hoodie / MONKI
shoes / NELLY.COM

eyeshadow, BEEBEE
gloss, KIKO

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HI there!! I had a christmasbreak for a while and had enjoyed some time with my boyfriend who came over from Sweden again. We also had a week in January, we had some citycentre dates, walked around the park and the city, went shopping had lunch at Feithhuis, lunch at MacDonalds :p, and the last evening we went to Zwolle to have dinner with Gabriella and Michael. I am going to Stockholm next month! You will see everything of this post and Stockholm in my upcoming vlogs. Also, I am busy with another GRWM - get ready with me video, a huge winter haul and a lot more so if you don't want to miss anything subscribe on my YT channel :) or follow my instastories on Instagram.

Also there will be new makeup and outfitposts on this blog this year - of course!!-. 

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A happy 2018

Firstly I would like to thank you all for having a look on my blog! And I wish you all a very very happy 2018. My boyfriend had visited me here for a week; and it had been a week well-spent. I can't wait to visit him in Stockholm. 2018 will be a year of changes and I can't wait to start our lives together with being most of the month together instead of being most of the month apart.In February we will be two years already together and Philip is finishing lawschool soon!

It sounds cliche but 2017 has passed in an eyewink! In January I had my graduationday, with Philp coming over and my relatives around me. We had our first anniversairy, I had my 26th birthday in Stockholm, we had celebrated Philips 25th birthday, our -second- Valentinesday, we have been to Mallorca for the second time together, I have walked the Fair fashion festival, is just a small recap of everything that has happened in 2017...

I hope 2017 had been a year you could develop yourself, could enjoy big things as well as small things of life and were grateful for everything you have and gained. May 2018 be another year for you that could be written about in books and don't let people be mean to you!!



On christmas eve I had a traditional churchvisit and when I got home we got hot chocolate milk together in front of the fire.


Christmasdinner with the family on the first day of christmas, presents after dinner, home made mulled rum and Home Alone - my favorite movie every year -.

Preparing presents for PHILIP.


White Lady cocktails - made of gin, cointreau and lemonjuice with rosemary -, and a bottle of MOET CHANDON <3

​On NYE I had made some boeuf Bourguignon, really one of my fav recipes I like to prepare now. We prepared with Irish beef and a lot of red wine ;)




december 2017

Hi there! I have been working an awful lot - until January for now, soI have not been that active on my social media. However, I am still planning to film a big winter haul in January and perhaps even more extra videos.Currently, I am busy with creating and editing a new monthly vlog of December.

My first chritsmasevent of the year had been on Saturday the 16th of December at my moms house. My cousins and I had the house for ourselves for a only girls of the family dinner - and a friend of mine-. I made some wish cards for our wishes for 2018, our accomplishments in 2017 and what we wish each other - a lot of happiness obviously.

Later, I had my second christmasevent and I had an endparty/christmas/st. luciaparty at the scandinavian institute in Groningen. We sang Swedish traditional songs and had some Swedish snacks.
The next day we just had a little meeting at the office where I am currently working for a while, I had my first oliebollen!!

I hope you'll enjoy your Christmas next week and follow my christmas/nye on my blog, instagram and youtube channel!!

cousindinner <3 16th of December

My christmas cousin dinner outfit - later on the blog.

Buying flowers on the flowermarket earlier on the day / our dessert of the evening

little christmas/lucia event of my swedish class



Hi there, just came back from my 4 day Stockholm/shortboyfriendvisit! We just loved cooking, snacking and watching movies/series together in his apartment. And when I arrived on Friday my boyfriend had a surprise he had sent me - right that moment - on my phone... It was a cinematicket to the movie of Solsidan!! We went to the cinema near Haymarket, where we had popcorn and Fanta - Philips fav-. On Sunday I had a secret project and Philip brought me there. Later that day we had a nice Sunday at home. And on Monday I unfortunately had to leave already back to Amsterdam in the afternoon. Philip treated me on MacDonalds and he brought me away, where we said goodbye :( - for two weeks though. In January I will go back to Stockholm for a longer time, we also have our two year anniversary by then.. - YAY-. And Philip will be here in just a couple of weeks for Newyears!!

- everything in a vlog soon on my YouTube channel ;) -

Walks together in the city - the neighbourhood!

Solsidan the Movie with my boyfriend - datenight.

Already at the airport - had a gingerbread latte and a little cake. Saying goodbye is getting harder and harder everytime - but we will move in together soon <3



This look is meant to be a litte extra - not exactly an ootd meant for the supermarket ;P.
However, I would definitely wear this on a night out in Paris for example.

Blazer - ZARA
Velvet cap - ZARA
Golden earrings
Lace bra - H&M
Eyemakeup - MAC
Lipstick - Windsor Rose by THE BODYSHOP

Groningen, The Netherlands



November 2017

Hi there. It had been a lovely couple of days. I enjoyed some quality time with my boyfriend. He is currently very very busy ending his study and soon he will be graduated. In 2018 we will start to take actions with living together in Sweden, I can't wait for that of course. Saturday the 11th of November, my mother and I had organized a Halloweenparty at our home. My mothers home is really a good halloween house ;). My boyfriend and I were dressed as the Trumps, Donald aka Philip had some orange make up and a blond volumnious wig, and I was dressed as Melania. Usually we explore the city or really do a lot, but this time my boyfriend and I really wanted to cocoon at home and be together. My cousin had a sleepover at our house as well and we were already watching some Christmas movies the day after! Can't wait to see each other soon in December!

Soon there will be a vlog online - as well as a huge autumn/winter haul!




Call it what you want 

Eyeshadow / Beebee
Lipstick 'WHIRL' / MAC Cosmetics
Highlighter / Beebee

top, ZARA / old collection
grey trousers, ZARA / old collection

necklace, ANNA + NINA
with my boyfriends name and his family name