This amazing book is about a young boy who been trough so much during his life and he names is David.

David is main person of this story but you will also see that his twin brother Daniel is also big part of this book too.

David and Daniel where born in 1997 on july twenty-fifth in Stockholm and theirs family where so surprise to see two beautiful healthy babys, but in some point is was something about them they said.

because this twins were so special that they wake up at same time and sleep at same time.

That band they have is incredible and beautiful.

6 months later the family had to say goodbye to mother of 4 children and a husband, sadly that she died when she slept and the family who needed her so much at the time.

It was really hard for David and Daniel to live without a mother, theirs family become broken and lost without her.

After long time of struggle and hard time for us so we had to move back and front to forget the place she died, But Davids dad decide that we have to live with our cousins and auntie for a while.

it was hard for David and Daniel to leave dad,but they knew that they going live there just short time.

New school and new faces so said David and Daniel at same time, they were bit nervous but they where happy to get know new people.

David start to talk with a boy call Casper, and they click each other so fast that they start feel comfortable to hangout more and makes fun of the teacher.

But something happend with David and he didn't know what is was for feeling he had but he's heart start beating so fast and he feels his own blod go around his body, it just happened he sees casper.

At that point he didn't have the name to call it but he knew that this is wrong for peoples eyes, but he really like casper more then friend.