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I had a lovely weekend in Alingsås. Every time we go there we just want to move immediately. We are working on it, but it is taking longer than we had hoped. Finding an apartment to rent is almost impossible, and everything we've been interested in buying has rushed straight out of our price limit as soon as the bidding starts. We hope it will be resolved soon, but we have room in our apartment even when the baby comes, so we don't have to panic.

On Saturday we went to a flea market for baby clothes/toys/etc, and bought some clothes for the baby. We found some really adorable stuff, that looked like they had hardly been used! Then we went to a friend's house and spent the afternoon and evening eating delicious food and talking about everything. It was great! (Another reason we want to move back home, we have so many wonderful friends there, not to mention Marcus' entire family and my mother)

I was really tired all day though, and on Sunday when we got back home I had to admit to myself that I had a fever. It's been coming on for a while, and Marcus has been sick for at least two weeks, so I wasn't surprised. A bit frustrating though, since work is still very, very hectic. Today (Tuesday) my fever has gone down though, so I'll most likely be able to go to work tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

You know you are really sick, when you spend an entire day in the couch watching Gossip Girl, because the controller is to far away to change the channel. Honestly I spent most of Monday half asleep, so the fact that I am sitting by my computer today is great improvement.

Now, I'm going to go make myself a huge cup of tea and eat some candy Marcus bought for me yesterday. And find a blanket, it is really chilly in the apartment today!

Bye for now!

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Baby, Life

Hello Everyone!

My hectic job has continued being hectic, with deadlines looming closer (and some has gone wooshing by, but I think we have managed to keep up with it all)

Now, I usually enjoy when work gets busy, I hate being bored at work, and feeling like I’m just sitting there doing nothing. I have to many hobbies, I don’t have time to sit around all day, haha! But, with the departure of morning sickness (it is mostly gone now, but it still makes an appearance from time to time when I least expect it) an unusual tiredness has taken me hostage. I am so tired. I have never been this tired. I have no idea how I get through a week of work. I literally crash on the couch when I get home, and I have an OFFICE job! How do pregnant teachers, or waitresses or whatever do it? I get to sit down all day. I literally cried this morning because I had to get out of bed. That has never happened to me before!

I have planned to do Inktober (one ink drawing/painting every day in October) partly because after the summer I haven’t really painted as much as I want, and partly because it is really fun, and last year I had the flu through most of it! I have no idea where I’m going to find the energy though, but I will do my best. I think good planning is the key.

Last week we had our ultrasound! That was an amazing experience. I don’t think you can mentally prepare for that really. We were really nervous before, we hadn’t done an early ultrasound, so we had no idea what was going on. It turns out one active and healthy baby girl is growing in there. It’s weird, because it is an ultrasound image, but I already think she looks adorable! Is that common? I can feel her moving around now, I couldn’t really before this week, but you still can’t feel it on the outside so Marcus is still waiting for that.

I both enjoy and don’t enjoy being pregnant. I don’t enjoy the puking and the exhaustion, and I don’t enjoy the fact that my usually very clear skin is suddenly covered in pimples. I do, however, love the feeling of… how can I describe it? Having this little life growing inside me. I can’t wait until she comes out and we get to see and hold her, but for now she is like my secret treasure. (not so secret maybe haha) It’s hard to describe, and that’s not me trying to be snobbish, but I have never experienced something like this, so I can’t compare it to anything else.

It’s Friday, and Marcus and I have a quite evening at home planned. Tomorrow we’ll go to Alingsås to see some friends and spend time with Marcus’ family, which is going to be lovely. I miss our little hometown. We’re trying really hard to find a house or an apartment there so we can move back, but right now it doesn’t seem as if we will be able to manage it before the baby arrives, which is a bit sad. But we do have a nice little apartment here in Gothenburg, and now one of our closest friends are moving back here next month!

Bye for now!




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I'm back from Italy, and I had a wonderful time! I will make a long post with aaaaall my pretty photos soon, there has been no time since I got back!

Work has literally been insane these past few days. I've worked Wednesday-Friday this week, and I am shattered! I almost jogged home from work today because I couldn't wait to crash in my couch. I would have jogged if I didn't get completely out of breath by walking these days. Not even walking fast just.... walking.

