My dermatologist always said that what you eat will show on your skin. A healthy diet equals to healthy skin. Here are some tips of mine to help you lead a new, healthy diet.

Fresh Breath

Don’t have a toothbrush handy? Try the pantry, you might just find some yogurt. Why yogurt? Yogurt will neutralize nasty smells and leave your breath super-fresh.

Yogurt also contains a ton of powerful nutrients that does wonders for the skin. Zinc contains anti-inflammatory properties that’ll reduce redness, swelling and help tighten skin tissues. The Lactic Acid and Vitamin B in yogurt will prevent dry skin, leaving the skin hydrated, smooth and glowing.

Count Your Units

Alcohol is horrible and damages the body. It causes changes in the body’s circulation system, which can lead to broken veins on the chin and nose, and also bloating. Try keeping your intake of 14 units a week and one dry day a week or more.

Fruit For Healthy Skin

Fruit is essential for healthy skin. It’s food for the skin because of all the vitamins and minerals it contains. The skin also stays hydrated because off the high levels of water in fruits.

Pimples or congested skin in the T-zone is often a sign of constipation or blockage in the lymphatic system. It can be relieved with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Beauty Snacks

Feeling a little peckish? Hook yourself up with a mini-meal of low-fat museli mixed with flaxseeds and dried fruit, topped with plain yogurt. If you’re more of a juice girl, try a tomato juice with a splash of lemon.

Flaxseeds are high in the anti-inflammatory index and can reduce redness, inflammation, skin irritation and acne. It also hydrates the skin by increasing the body’s natural oil production, giving you a healthier glow. Tomato juice moisturizes the skin giving it a healthy glow. Lemon’s whitening properties will brighten up the skin

Salad’s Ballet

Eat well for amazing skin. Fix yourself a lunch of grilled shrimp salad with grapefruit and watercress. These ingredients contains high level of zinc and antioxidants and we all know the amazing benefits already.

Top it with a little parsley, which is rich in Vitamin A, chlorophyll, Vitamin B 12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and iron- all amazing for skin health.

Confidence Boost

This isn’t a skin food but hey! This is something great to have, confidence! Believing in your own looks will make others believe in them too. How? Presenting a positive mental attitude and self-assurance will help you exude attractiveness.

You’re not always gonna feel confident, fake it till you make it. Try pretending to be confident- it can make a big difference on how others perceive you.

I hope these tips help. Have a good one girls.