I sincerely don't know why I cherish fashion. I've quite recently had so much enthusiasm and regard for it from a youthful age. I was around 14 and viewing Giuseppe Zanotti discuss his image on Fashion Files. I had no clue what he was asserting, however, I was hypnotized at what I saw. It resembled my little world was exploded. I don't know whether I I'll seek after a profession in Fashion. Possibly one day my enthusiasm will fade away and I'll return to reality. It's an extraordinarily huge industry, such a large number of need to be a part of it, and a chosen few make it. My adoration for Fashion is still as solid as in those days, regardless of the possibility that the Fashion world has turned out to be more business, then art. As Karl Lagerfeld asserted, "Fashion is an injustice, just because you want to work in the industry, doesn't mean it's going to happen".

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