Today is one of those days when I feel lonely.
The heart and soul are in pain.
Two weeks ago I lived in fear, suffered psychological abuse and was a victim and and today I live without it all that.
The worst of all is that my life will never be the same again.
I'm currently struggling to find myself!!
Trust me (i miss myself).
I feel all exhausted.
I have to admit that night is the worst!!!
Sometimes I'm afraid to fall asleep, because then in my dreams I go through the abuse again.

I also have to admit that in this whole situation with me is my best friend.
My little cat Pantera is the only one that gives me the power to live.
I can not describe how much she means to me.
She is my best friend .....

Love from Adrijana and cat Pantera

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After A long while I'm back.
In the last couple of month my life has Totaly broken and I'm currently going through hell.

Im sure that u wondering why i go through the real hell!
There is A sincere answer.

When u fall in Love and u love sinecerlly from the depths of your heart u miss anything in front of you..

For years and month I have lived A life where I was humilated and abused.
Worst of all This is psychologilac abuse(you are whore,you are not good,you look cheap....)....
That abuse almost killed me.
I honestly even thought of suicade.
The man I loved destroyed all my dreams.

A couple of weeks ago,I had the courage and decided to live him and i decided to start A new life.

Another painfull point of all This is that I do not have any family here in Sweden who can be next to me.
That is what I Am (completly alone with my cat and I fight for my self).

Right Now I live A life(not so easy).
Without home,family,money....I try to survive in all ways.

Beacause of the abuse I can not work.

Im strong ...
I belive that.
No matters what,I'm trying to start A new life.

I really want to live life where i Will No longer be humilated,abused....

Somehow I Felt i had to share my life,my trip with you.

For all those who pass through abuse i want till that you must stay strong.
Belive me...(stay strong).
Do not let This person destroy you....

Love you /Adrijana



God Morning !!!!

In the morning I woke up to the song of small birds.
Another Friday arrived and for a couple of days the summer officially begins.
I have to admit that I can hardly wait a day when I will go to Croatia and visit my sister and parents.
Today is slightly cloudy outside but also quite warm.
I'm sitting outside on the balcony and slowly drinking coffee and thinking about the weekend.

Now I can introduce you to my pet.
Her name is Pantera and she is a cat.
She is really a beautiful cat and I just can not imagine life without her.
Pantera is 3 years old.

Now is the time for a few morning exercises.
I came back later.
Love / Adriana



After a long and cold winter ... the summer is finally here!
Yesterday I opened the swimming season in the pool.
Since water in the pool was not the warmest (it was measured at 18 degrees) today because I feel the consequences!
Here in the Swedish summer it is fairly short .

And now when the season of swimming is open time is a new victory !!!

I want everyone a good night



And this is how my story begins.
I grew up in the midst of a big family made by mom, dad, and three sisters.
Still as a child I dreamed and always said that I would move to Sweden.
That my dream becomes a reality 2011 !!!
I have to admit that at the beginning it was not so easy.
The Swedish language and the new beginning in the other country was not that easy.
For a couple of months I learned Swedish, which is also one of the hardest languages ​​in the world.
Replacing Croatia with Sweden and feeling the right winter for me was a challenge to life!
And I'm still in Sweden and I have to admit I'm in love with that country.
I also have to admit that I miss the Croatian(special when is winter in Sweden).
The winter here in Sweden and Croatia can not be compared and for that I have evidence!

At least you get a small introduction to my life!!
I'll be back tomorrow again



Hello and welcome!!!Now finaly I can start write about my blog!!!
My life is Beautiful and I really want share that with another people.
Now it's time for that and I hope that you Will be enjoy on my trip all round of Sweden and Croatia.
You really also can follow me.

My blog will be a simple and practical article.
With my photos you can discover beautiful places.

You can also follow me on instagram @adriana_swedenphotography and on flickr side under name Adriana Bezjak.