I am so happy it's September! I love fall. I am one of those weird people who actually enjoys really rainy days, they make me happy (People usually look at me weird when I say that...) The thing is I don't really enjoy tanning, when it's very warm I get dizzy easily because I keep forgetting about drinking water, and although I don't particularly enjoy being cold, I'm not a big fan of sweating either. Swimming/going to the sea is something I do miss every fall-winter-spring though. If I spent all my summers by the sea I would enjoy them more I think, but living in a the city when it's warm... terrible.

When I got home today I made us hot chocolate and just snuggled up on the couch. Lit some candles, watched a movie. (To the Bone, very good but not exactly uplifting)

We don't have any big plans this weekend, we where supposed to go to a friend's wedding tomorrow, but unfortunately Marcus has been really ill these past couple of days. I'm praying I don't catch it, I have to much to do at work to have a fever right now! Did I mention it is hectic? It is HECTIC! Also, I am finally starting to feel more like myself again after "The summer of morning sickness". It started in Italy where I felt mostly fine! I had a few dips, like when we where on the vaporetto (water-bus-boat thing) on our way to the hotel where I had to sit down on the crowded deck because I couldn't stand the heat and the people and I was nauseous and dizzy. I think that was the worst time. I felt better when we got to our room and I could lie down and nibble on something. But like I said, mostly I felt fine, and I had so much fun with mum! It's great when we can get away for a while, we are both such busy bees.

Weird pregnancy thing! The other day I got an intense (and I mean INTENSE) craving for ice-cream with chocolate sauce, and I made my poor fiancee go out and get me some. Then he calls from the store and tells me, they are out of chocolate sauce! And I... cried. I literally cried over chocolate sauce. I have never felt so hormonal and/or ridiculous in my entire life. As I sat there, crying, it felt as if I was floating out of my body looking down on myself going: "Ehum... Pull yourself together woman!"

I solved this crisis by making my own chocolate sauce, and it was delicious.

Now I am off to play the Sims and watch the latest Dan and Phil Games! Bye for now!

// Ellie



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I’ve touched upon the subject slightly in my previous posts, but damn. Let me tell you a bit about my summer.

I have been nauseous, and, I’m not going to lie, puking since…. Mid-June

That’s right people, I am hit with a bad case of the morning sickness, and guess what? It sucks. Tremendously. I struggled through work for a couple of weeks before I admitted defeat. I called in sick, I went to the doctor, actually, Marcus kinda half carried me to the doctor, and I got some medicine. Then I was off sick from work for about two weeks, and then my vacation started. Lucky me since I was still puking, not feeling fantastic. I spent the majority of my vacation doing absolutely nothing except sleeping.

When I say “off sick from work” I actually mean, not able to go to work because I couldn’t stand. I spent my days in a half asleep half miserable stupor on a mattress on the floor of the living room. In the living room there is a TV, and daytime TV is excellent to sleep through.

Now, I hear you ask, didn’t you say you got some medicine? And yes, I did indeed, and it was actually very helpful. If you’re ever in a similar situation I recommend going to the doctor, they will help you. The medicine, which is also for car sickness helped me in so far that it made the nausea lessen to the point where I could mostly eat things that didn’t smell of anything, didn’t taste of anything and didn’t have a weird texture. Enter Rice, Potatoes and crispy salad. Unlucky side-effect though, this miracle drug is also a cure for people with sleep problems. So it makes me fall asleep. Fast.

Now maybe this was stupid of me, but I wasn’t at all prepared for this. Yes, I was expecting nausea, but not at this level. To be fair, most people don’t get as sick as I have been, and if they are very nauseous it doesn’t usually last for this long. That was my mantra the first few weeks. “Maybe next week will be better” Then my mantra changed to “When I reach 12 weeks it should be over”. I am now in my 16th week and I am still very nauseous. Granted I do feel much better, and I’m back to work full time again (some of my time at work is, however, spent on the bathroom floor, but it’s getting less and less) I’m very lucky though because I work about 1 minute walk from my apartment building, including the elevator ride, so I can go home to have my lunch and lie down on my couch for half an hour. If I had to go on the tram every day I’m not sure I could take it.

Also, I know people are just trying to be nice, but saying "Oh but you'll get something nice out of it in the end" really isn't helpful. I know that, and I am very happy about that, I am not, however, happy about how well acquainted I've become with my toilet. Let me complain, I am suffering. I wanted the glow, but I've got the sweats, and I probably smell a little bit of puke. Very glamorous.

