This is mine first post in here. I've had many blogs before but they're dead when I'm start they. But now I start again! And sorry if u guys don't understand me or I've typos but I'm not English and my mother language isn't English, I'm Finnish so this is little bit hard but I still wanna write in English. Anyway I wanna tell u something facts about me so let's start!

1. My name is Annileena but everyone say only Anni!
2. I'm 13 years old.
3. I'm from Finland but I love English.
4. I've a big brother, a little brother and a second little brother which is my half-brother.
5. I've a own cat, my mother have a cat and two dogs (we have in total two cats).
6. My favorite food is sushi.
7. I don't have any hobbys now but in Autumn I maybe start singing and I try go to gym! (And at home I play my fav songs on piano)
8. I love Vampire Diaries, it's my favorite series!
9. I love travelling in Finland and in some other country!
10. I love music (and conserts & festivals), it's my life.
11. I'm little crazy (I don't know I'm but my friend say so) and very happy girl and I think positively.

This is first time when I write in English and I'm so exited for it! I'm so exited too what happend with this blog! But now I think we see in the next post which in maybe next weekend when I'm in Summer Up (festival in Lahti, Finland) and Ruisrock (festival in Turku, Finland) but let's see or maybe I do post when I'm in Turku because I'm there in five days. But hope see u soon!

xoxo Annileena