Finding qualified dog walkers and care providers in Toronto is easy when you use Adam, one of the most popular ways to hire skilled and trustworthy local Toronto service professionals. When they travel, many pet owners prefer to avoid putting their furry family members up in a kennel for good reason.

Kennels sometimes don’t have the resources to be able to adequately take care of every animal there, and pets may be neglected. To ensure the highest level of care, it’s easy to use Adam to hire a dog Walking Toronto to take care of your dog while you can’t.

Find skilled and experienced sitters and dog walkers

Adam lets you quickly sort through dozens of different dog walkers and sitters in Toronto right near your home so that you can make a quick hire, even when you don’t have much time to find someone. You won’t get stuck with having to use a kennel because of a lack of other options, and you can find a perfectly qualified person within minutes using the mobile app.

Talk to your sitter and find out about their experience

Sometimes when you choose a kennel you won’t know exactly who will be taking care of your dog, but you’ll have full disclosure with Adam. You’ll be able to speak with your potential dog sitter to ask them questions about their experience and get to know them before trusting them to care for your pet. Your dog sitter will be able to feed your pets and check up on them at your home while you’re away, or you may be able to drop your pet off at their home. In either case, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your dog will receive the quality care it deserves.

Ensure that your pet gets the attention they need

Pet sitters will provide your pets with the individualized attention that they need every day. Your sitter can and should spend quality time with your pet along with make sure they have clean water and food. You can request them to check up on your pet as often as you would prefer, and if there are any special requirements for medication or health problems your sitter can be instructed to take care of them. With the ability to choose from multiple options for dog walking and sitting in Toronto, you’ll be able to find the absolute best option within your preferred budget, saving you both time and money on these services.

Pet sitters also often offer other services

Many dog sitters offer other service such as plant watering, checking for newspapers or mail, and ensuring that everything else is okay with your home and possessions. It’s one of the best ways to guarantee the health and safety of your pet and home when you can’t always be there. Try Adam today to hire a dog walker or sitter right on your iOS or Android device by downloading the app once it is released at

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