I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't have Marcus. He has been wonderful. I already knew he was wonderful, but he has been Wonderful these past few months. I, as I've said, have been rather stationary in the couch so he cooks, he cleans, he washes the dishes, does the laundry, makes sure there is always something for me to drink and he works full time. He is a saint. My handsome hero.

Next week I’m off to Italy with my mum, and I am praying that I’m going to feel much better. I am so looking forward to it, and it would be a shame to wander around Venice and Florence in a nauseous fog! I think it’ll be all right though, mum is there to take care of me, and judging from this summer I do feel slightly better when it’s sunny and nice, and we’ll be able to decide our own pace throughout the week.

I am proud of myself this week, it's Wednesday and even though Monday and Tuesday especially suuucked I worked all day and didn't go home. I wasn't feeling well but I managed to power through. Good work me.

Bye for now!

// Ellie



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Soo… if we are friends on Facebook, then you already know, but if you’re not then here are some news… I’m Pregnant!

We’re having a baby in February, and it feels surreal, but very, very good. I’m going to talk (in length probably) about how this has already affected my life in a multitude of ways in a later post, but today I just want to share the news.

(this is partly why I’ve been so absent from the blog these past few months. Stuffs been going on)

I'm so relieved it is finally out in the open and I can talk without guarding my tongue all the time. That has actually been one of the hardest things so far, because you're so happy and want to shout it from the rooftops, but then you don't want to tell people before 12 weeks have passed, so it's a dilemma. "What's new in your life since I saw you last?" is suddenly a question you can't answer truthfully. "Ehrm... nothing much. You know... work and stuff. what's new with you"

Our families, and a small selection of friends, knew quite early, so we had someone to talk to, which was nice. Do you know how many weird things happen to your body in the early stages of pregnancy? And how often you try to discern if that stomach cramp was a good or a bad stomach cramp? Having friends (and luckily for me a close friend who has a small child) to talk to is a blessing.

So, I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say that there is going to be a lot of baby talk on this blog from now on. I feel that I need an outlet where I can talk quite openly about what is happening and how I am feeling. (within moderation, I'm not sure how personal I will get yet) But, of course books, movies and games will stay here as well, even if I've been in a terrible reading slump for a few months now. I'm slowly getting back into it though!

Talk to you soon!

// Ellie





Ehem... Hello!

I'm back!

There is no real reason for my extended absence. Partly work, partly being very ill for a while (better now) and partly a general lack of inspiration. Also partly our terrible internet connection which has made is so tedious to upload images. We have switched to a better one now.

It is August, and summer has rushed past me while I've stayed tucked in bed. Honestly I've never been this sick in my life. I'll probably talk about it a bit more in a future post.

Now what's new??

One of the biggest news is the fact that I am now engaged! Hurray!

Even though Marcus and I have been looking at engagement rings earlier in the year he still managed to surprise me. haha! He asked at home (again because I was sick, but he didn't want to put it off any longer) He totally tricked me too, and said he was going to the living room to make it cozy for a movie night and dinner, and when I sat down to watch the movie he instead played a short animated film that he had made about us and our relationship. (He has been sneakily working on it for over six months can you believe it??) Safe to say, I cried and was very very happy.

We've now been happily engaged for almost two months, and we've already realised that weddings are frickin expensive. We want to celebrate the day with all our friends and family so there is some serious budget discussions going on. Luckily for us we aren't very fancy people, and we are both creative and hands on so we can make a lot ourselves. (Marcus' brother being a baker is also a big plus. Seriously he makes amazing cakes. I'm talking about the cake more than the dress so far. Cake...) Also I am trying to figure out how my great-grandmother's wedding tiara is going to fit in with the rest of the more "toned down" theme. But dammit I am wearing that tiara! (When else do you have an opportunity to wear a tiara?)

We still haven't gotten around to taking proper engagement photos. All in good time.

A part from that there isn't much else going on at the moment. I'm going to Italy with mum in a couple of weeks. II'm technically still on vacation this week but I am doing quite a lot of work from home, and considering I've spent most of my vacation being sick I'm looking forward to that extra week of holiday at the end of August.

