So this post is different than my other posts will but that is obvious I think. First I need to tell you what I will write on this site, why I keep anonymity, why I made it and what my purpose is. And as you may notice or maybe already noticed I will use an easy language and that is not because i can't use an advanced language but it is because I want young people to understand what all of this is about. You are our future. So here you got my purpose, I want to reach people in my age to get interested in big problems that media try to hide. I want you to use your voice to help, because if you don't they will use your silence against you. And why I choose to keep anonymity is because I don't want to write these posts and take cred for them because I do not write for myself, I do it for the people that can't do it for themselves. I will write about different topics as children rights, death penalty, women rights etc. I will also have some posts that tell you what you can do to help, it does not take so much time as you think to change the world and make it a batter place.

Personally I have been reading blogs for a long time but all I see is people that talk about love and their private lives. I do not say it is wrong because many people enjoy to read that, but I would love to see more posts about human rights and how to stop the hate, wars and civil problems in the society. I love to write and I want to use my voice to help. Hope you enjoy this (even if it is something different than usual) and change some of your perspectives on the world.

Love and respect<3