Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because you are allowed to have as much coffee as you want without any judgements! Also because it is the most fun meals for me… The rest of the day, if I didn’t have to eat for nutrition and energy purposes I probably wouldn’t eat. And because, I am also one of those people that if my food doesn't look good, I won't eat it and sometimes during the day you just have to eat something wether it looks good or not. --> I hate it!! --> which means I have to prep every meal properly before eating it, and while this is a bother for others, it is simply an art but also a pleasure for me. I am after all a food-enthusiast!

In these photos are some Breakfast Tips, some are healthy, some are less healthy, some of them are compeletely vegan.. As you probably have noticed I try to consume my fruit or berries in the morning because they give me energy in the morning and I will be certain I can burn them during the day. Let me know what you think!

Granola Omelett - Healthy Recipe

I know it looks like a pie with sliced up bananas on top but it is not! It is however delicious, Vegetarian and Milk free. It is also a Personal Trainer and lic Nutritionist --> Recommended Breakfast!

1/2 dl of Granola (if you choose flavoured granola, choose no added sugar)
1 teaspoon of chia seeds
1/2 dl of Unsweetened Coconut milk
2 Eggs

How to...
Begin by putting a bit of oil and heating it up the in a frying pan, in the mean time soak the granola and the chia seeds in the coconut milk (let them soak for about 5min). Then take out the eggs and drop them in a bowl where you stir them really good, minimum of two minutes stirring. When you have let the granola soak for a min or two more you can pour them over the eggs and mix them all together. Put the omelette mix in the frying pan and turn down the heat to half level (for example 6 is full level for my stove so I turn it down to 3) and keep stirring back and forth until the mix comes together and forms larger small omelette pieces. Be careful not let all the granola gather in just one piece, try separating them fairly between the pieces.
I put all the finished pieces in a small bowl (as you see in the photo above) and slice up some bananas on top, sprinkle some granola and DONE. It is actually quite sweet! One of my favourite healthy breakfasts for sure!

// JJ

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What is Gender Dysphoria?
Gender Dysphoria copied from wikipedia ”the condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex.”, sometimes however gender dysphoria could be that you feel as neither male nor female, or you feel like both, or gender fluid and those have different gender identities than male and female, one could identify as non-binary or A-gender, or gender fluid and many many more. Something which hopefully will be more acceptable to talk about in the near future just as being FtM (Female to male) transperson or MtF (Male to Female) transperson. Note that being trans will from 2018 be referred to as Gender Incongruence in Sweden and some other countries which means (also copied from the internet) ”A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.” and where being trans will no longer be treated as a psychiatric illness. Finally!

How to deal with Gender Dysphoria.
The worst of Gender Dysphoria is people’s reactions to the way you dress, keep your hair short, the way you act and how it is contrary to the gender they believe is the obvious. When you are young it is easy to pass off as the opposite sex but hitting puberty where you no longer can deny your biological state is by far the worst experience ever!!! In teen years I had to learn how to hide my female form, I used a binder on my breast and I slept on my breast determined to make them not grow, and I think it worked because I have an A-cup contrary to all the cis-females in my family having the minimum of C-cups. The rest was clothes, I had always bought guy clothes but it was also abut buying the right clothes. For example I love wearing shirts but I cannot wear shirts because they bring out my female forms and make me very gender dysphoric, so I stick with hoodies until my body can wear shirts. I like cargo-pants for the most part because they are comfortable and they are good at hiding the female ass and hips that I possess. I could never wear jeans because they form themselves with your body. Also when it comes to pants, I lower them a little which makes the body look more straight. I wear two T-shirts or a tank-top and T-shirt over my breast-binder, always (even during the summer) and a hoodie so you can imagine why I am always sweating and hating the summer. Wearing a lot of clothes was the only way to hide everything, and if I didn’t hide them I couldn’t go outside my apartment or even look in the mirror.

