong at all with being attracted or in love with a person of the same sex as you.

Second of all, homosexuality is not a choice. Just like you can't decide whether to like or not like spaghetti or olives, those people that you have such a hard time coping with can't decide whether to fall in love or not fall in love with a person of the same sex as them. It's not like they're born and out of nowhere they just decide to become gay. They're born this way. They can't do anything about it. Because trust us, living in a world like this where homophobia is everywhere and nowhere, no one would choose to be homosexual if it would be a choice. If fitting into all these ideals would be a choice, wouldn't everyone choose to?

Why do we even put our time and energy in something as stupid as label what kind of love that's normal and not? Love is amazing, love brings happiness to people's lives and it shouldn't ever have to matter which sexes that's involved. No matter what, love is amazing. Why don't we put our time and energy in something much more important – like we starting to appreciate love, no matter if the relationship involves two people of the same sex or two people with the opposite sex?

Everyone should have the same rights. Everyone. Every human being in this world. Whether we're talking about two men living together or loving each other, a woman who's moved here from Africa, a man who's just got his right leg amputated... Everyone should have the same rights. And that includes homosexuals. Who we love doesn't define who we are. The personality of a homosexual person doesn't automatically become bad just because they're attracted to people of the same sex as them. By the way, isn't that pretty obvious? Do you even hear how stupid it sounds to believe that someone's personality automatically become bad just because of them being homosexual?

In Singapore, a large amount of the population is accepting about people being homosexual. The problem is the laws, which are still there. Although the population is accepting, there are still laws which are discriminating and pushing the homosexual part of Singapore's population down. There are for example a law that's keeping homosexuals from marrying the love of their lives and also a law that's making it impossible for homosexuals to adopt children. Does it even really matter if the population is accepting as long as the laws are there to discriminate? The laws needs to be removed for the development to go forward. We will never reach a world with acceptance and normalization if there are laws which are still discriminating, long after many people has already come to realization.

Homosexuality is love, just like any other kind of love. And it's both natural and normal and nothing wrong about it. We need to start acting like this and fight for all the discriminating laws to be removed.

We want all the people in the world to feel safe and loved for who they are, without them feeling like they need to change themselves to be accepted. Homophobia makes no sense.



Hello! This week we're going to focus on homosexuality in Singapore and also our opinions on this.

It's alright by law to be homosexual in Singapore, but as an individual you don't get protected by any laws and you don't always get to have the same rights as heterosexuals. For example, there's no laws against discrimination neither in work places or homes for homosexual people. Guys can even get punished with jail for having sex with another guy according to the law, but the law is not as strict as it possibly could be.

Neither guys or girls have the rights to get married or adopt. What both sexes have though, is the right to join military – but with less rights than heterosexual people.

Pride is common not only in other countries but also in Singapore, yet it's not acceptable to be in love with a person of the same sex as you. The premiere ministre of Singapore believes that the country is too conservative to be able to accept homosexuality, but at least the development is going forward and people are becoming more and more accepting.

A lot of people state that the laws are outdated, that they don't really reflect how accepting the Singapore society is. From what I've gathered, people in Singapore is accepting them as individuals but feel a strong fear that legalizing homosexuality will bring a lot of consequences to the country and it's people. Consequences such as adopted children getting exposed to negativity and lacking parts thats needed for a healthy childhood (mostly the fact that they are growing up without either an father or mother role model, (which to us is a nonexistent problem if people would start to normalize it) and also the spreading of diseases such as AIDS. Although some small parts of this may be true, discrimination is still a common thing not only by religious extremists but also nonreligious/non extremists people who see this as an act of wrongdoing, with the argument that homosexuals are going against our biological purpose. Being accepting of homosexuals but still denying them the basic human rights, is a bit contradictory. Homosexuality doesn't bring negativity, I would say the opposite. It learns people to be more accepting and understanding of other people, of the world, giving us a more peaceful mindset.

In a survey conducted by Oogachaga Counseling and Support, which is a community-based organisation providing counseling and support for the LGBTQ community in Singapore on homophobia and transphobia, it shows that 60.2% of the people taking it answered that they've experienced abuse and discrimination because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This is horrifying, hate is not a solution to any kind of issues. It wont magically erase what you think is wrong. We don't understand the satisfaction you could possibly get by abusing someone, someone who doesn't in any way try to harm you, someone who's just trying to live their life being themselves.

The things going on in Singapore is a big contrast to Sweden, where homosexuality is not only accepted by most people but also legalized. Although we have our issues, and our discrimination (that do exist in every part of the world and are impossible to avoid), at least you can feel safe loving who you love here.