So as my first post I am writing a review of "throne of glass".

So for you who haven't read "throne of glass" it is about a girl called Celaena Sardothien. She is an eighteen year old assassin, that as an outcome of a tragic event is trapped in the mines of Endovier. After a year Celaena is very nearly dead because of the slave labor. But just as she is about to give up and die, the arrogant prince Dorian arrives and gives her an opportunity to get out of the mines and eventually win her freedom by fighting as his champion in the kings competition (where the goal is to find a new royal assassin). She travels to the capital where she meets both the king and the scowling captain Westfall. But when one champion after another is found dead Celaena must find the killer and win the game before she is the next victim of the mysterious murderer.

Yes this is a silly book and yes it is rather boring at times, but I liked it. I liked that the author managed to make Celaena a brutal assassin at the same time that she was a girl who loved dresses and candy and thought about boys. I liked the details and the hinting about Celaena's past. And of course the magic, always the magic.

If you haven't read this book yet I sugest that you do. And if you hate it you can complain to me about it later. This is a series of four books and the author is Sarah J Maas.

Tip: If you have alreday read this book and liked it I advise you to read "Poison Study" by Maria V Snyder

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