How to deal with the waiting & depression.
I have been tempted to buy testosterone online many times but I also know that the endocrinologists job is to determine the volume of hormones your body needs, seeing how we are all different shapes and sizes. I don’t know if I dealt with depression really, I have gone to a psychologist and I was put on antidepressants to counter what I was feeling. The psychologist claimed that I use sarcasm and humor in my day to day life as a self defence mechanism, that I choose not to take my life seriously because there is nothing serious about it and he was right. My life is a joke, I am stuck in a female form, a body that does not belong to me. So I couldn’t take it seriously, and I still can’t, however I do not know if this will change in the future when I am more comfortable in my male form. Many people like me for being the comedian or the class-clown, they always wave me over for a joke and I like being that guy so I doubt this will change only that I will always remember what made me into this guy. The agony behind the source of the humor that fills my heart. Oh how poetic, right! Anyway… When my depression was at it’s worst, I stopped eating, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t go out, I just couldn’t function at all..
So as far as dealing with depression goes, I just kept pushing through, kept forcing myself to the gym, to University and so on and so on. Keeping busy helped the most, because if I was busy, I wasn’t thinking about how much I hate my extra layer of body fat or my high pitched voice. When I began getting a grip of how to fight depression myself I made a routine of habits for myself, a plan to follow as suggested by the psychologist. I am not saying it will work for everybody, but in most occasions it worked for me along side the antidepressants.
The routine to live with depression and function - I woke up very early every day, took my meds, had breakfast (even though I had no appetite I forced myself to eat) went to either work out or had a costumer in the morning. Then I usually went home, showered, had something to eat (at this point after work out I was hungry) and then off to catch the train to Stockholm. Even if I started later in the day, I was usually on Campus around 9-10, I sat and studied, because when I was studying I didn’t have my mind on my Gender Dysphoria. After a lecture or seminar I was usually beat despite all the coffees I may have had that day. On the train ride back to Västerås I usually surfed the internet or napped a little. Then I walked home from the train station to my apartment which took about 40min, and I did this for two reasons 1. as a PT I am always equipped with the mind of moving as much as possible, and 2. because I exhausted myself even more which made it so that by the time I got home around 18-19 I was ready to fall asleep. This helped counter my insomnia a lot. But I didn’t go to bed that early, I usually did some house-shores, meal-prepped, stuff like that, then watched something on Netflix and fell asleep half-way through. I think I have watched (literarily half) all the movies available on Netflix, meaning I have almost never finished one. lol
Yeah this is how I dealt with it.. It worked for a while, but the depression kept forcefully growing, it was as if I slowed down the process of depression rather than remove it because after all I had no power to remove it, all I had to do was wait. I felt powerless and as though I had no human rights what so ever. The waiting is what made the depression I once had implode into a severe depression. But I keep reminding myself that soon enough, I will be myself, I will look in the mirror and like the guy starring back at me.



Is something which usually transpeople but in some cases even intersex people go through, where a person lives as the gender they identify with. So for example I identify as male, I live and present myself as male. The duration of this period is usually about a year in Sweden before you are allowed to go through puberty (or Hormone Replacement Therapy as it is called medically) but in terms of being trans I am calling it puberty and will be calling it puberty in future posts as well, because that is basically what it is. However I started identifying openly as male in November 2015, and sought out medical care in January 2016. I still haven't hit puberty yet, because of the unfortunate fact of more people applying for trans medical care but the government claims to not have enough resources to educate more doctors in this field. Something which we of course must change seeing how 46% of transpeople try to commit suicide and roughly half of them succeed.

My Real Life Experience
For some people it is a major change where they, before realising that they are trans tried to dress and act in accordance of their biological gender (at least how their biological gender is socially constructed to act and dress), and so this means a change of all of that plus identifying openly as (in my case) male, changing their wardrobe. using the male public bathroom and so and so on. However for me, I have always been on the masculine side, always had my hair short, always dressed in male clothes, acted like males are unfortunately socially constructed to act despite everyone in my surrounding telling me to let my hair grow out, telling me to act like a girl, buying me dolls and gifts for females which I hated!!! Oh gosh I hated every stupid pink and sparkly thing I have ever gotten!!! Anyway I am one of those who has persistently been male ever since birth but the period before seeking out trans medical care I tried to be more feminine, which is also very usual among transpeople. For me however it didn’t go very far, I tried to let my hair grow out but kept cutting it anyway, just that it was a bit longer but still very short, I bought a few female clothes and almost never wore them and when I did I felt uncomfortable as hell, specially when I tried on a dress. Anyway this lasted about a year or so, after that I suffered major depression! My depression was mainly because of finally admitting it and because of knowing that the wait for transition is very long and agonising.... wanting to fit into male clothes without my breast and hips making everything to tight and weirdly fit. Even though I have had a long experience of disguising my female forms, at some point all that gathered agony just bursted into the worst period of my life. I sought out trans medical care in January 2016 as I mentioned earlier, and I have pretty much been hating my existence ever since. Mainly because explaining Gender Dysphoria to cis and heteronormative people is very, very difficult. Most, usually have no previous knowledge of Gender Dysphoria and if they have heard of it, most pass it off as abnormal. To explain to someone how one wants to remove their perfectly functioning breast or ovaries and uterus, or in the case of transwomen the male sex organ (which is technically not removed but split and turned inside out to form female genitalia), but I will explain Gender Dysphoria further in a later post.