I think that's all for now! Look forward to me being back again. I've missed blogging, and I have an exiting fall ahead of me so there will be lots to talk about!






Hi Everyone!

So Yesterday was a pretty exciting day!

After work I hurried in to town because Robin Hobb (ROBIN HOBB!!) was doing a signing at the Science Fiction Bookstore at seven. I was there at four because I wasn’t going to miss this. I couldn’t start queuing until half six, but I’m happy I was there early.

There was a Q&A which was really fun! Apparently the original story wasn’t about Fitz at all, but Verity! I am both surprised and not. She explained that first she started writing about Verity and the Fitz just sorta wandered in, which is a very Fitz-y thing to do.

Then I finally got to speak to her for a minute and she signed my book! She was surprised that I had already finished the book haha, “That was a year’s work and it didn’t even last you a week!” Well, it’s not my fault that she writes so that you can’t put the book down. Every moment I was by myself last weekend I read, and every moment I wasn’t reading a part of my brain was wondering what was going to happen next. Which leads me nicely on to:


Since this is going to be spoiler filled, if you haven't read Assassin's Apprentice, which is the first book i this series, you should. If you like Fantasy, and/or well crafted stories with strong characters this is the books for you. I don't think you necessarily have to be a Fantasy nerd to like these books. Go read Robin Hobb! Or Meghan Lindholm! That is the same person!


I’d like to start by saying that NO BOOK has ever made me sob like this one. When I closed the book, I was literally weeping.

I finished the book on Sunday evening, and well... I couldn't really write about it then... The thing is, and I know this sounds ridiculous, Fitz and Beloved feels like real people to me, in a way that no other characters do. So I needed to grieve a little.

I actually want to discuss the ending first, and why I both loved it and, in a way, hated it. I loved it because it felt like the moment the entire series, all the way from Assassin's Apprentice, was leading up to. We knew Fitz would one day carve his Dragon from the memory stone, and I love the fact that Beloved joined him. And that Nighteyes exisits with them as well. So even though I am sad that they have essentially passed on, and their story is over, I am happy because they will always be together and as we know, they don't do well without each other. If Fitz had really died in the tunnel out from Clerres, then I don't think Beloved would have ever been truly happy, and we know that even when all of Fitz' dreams came true, he still missed Beloved and his happiness was less because of it.

What I hate... and I really hate it. Is the fact that Fitz was forced to start carving his dragon. He was dying, horribly and in great pain, and he started carving alone. I hoped that he, Beloved and Bee would have some time together. A few years, and then he and Beloved would choose to go together. But that is typical Robin Hobb isn’t it? There is never a truly happy ending? Because they are together, but they don’t get to see Bee grow. When Fitz finally go to be with Molly, Beloved was gone. When the stone dragons saved the Six Duchies, Fitz was alone and thought dead. (and partially forged, but we didn’t realize that at first) I don't know... I just felt that Fitz deserved happiness.

But I hoped against hope for a happy ending, all the while dreading the last page.

I have read the other books several times, but when I closed this book I wasn’t sure if I would ever read them again… I love them and I probably will read them again in a few years, but it felt like the end of an era. It felt… Final.

Hobb tied up so many loose ends, ranging from Dragons, Kelsingra, Liveships, Elderling back story and much more. It has cemented my hate for Clerres, as if I needed to despise them more after what they put Beloved through... Terrible people

But that is the thing, in the midst of all this magic all the antagonists are doubtlessly human. They have goals and friendships and dreams, they just happen to be at odds with what Fitz want. There never was a war where both sides didn't feel that they where in the right, so to speak. If I had read a story set in Clerres, the arrival of the Destroyer would probably have devastated me... Now it filled me with joy.

This has been such a rambling post again... It just feels weird to review the... Ninth or sixteenth, depending on how you count, book in a series. Either you have read them and then you are going to read this one too, or you haven't and then you definitely shouldn't start with Assassin's Fate. I don't think you'd keep up if you did to be honest Haha!

I have to go now, or This post will turn into a ten thousand word essay, analyzing every step of the way, and I am Not sure if you'd want to read that.

I have been in a blogging mood lately so I hope I can find the time to keep blogging again, and not just once a week here and there. I am doing the MerMay challenge on Instagram right now, it's going really well so If you'd like you could check it out (links in the images below the header)

Bye for now!






Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

Rating 4/5

I’ve been in a major book slump for the past two months, reading two books in the same amount of time that I haven’t even wanted to review. It wasn’t that they were bad per se, they just left me feeling drained and uninspired.

So when I finally finished the last one and started reading Traitor to The Throne it was like a sigh of relief. It is the sequel to Rebel of the Sands, and the second instalment in the series. The third (and I believe final) book is scheduled for release sometime next year.

I liked the first book, and I said in my review of Rebel of the Sands, that I hoped the sequel would be even better, and I am happy to report that I was right. I had some trouble in the last book because I thought Jin and Amani didn’t make a convincing couple, there is more to it than attraction and I wondered if there was enough substance there. Well, Traitor to the Throne makes them question the same thing by separating them for most of the book. Now the romance is really just a subplot, so I won’t drag on about it, but I liked this little twist. Also, kudos to Hamilton who hasn’t added a love triangle. Good job!

As we know from the first book, Amani, a.k.a the Blue-eyed Bandit, is a Demdji , which is a part-djinni, and she can therefore control the sand in the desert. She has joined the Rebel Prince to bring an end to the evil Sultan’s rule.

I expected this book to follow along the same lines as the first, battles in the desert, strategy, friendship. And in the first few pages that is what we get, and then (no-spoiler, it is on the blurb) Amani is kidnapped and brought to the Palace. Stripped of her magic she comes face-to-face with the Sultan himself.

Suddenly alone she must navigate the court, gather information for the Rebellion and, hopefully, survive.

I enjoyed this, as it for the first time puts Amani in a situation where her natural abilities is of no use to her. She has to make do with her wits and try to outsmart the people who are often two steps ahead of her.

One of my favourite parts of this book is the introduction of the Sultan as a proper character. Amani finds that the real man isn’t as easy to hate as the monster she has built up in her head. He sows doubt in her mind, and she questions if the rebellion is in the right or not.

Antagonists who are actual human beings are much more interesting than abstract, black and white, characters. It would have been easy to leave him as an EVIL SULTAN and move on with the books without giving it much more thought, but what Hamilton does instead leads, in my opinion, to much more interesting narrative.





It's my Birthday!

It's been an amazing day. The weather has been wonderfully sunny, and my friends have been coming and going all day long. Eating lots of cake, but not enough because my fridge is still half full! I went slightly overboard with the cakes, and then Marcus' mom arrived with strawberry cake, carrot cake and a chocolate cake. In short. There are cake everywhere and my sugar level is through the roof.

I didn't really ask for any gifts, but I've gotten a lot of great things anyway, Leaves from the shores of Narnia, Disney cups, board-games and nerdy Tshirts to name a few. I've also been called a Disney Princess more times than I can count today, so I'm a very happy girl! hihi

Seriously though, I have the greatest friends (and I haven't even met all of them today!) I love my friends <3

I think all the sugar just left my system at the same time! I need my couch


//Very happy 27 year old



Life, Movies

Why isn't a four day weekend always a thing? haha!
On Thursday I worked from home, and I only had a half-day which was very nice.
My sisters came to visit on Wednesday,  so it was great being able to stay up a bit later and then have breakfast together in the morning.

In the afternoon I worked for a few hours, and painted for a few more before going in to town and meeting a friend, Freddi, and seeing a move.
She had invited me to go see Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)a Japanese anime by Makoto Shinkai.  I thought it was pretty damn amazing. As per usual it was perhaps more emotion than story,  but in my opinion it was great. (according to Freddi it weakens after watching it a few times,  but hey, who really cares if it hit home the first time you saw it?) The animation is gorgeous as well. As Freddi said, you could paus literally anyware and you'd have a beautiful still image,  which isn't always the case in animation.

After the move we went out and had a few drinks,  and I got the chance to both catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while and meet some new people. Fun times.

Friday I woke up late. Had breakfast and then I was sketching and drawing with One Tree Hill in the background all day long. OTH is great background sketching material. since I've seen it so many times I don't have to focus on story at all and it sorta helps me forget about time passing so I can just sketch for hours and hours.

It's now 08:40, and I have to get up and get ready cause I'm going to Alingsås for easter dinner with the family,  and meeting friends for coffee before that!

bye for now!