On Wednesday 15th of February , Dynazty for the first time went on stage in Japan. They played almost everywhere in Europe. Had tour in China in 2012, joined Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, USA ,... so finally, time has come to dominate this piece of the world.
Japanesee rock-metal fans knows well their music. The same as Dynazty's friends of H.E.A.T and Eclipse for example. It looks like Swedish artist are really popular in Japan. Good for them! All albums was released in Japan with bonus tracks and are available all the time in the music stores.
Also a debut album "Bring The Thunder" was re-released shortly before their show. It was a reason, that two songs from them was added to the setlist. Btw. next year will bring us 10th anniversary of "Bring The Thunder"! Time flies!
For the concert venue chosen Tsutaya O-West. Club located in Shibuya, all the time alive area of Tokyo.
Sometimes is a lot of problems with sound, lights, technical staff... but here everything worked great!
8:00 P.M -Doors. After a while - full pack venue.
The band started from explosive "Run Amok". Always full of energy on stage, with so charismatic vocal, amazing,fast guitars and drums. So many talents in such one band!
They led us through songs from last albums. And the audience sang along . What an applause when we heard the first sounds long time no played "Lights Out (In Candyland) and then "Bring The Thunder"!
Mapex and Zildjan company endowed Georg's with new drum kit and cymbals for gig. So, he showed his best during drum solo. Jonathan had his own time as well. Amazing guitar show between "Salvation" and "The Human Paradox". Dynazty sounds a bit heavier live than on album. Infinite energy is their advantage. And scale of the voice... the scream-climax at the end of "Titanic Mass" ! Success is in the whole band, but the center of attention most of the time on the frontman. Dynazty has one of the best. Able to keep the attention of the viewer and make the words of the songs on the long remain in head.
For the encore, served to us "Starlight". And what the end it was! Applause, emotions on faces, tears of joy.
Most of fans waited for the band members outside the club after show. And as always, they had time for autographs, pictures, short talk. This is a class!

For more pics go: https://flic.kr/s/aHskUBp4X7

Tsutaya O-West / Shibuya / Tokio Setlist:

1. Run Amok

2. The Northern End

3. Raise Your Hands

4. Roar Of The Underdog

5. Free Man’s Anthem

6. This Is My Life

7. Lights Out (in Candyland)

8. Bring the Thunder

Drum solo

9. The Beast Inside

10. Incarnation

11. Salvation

Guitar solo

12. The Human Paradox

13. Titanic Mass


14. Starlight



Warm welcome in legendary Tower Records. One day before the first and only show in Japan, Dynazty had signing session for fans, who bought their debut album "Bring The Thunder" (re-released in Japan shortly before their visit). Loads of emotions, smiles, photos and gifts for band's members.

For more pics, go ---> https://flic.kr/s/aHskPrekGa