The purpose of Real Experience is to experience how people will treat you when you identify as a different gender from the one that they think is obvious based on your physical features. People are discriminating and sometimes it feels as though you have to go through this period as a punishment but it is actually about the trans medical care unit making sure you are certain you want to do this not to mention for them to have time to study your situation and medical needs. Sometimes it feels as though they need to make sure that you are willing to suffer for the diagnosis, which sounds barbaric because transpeople have usually suffered their entire lives. I myself keep reminding myself to wait out this period where every day doesn't feel as though it is worth living, where passing over a bridge one considers to jump off it. I remind myself every time those thoughts pop into my head that soon enough I will break free from the shackles and chains that is my female form, that soon enough I can live my life freely, that soon enough I will be abel to swim in public, in a pool or in the ocean because it is a something I have been waiting to do since I was about eight or nine years old. Yes! that was the last time I went swimming in public. I had bathing shorts on, my breast hadn't popped out yet, I miss that pre puberty time... Sigh... I keep holding onto the future being better than my present, it is what get's me through the day!

Thanks for reading!
Have a good one!
// JJ



Most of the LGBTQ people I know, claim that they have endured discrimination one way or another for identifying as something, anything that goes against the heterosexual norms. I get discriminated against on weekly basis and ironically enough, I almost never get discriminated against for my gender identity because unfortunately being of foreign descent trumps everything.

I am used to being discriminated against, my entire upbringing I was bullied in school, and told things such as ”Go back to your black-head country you black-head.” and ”You don’t belong here!” etc.. My childhood was brutal, I was alone, I was withdrawn, I did not speak. I was mute, I mean I could speak but I was to scarred to speak I guess. I don’t know I got to see a child psychologist about that… I did not have any friends until I turned 20. I grew up in a vicious environment and I ironically it was my home. Because Sweden is my home, I was born here, I speak Swedish, I learned to sing the Swedish national song (I don’t even know how it sounds in Brazilian nor Lebanese) I celebrate Swedish holidays and when it is soccer season I cheer for the Swedish soccer team! Sweden is my home despite my multicultural background which I love about myself too. It is very unpleasant living in your home-country and everywhere you turn someone is telling you ”you don’t belong here!”

Discrimination comes in many forms, direct, indirect and physical abuse and I will have you know I have endured all three forms. The most common however is in indirect form, and it comes and it goes and you just have to learn to not let it bother you, because it effects you negatively. It has affected my mental health to the limit. It makes me anxious, it makes me hate my existence and I am constantly on guard walking down the street but I guess all this suffering also has shaped who I am.

I hope this post shines a light on the racism that is well and alive in Sweden! --> What inspired this blog post is reading an article today that said "Sweden has a long history of an egalitarian mind-set and therefor racism in Sweden is not as visible or as severe as is in other countries..." and I cannot assume anything about the person who wrote this (as in color or nationality or gender) but only that their perspective seems to be subjective and incorrect! As a person of foreign descent who has endured too much discrimination, this information is wrong!
I will write more about this later...

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

// JJ



Jamie's Raw Cashew & Coconut Balls!

Recipe in English

6 tbs Almond flour
350g ground cashews (unsalted)
1/2 dl desiccated coconut
2.5 tbs honey
1.5 tbs coconut oil
The juice of half a lemon
5 tbs water (give or take)

Mix all of them in a food processor, make round balls, roll them in desiccated coconuts and then freeze them for at least 6hours.

Recept på Svenska

6 mtsk Mandelmjöl
350g malna cashews (osaltade)
1/2 dl kokosflingor
2.5 mtsk honung
1.5 mtsk kokosolja
Saften av en halv citron
5 mtsk vatten (ungefär)

Mixa allting i en matberedare, rulla runda bollar, rulla dem i kokosflingor och därefter frys dem i minst 6h.

When you take them out of the freezer let them cool down for a about 10-15min before consumption..

Lol I know you shouldn't name anything balls but I just had to! 😄
This recipe is not completely mine, I have made the original recipe a few times and decided to change some things. For one they had more cashews in it which made them dry, the original recipe also had more honey in it but you couldn't feel the taste of sweetness because the cashews overrode the taste. Anyway after several alterations in the recipe I have made it more edible, at least according to me and everyone who tried them.

