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Been a super productive morning today! Went to get treatment at 8am, then took a walk home and stopped at the grocery store, did laundry, and cleaned my apartment (I admit, I didn't clean but the maids did so now it's super clean here and all my dishes are done!). Now I'm just about to pack my bag, roll out, stretch and head over to Scandic Hotel for our pre-game meal. Today we play Avaldsnes, the top team in our league, here in Harstad at 6pm Norwegian time (9am PT).

Above is the ad for the game of me trying to act like I'm getting a good nights sleep at Scandic Hotel before the game.. I think it's a pretty funny ad and definitely something I haven't done before...

Anyways, wish us luck at the game! It will be live streamed as usual HERE

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Miami beach 2015

Me & Sav

Me in San diego for summer break 2014

x The sun, the beach and the heat - I honestly thought i missed the cold, after living in super hot Fresno for the past five years, but I was wrong... The sun has probably been out for a total of seven days, here in northern Norway, since I got here in the beginning of April and the temperature hasn't risen over 12 degrees Celsius (54F). Can't wait for my trip back to California in July!!!

x Authentic food - Been eating mostly at home since I moved here but when going out to the restaurants I've realized there's not much of a food culture here. I miss my taco nights at Don Tacha (Edison's dad's taco shop) and our trips to SF where we always eat delicious food such as Cuban food, Empanadas and mussels & seafood. Hopefully me and Edison will be able to experience some authentic British food when we visit London in June, like fish & ships, pies, pastries, scones etc!

My love

Edison and me @ Barcelona game in LA 2015

Me, Edison & Pepe at Yosemite National Park

x Family, friends & boyfriend - Moving away from my closest, once again, definitely made me realize how important they are in my life and to my happiness. Although, 5 years ago I moved across the world to study and play college soccer this situation is quite different. When moving to the US in 2012, I had roommates, trained with the team multiple times/days (during pre-season), and had classmates right of the back so it wasn't hard to socialize. Eventually I met Edison as well and we moved in together last year. Over here I'm living in by own apartment, there's only 1 team training/day, most of my teammates work or go to school so most of my down time I spend by myself. Only one more week until I get to see my mom, dad and Edison. Can't wait!!!

x Having a car - since my second year in the US I've had my own car so I've been able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. I took my car to school, training, the grocery store, when traveling, basically everywhere! Now I have to get used to taking the bus or walking everywhere which makes me more lazy in going to different places and explore.. At least I get my steps in, right?

family & friends

Me, Jo and Marie @ my graduation in 2016

Mom, dad, sister & me in Ft. Lauderdale in 2015

x Amazon Prime - Honestly, sounds weird but I miss being able to just buy something and then have it delivered in 1-2 days and use it right away. Right now I'm trying to find a new plant-based protein powder and protein bars but almost no companies ship to Norway or I have to pay like $50 for shipping. Looks like I'll just have to order from Amazon and have it shipped to our apartment in Fresno so Edison can bring it when he visits next week!!

x Having a dishwasher and freezer - I absolutely hate doing the dishes and when living in the US, Edison would always be the one to do the dishes by hand or I would just put them in the dishwasher and turn it on (yes I admit)... Now I have to do the dishes by hand or go downstairs to the kitchen and put it in the dishwasher... At least I have people that come clean my apartment once/week and then they take my dirty dishes and give me clean ones! As for the freezer I just miss being able to have extra food in the freezer to be stocked up and fruit for my smoothies and at times have some ice cream in there!




x Becoming Zlatan: watched this one about a year ago, thought it was really good. A documentary where you get to follow Zlatan from when he lived in Sweden and played for Malmö FF to where he is now. It feels as if I can relate more to this movie than the others, since he's from Sweden as well. In my opinion, the best football documentary!

x Pelé: Birth of a legend: I watched this movie with my family and Edison when they were visiting me in California for my graduation It´s set up as a movie and not a documentary and quite different from the other three. Definitely an amazing movie, however, I don't think this one feels as real and personal as the others as there's no real clips from Pelé himself.

x Ronaldo: this documentary is mostly about Ronaldos life right now. Its very interesting in the sense that it gives a good insight view of how a life of a professional athlete really looks, by showing how much alone time he spends, how he handles with the press & fans, and his discipline when it comes to training, recovery, sleep and nutrition.

x Messi: I have not seen this movie yet but it's definitely on my must-watch-list.

All these four athletes also have a book. I've only read Zlatan's book so far, which I really liked, but will definitely get to reading the others quite soon.



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Fruit in the morning is essential for me as it kickstarts both my energy level and my digestive system. Bananas, kiwis, strawberries and blueberries, topped with shredded coconut! Yummm

Woke up pretty early to talk to Edison before I met up with our photographer to take some pictures for this weeks game day ad. Every week there's a game sponsor and this week the sponsor is Scandic Hotel so per request from them the photoshoot was of me laying in bed with my jersey on (mentally preparing for my game with a good nights sleep). I'll post it once I get a hold of it! Continued my day with a training session at the field, working on speed & agility and finishing. Now I'm about to head out to our team training but first I'm going to roll out and stretch! Later...



