Universally, offices, especially in the corporate world, are supposed to maintain a quiet environment. It is a proven fact that unwanted and disturbing noise can affect the office employees and their work. Such distractions may cause the overall office productivity to reduce (smallbusiness.chron.com, THE EFFECTS OF NOISE IN THE WORKPLACE, 2016).

Most offices cannot function without incorporating a complete silence throughout the day. Although there might not be repeated banter and water cooler type of talking going on in offices, sometimes work related conversations may also generate unwanted noise. Apart from this, any machines used for cleaning such as vacuums pumps and loudly ringing phones on a frequent basis also are considered as disturbing noise that may cause distraction in employees. Thus, in order to maintain a quiet and peaceful work environment, businesses need to use some measures that may decrease unwanted noise. One such solution is to use ceiling that have ljudabsorbering properties. They are made up of materials such as fiberglass, drywall, fiberboard, vinyl sheeting, etc., which are known to effectively absorb noise. The following points explain more in detail about various benefits of ceilings made up of sound absorbing materials.

Reducing Unwanted Noise

Sound absorbing ceilings are made up of certain materials, which have an inherent property to absorb sound. Multiple layers of such materials are attached to the existing surface ceiling panels. In this manner, one can create an additional surface that does not leave any point of connection with the original one. All sound waves fall on the new surface. While some are reflected, a majority of them are absorbed. The material prohibits this majority of incident waves from vibrating, which is the normal manner by which sound travels. If a sound wave stops vibrating it cannot get reflected back and is absorbed. The reflected ones undergo severe decrease in amplitude, which is called dampening or ljuddämpning. Ultimately, sound absorbing materials help to weaken sound waves, and contribute to a quieter environment (supressproducts.com, SOUNDPROOF CEILINGS, 2007).

Enhanced Lighting Conditions

Businesses invest a lot of money in office lighting solutions. Efficient lighting is utmost necessary for employees to work in a proper and comfortable manner. But, businesses may sometimes set up many lighting systems, which can cause unnecessary glare in the workspace. Excessive lighting may also cause employees to get distracted, further affecting their work. To counter such ill effects of excessive office lights, businesses may use to install sound proof ceilings made up of reflective panels. Such ceilings not only help to absorb and reduce sound, but also help to reflect light back into the office room (armstrong.com, 8 REASONS TO CHOOSE A SUSPENDED CEILING, 2016). Such ambient light is not harmful. The reflected light can also help to reduce glares on employee workstation monitors, thus helping the employees to see properly while working.

Reducing Energy Utilization

There are few sound absorbing ceilings, which are made up of recycled materials such as cotton, cellulose fibers and plastic. By using such materials, business can contribute to the environment by reducing their carbon footprint by not investing in new resources. Thus, ceilings that have sound absorption properties can definitely be considered as an eco-friendly way of reducing energy utilization in the corporate world.

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