This weekend has been four weeks since I have been back on track, watching what I consume and so on. Keeping track of my eating habits is important to me because after all my body is at the end of the day the only thing I have to absolutely live with.

Note: That if you are a sweet-tooth you might not like these, people who told me that they are delicious, are other people who are into fitness and an active lifestyle, they are used to not consuming refined sugar and therefor the slightest sweetness tastes good, but if you are a sweet-tooth and do happen to try the recipe please let me know how you liked it in the comment section.

Taste: The taste is sort of cashew nutty and coco nutty with a hint of sweetness, you cannot taste the lemon in them but if you don't put lemon in them then the honey wont spread it's sweetness all over the dough so do not exchange the lemon for water!

Alright, hope you like it! Enjoy!
// JJ



This has been the first weekend in a really long time that I had all to myself and my hobbies. Seriously I didn't even have anything to study this weekend because I had handed in everything last Thursday. I spent most of Sunday playing the guitar and jiee I forgot how deaf I am. The hearing in one of my ears is a little restricted because of an incident when I was a teenager. I could if I want to, put in a hearing-aid but I just know that I can't handle being equipped, I mean, was so uncomfortable with having glasses I paid to do surgery that rendered me blind for an entire day. 😝

Even though it is a daily struggle to walk around not hearing people sometimes, and turning the right ear to people when they talk to me and sometimes just guessing what people are saying because I am sick and tiered of saying "I am sorry, what did you say?" and so on and so on. It also effects my musical hobbies, I love music and having been doing music since I was 15 years old, an estimate of almost 11 years now, oh wow I just figured this out! Wait I need to let it sink in... Okay, I am done! Anyway, and my love for music just keeps growing and growing. I hope to be abel to afford a keyboard sometime in the near future, but for now all I have is my acoustic guitar, albiet I have an electric-guitar but I am not so sure my neighbours would be very fond of me making the entire building shake lol So I haven't played the electric-guitar in a long time, and it is ok, I don't really miss it, my main interest lies in the acoustic guitar and the piano. I also have an african drum that I have literarily played on like twice, I was never for drums, drums are just to live things up but they never make music so they never really spoke to me!

I do not think I will be getting a hearing-aid anytime soon, as long as my hearing is fairly well I will stick to what I have and keep playing music. Unfortunately tomorrow I have to get back to 24/7 studying, music will have to wait... Sometimes I still wonder what I have gotten myself into signing up for University but the more I study the more I like it. Really, I have come to a point where studying is a very fulfilling experience!

Have a good one!
// JJ



One of the categories on the right says Puberty, and if you click on it, you will be abel to read and see photos of my transition --> of going into male physical puberty which will begin to alter my appearance to male. I shall take you step by step of how this works, and I am very glad you are interested in reading about.
Most transpeople and or Intersex people change their names during the beginning of the process. Since it takes six months for the process to begin from the first day you have gotten remitted to the transmedicine unit and then about a year to begin physical changes the only thing a person can do on their own during this difficult time of waiting is change their name. The name change, which is done privately (meaning it has nothing to do with your physical transition at the transmedicine unit) takes about 1-2 month to go through and it costs 1000SEK. Of course for some people it also takes time to find a name they are comfortable with, some people if named Victor becomes Victoria or the other way around, but for other people like myself they can choose a name very far away from their birth name.

How, why and when did I choose my name?


I changed my name to Jamie when I was 16 years old (10 years ago), not legally though. That is when I started asking people to call me Jamie which was difficult, I mean people in my surrounding did but if I went to the dentist office I was called on from the waiting room by my birth name and I hated hearing it. I didn’t change my name legally to Jamie until I was 18 years old.


I changed my name to Jamie because of two reasons: one I like the idea of my first name starting with the same letter as my last name just like most of Stan Lee’s characters, especially the Superhero's in Marvel Universe. If you think about it, Peter Parker (Spiderman), Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman). It is silly I know but it is the truth, I am a huge geek! The second reason I choose Jamie is because it is a unisex name and I felt it fit me better than the more masculine names I thought of such James, Jackson (although my foster care brother was named Jackson so it would have been weird but I liked the name Jackson). I also thought of Joey and Jonah.
I wanted a blend-in type of name, a name you hear often like Peter, David, William only that it would start with the letter J. I didn't want to choose a flashy name that brings too much attention to it like Cosmo or Elvis or Stryker. I mean if you have got the flashy-ness in you then be my guest, it just wasn’t for me, and with all the names I considered, Jamie felt the most natural because the only other Unisex name were Jesse and Justice and it was certainly a: Hell No! 