Food & Recipes

These past couple of weeks I've been eating oatmeal almost every day, either for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. Personally I limit my consumption of dairy products to once/day which usually consists of yoghurt/quark because if I eat more than that ,I feel pretty bloated.. Therefore, I've bought soy or almond milk lately. I know a lot of "fitness people" are often against drinking regular milk because of the cholesterol level and usually buy these milk alternatives instead. I personally don't count calories so for me the most important thing is that it is good for my body, which means as natural as possible and taste good. Below is my short comparison of these products:

x Soy milk has more protein 3.3g vs. 0.4g

x Almond milk has less calories 13 kcal vs. 32kcal

x Almond milk has less fat 1.1g vs. 1.8g

x Almond milk contains Vitamin E (1.08mg), Soy milk doesn't.

x Soy milk taste better, much creamier and almost like it's a little thicker. Almond milk taste pretty watery.

x Both almond milk and soy milk contains a lot of junk such as emulsifiers & stabilizers.

x Almond milk can easily be home made by blending almonds and water together. Natural and way more delicious!

x Neither soy or almond milk taste good just as, it needs to be in a smoothie, with oatmeal, in cooking/baking etc.

Overall I think regular milk taste the best when just drinking it straight our of a glass paired with a meal or cookies. For now I think I'll keep switching up which type of milk I buy (as the difference between them are minimal) until I get my blender so I can make my own, natural almond milk, which is the best alternative for me! There's also other milk alternatives like coconut milk, rice milk, cashew milk, hazelnut milk, hemp milk, pea milk etc. I have not tried all of them but will most likely try them out. What is your favorite milk?




Literally, can't get enough of the scenery up here in the north and snapped some pretty pictures from the plane on Sunday. The snow is almost all melted away except of up on the mountains which will probably stay like that all year around! (don't quote me on it..)

Been really bad at updating since we got back from our game in Oslo on Sunday, I know.... I've literally gotten sucked into so many good Tv-shows right now and thats what I've spent my time on + been taking care of my body as we have another game today Anyways, about to head out to our game day meal at Scandic Hotel in a little, before we battle for our first three points of the season. Wish us luck!!

Link to our game: HERE (live streamed at 6pm Norwegian time & 9am PT)



Food & Recipes
Swedish chocolate balls 

I noticed earlier today that it was chokladbollens dag (Chocolate balls' Day) yesterday. I honestly haven't had Swedish chocolate balls in years, so really started craving it. I figured I would try to find a "healthy" version of it and actually found a recipe on Pinterest that was both vegan and healthy!! (HERE ) Although they didn't taste similar to real chocolate balls they were still a good and healthy treat. Below is the recipe if you want to try it out at home. Super easy to make!


x 2 bananas

x 3 dl oats (or eyeball it like I did)

x 2 tbsp cacao

x 1 tbsp coffee

x shredded coconut for topping


1. Mash bananas

2. Add the rest of the ingredients

3. Roll into balls and roll the finished chocolate balls in the shredded coconut

4. Enjoy!! (store in the fridge if you can't finish them all...)



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Looking for a new plant based protein as I'm running low on the one I have. Currently using Aloha Vanilla protein blend (HERE) but doesn't seem like they do International shipping or sell it anywhere else but in the US... I would like a plant based protein that is organic and the closest possible to all natural, without all the junk and fake stuff. The problem with plant based proteins rather than animal based, is that plant based often has lower amount of protein and some aren't complete proteins (including all nine essential amino acids). So finding one with all nine amino acids is of course also a must.

Three I've been thinking about trying:

Vega One seems to be one of the most popular ones out there and I've heard it tastes delicious as well.


Have another product in the Garden of Life series and I really like it so hoping this one would be of the same quality and taste.


This is not a protein powder but possibly just an addition to my snack/breakfast pantry to add in my oatmeal and smoothies.

HERE (adlink)

Anyone have any suggestions of any I should/shouldn't try? 




x In three weeks Edison & my parents are coming to visit me here in Norway! My parents are staying for one week while Edison will be here for 10 days. We are planning to take some day trips but it will mostly just be relaxing and hanging out. They will also be able to catch one of my games here in Harstad, Can't wait!

x In about one month I'm going on a weekend to London! Once my parents go back to Sweden, me and Edison are going on a weekend to London. I have a bye-week for football so it was perfect timing + neither of us has ever been to London. Going Saturday-Monday, so should be a fun and hectic weekend!!

x In July I'm going to California and Sweden!! I have my mid-season break in July and will go to California to visit Edison and his family for 1-2 weeks and then go to Sweden to visit my friends and family for 1-2 weeks. This cold Norwegian weather is killing me so I absolutely can't wait for some sunny weather!!

x Next week, on May 17th (Norwegian Constitution Day) I might go visit my friend in Oslo! I hope I'll be able to go Visit my friend Vendela, who lives in Oslo, during this Holiday. It's very big to celebrate May 17th here in Norway and we are off so I hope I'll be able to go and experience my very first May 17th in Norway with one of my best friends. I saw Vendela just a couple of weeks ago at our game against Stabaek but didn't get the chance to hang out as she was busy with work festivities. Crossing my fingers!!



Food & Recipes

Since I share a kitchen, and don't have one in my apartment, I want most meals to be easy to make and not require cooking. As seen below, all these meals require no cooking and are easily done in 5 minutes or less + they are healthy, delicious and so pretty to look at!! Instead, I do my cooking mostly for dinner or I meal prep for a couple of days at a a time.


Been starting most of my mornings with yoghurt, hard bread, some type of fruits and Orange juice. Easy to make, healthy and makes me feel energized for my workout!


I usually just have a small snack like seen above + a protein shake/bar depending how hard my workout was.


This past week I've been making big salads for lunch. My perfect salad has lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, avocado, feta cheese, strawberries, olive oil & either lox/chicken. Yum!

What's your perfect breakfast, snacks & lunch?