Asian mom can be the strictest mom like people have ever said around. They usually expect their kids to do as they say and what they wish but those stereotype barely talks about how dedicated and loving asian mom can be. My mom is asian, and indeed a Cambodian, a nation which witholds alots traditions and kind of old-fashioned.

My mother is a midwife. She has been practicing in her field for almost 30 years. Her job is one of the hardest jobs as I counted. She works day and night just to support my brother and i with all necessities and wants. Mom rarely has time for herself. Since i grew up, i always see her busy world. She tries to grab every single chance to earn money. She does many things, sometimes she loses and some fortunate time, she gains. As a grown up daughter, i do not do anything significant to release her burden. I feel like a useless 23 years old because I cannot even support myself both financially and physically. Sometimes, i look at her, I feel so emotional as i start to picture the future of us, the older her, the older me. My superwoman gives me so much until i feel so enough to the point I start to feel less interested in many fancy things like when i was young. I rather feel normal despite the fact that some people own expensive pretty stuff. I stop looking at them like a freaking poor child anymore. I feel so happy with everything i have, everything my mom can offer to me. Anyways, though i sound like a grown-up understanding child but the truth is i am also another spoiled youngest child. The one who talks back and mad at random stuff. My mother always scolds me but always forgive me within a day. At this age, she still hugs and kisses me like a baby child. I know this sounds really cheesy but I somehow feel so blessed to never really grown up in my mom's caring eyes and her heart of gold.

Like i have stated above, my mom is very busy. She hardly takes vacation but still she smiles and laughs a lot. She always looks forwards to another day with positive attitude. She loves her jobs and our family is her ultimate priority. I know almost every mom, either white, asian or black, they all work super hard just to give those babies' tiny hands everything. Love your mother, there is no one loves you as much as she does.