In Sweden you turn to Swedish Patent and Registration Office (in Swedish: Patent och Registreringsverket) and this part is not very difficult, you get a paper, you fill it out, the paper says my name is this and I want to change it to this, you pay the fee and then get your new name which usually takes 1-2 months but sometimes less if they have less to do. The second and tricky part however is changing your name everywhere else, your ID card, your drivers licence, your bank, all of your online registers... This one is an annoying hassle! It took up too four years before my old name was erased completely. Because even though my name was legally changed and sent out, still when I arrived at any doctors office my old name was called out and I had to tell them to change it in their system, and sometimes in any online registry, once you register your name on an online shopping website such as Stadium or Sport Amore, you cannot log in and change your name by yourself, you have to contact their contact service because they wont update your new name otherwise. So I am very very very glad I changed my name long ago, because now that I am going through the other difficult parts of transitioning the name change is long behind me. NOTE: I am still in the Real-Life-Experience which both transpeople and Intersex people sometimes have to go through. I will write about Real-Life-Experience in a later entry.

Meaning and Origin
I never really looked up the meaning of the name Jamie when I changed it, I just liked it fit me, but apparently it means: Supplanter often refers to governments and rulers of countries, and it comes from the verb supplant, which evolved from the Latin supplantare, meaning "to trip up or to overthrow." Considering how my long dream is to become a Criminologist, the meaning of the name sort of suits me. It is a British name and derived from Jacob and James. It has existed since the late 16th century only for males, since the 19th century it has also been used for females.

Middle Name? 
I never wanted a middle name, my name is simple and I like it Jamie Jaxtér, I sound like an actor or the CEO of some company. It is smooth and simple however recently my biological mother said I robbed her from the chance of naming her son so I felt guilty and I told her she could choose a middle name for me and these are the suggestions she has come up with...
Killian, Aydian, Lucas, Pierre or Jean-Pierre.. As if she could come up with names more French sounding.

Then my grandmother (on fathers side) wanted in on naming me and came up with Brazilian names of course --> Carlitos, Tiago, João, VIncius and Alanyo... So... say I choose the one name each of them really really really wanted my name would become Jamie Killian Carlitos Jaxtér..

I can’t stop laughing… I would sound like a cartoon character! 😂

Thanks for reading! 



Me and a friend of mine had decided to go to a an open free lecture given by Stockholm University at Stockholm Public Library. At first I was on campus studying and due to **my flamboyant personality** I ended up asking random people which I was acquainted with, and happened to meet on campus during the day if they wanted to join us and somehow we ended up being a gathering of four.

Seeing how I like books and knowledge, I had to take many photographs of books of course.. The lecture was unbelievably interesting, it was about Populism and I learned a lot, a lot I can also contribute to what I study even though I do not study politics per say... And... a lot of people came for the lecture and we ended up not getting any seats so we sat on the floor. --> It was worth it!

On this particular day (Feb 2nd) I had a seminar at 12:45 and I was supposed to take the train 10:40, however the train was 2h and 40min late because there had been an accident no one could have accounted for, I just hope that nobody got injured or anything like that.

Commuting! - Pro’s & Con’s

Let’s start with the biggest con.. For one, the other smaller cons such as sitting next to a crying baby or a sweaty alcoholic (smelly) man or sometimes not getting a seat is in my option just useless whining. It is life, there are many of us, there are many people and we just have to co-exist together so while I believe they can be discussed, I can live with them. However it is frustrating when the train is delayed.

When the weather is shit, when it is snowing or pouring rain, just expect the train to be more than an hour late! Than you, yourself will be late to studies or work or whatever it is your are commuting to, but also remind yourself that, it is equivalent to taking your own car to work and being delayed because of car-traffic, it is not within your control!

You are just going to be late and there is nothing you can do about it but make up for it. Of course if you had it closer to Campus/Work or other, the odds of being late are fewer. I for example take the bus to Västerås Central, train to Stockholm Central and then the Subway to University, which means, if one is late all the following timetables will mess with my life big time.

Sometimes the train is late because the train conductor was late to work, and that also happens...

What to do about it?
I myself counter these possible delays with always being at University earlier, an entire hour or more pending on the trains. For one, I study on the strain, I study before the lecture or seminar and then all that time isin’t in vain.

The biggest pro..
Is that I can study on my way to University, I get a lot done in that one hour on the train. I guess another pro would be is that my mental capacity is in tact considering I don't have to focus on traffic if I had commuted with a car.

Another pro would be the interesting people you meet on the train, I have met everything from backpackers to other students commuting from either Enköping or Västerås to Stockholm, I have met an ambitious professional cellist, three retired men who just like me cannot take life very seriously. xD Those three where hilarious men, I had a great time talking to them, mostly because they were just so relaxed about life, just like me, we had hobbies in common and philosophically discussed crime prevention at length. Of course I never find anything in common with guys my own age, however, 60+ men and I get along like that (snapping my fingers), haha I don't know what it is but I enjoy meeting people, talking to people, learning about their life stories, telling them about mine and most importantly sharing a laugh, spreading joy. I am certainly a people person!!! 😃 Unfortunately, unlike most of my fellow age-group surrounding. Most my age are stressed, anxious, lazy and do not seem very open to getting to know new people, and I honestly do not know if that is just me or it is a general occurrence among young people. Either way, it saddens me a bit. 

My point of view on commuting: I don’t believe commuting such distances with so many frustrating delays and sitting next to fumbling toddlers works for impatient or stressed out people. It is important to practice one’s patience, learn how to be calm and let things go. Just let it go! It is difficult though, and sometimes I arrive at school and when having to talk to people, I am fumbling with things or I am distracted, and it is because I am stressed and I cannot help it. I do however believe that commuting is an experience that is helping me grow as a person. I am commuting for a goal, I am exercising my tolerance, my patience, my discipline to keep up with and actually going to lectures and seminars when I know I have such distance to plan ahead for.

Thanks For Reading

// JJ



Due to a persistent shoulder injury since Mars 2016 I haven’t been regularly active, also I get unbelievably depressed around the holidays (as you might have read in earlier post) I haven't been active at all lately, and it saddens me to say that it has taken a toll on my active-lifestyle. I have gained weight not to mention lost some muscle tone. Luckily.. I still have my abs in tact but I can see them slowly disappearing. Muscles have a tendency to atrophy quickly if you do not keep training and nurturing them. Kind of like babies! xD So I am trying to instead look forward to my gender crisis finally taking a turn in the right direction and I am certainly back on track, not to mention I don’t think many want to hire an over-weight Personal Trainer, it is vital that I maintain my appearance. Not that there is anything wrong with being overweight if the person themselves are happy with it!

I am going to be clean-eating for eight weeks, no cheating meals! I have set up a goal for myself and when I hit my goal I will have a cheat meal every week (probably starting with either pizza or sushi)... Just like I used to eat and train before when I was at the top of my game. So lot's of smoothies, veggies and protein. Bring It On!

Alright, until next time mate!

Thanks for reading!

Have A Good One!




Gender Studies
Even though I am going to miss learning about the different cultures of the people in Papa New Guinea… listning and analysing hiphop music during lectures is surely not what I was expecting.
However right from the start it feels a much closer subject to my main subject than Anthropology, specially because of the fact that there is an entire course about crime against women, which I wont be studying during this term, but it exists as part of gender studies. Even though Anthropology was certainly an interesting time and I treasure the knowledge and experience it has given me, not to mention the wonderful people I met.

Missing travels..
With all this sedentary student-life comes the longing for travels, I miss traveling and correcting people about the fact that there are no polar bears in Sweden! Seriously some people believe that there are polar bears roaming the streets of Swedish cities lol... I miss meeting new people from all over the world, and learning all about their adventures. However reading about feminism and queer theory while drinking my favourite coffee isin’t all that bad either. One of the first things I learned which I surprisingly did not know is that females in Sweden, first got the right’s to vote in 1921 which means it haven’t even been 100 years yet... Somehow it seems disturbing to consider we haven’t made it further than that, for example equal pay. Even though Sweden have one of the least differences in pay between the genders, males still earn more. A change need to be made! I work for and believe in the future!

Student Life is about Saving Money!
Despite missing the Nomadic life I once lived, 2017 seems to be starting out great so far, and I hope it continues!

The total cost of literature for this term was half of what I paid for a four week course last term however this course is an eight week course so there is some money left over to buy some new strings for my guitar. 😃
Also very happy about the fact that I only have to be on campus twice a week, specially because of the fact that I commute to Stockholm University.

The greatest news is however that I am definitely hitting puberty this year or as it is called transformative-puberty, it still might be a while because everything must run it's natural course. I definitely look forward to not being stuck in an inter-depression-state so yeah GREAT NEWS! 😃

Thanks for reading!

/ JJ