January: Winter formal!

February: I visited one of my best friends for her 17th birthday while she was living in Pittsburgh. I was so happy that I could be there with her and for her. It was magical and I got to explore a new city which was pretty sick.

I also went to LA and then Seattle for the first time. We were planning to go to Hong Kong, but when life throws itself around, make it work!

March: I visited my sister in college at the University of Michigan. I got to go to my first college party (most fun ever). I also met my roommate! <3

April: I road tripped across five countries in three days with my father. First landing in Frankfurt, Germany, then onto The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. I decided to capture the whole trip in film, taking very few pictures with my phone. I decided to experience the trip instead of experiencing the pictures later.

May: It was decision day for colleges, and we all went to school dressed up in the logowear for our colleges. It was crazy to think that we'd all be separated :( but I'm so proud of everyone, and knew that we'd do so many great things in our next chapter.

My best friends surprised me! They decorated posters, brought a vegan cake ;) and hid in my room to congratulate me for getting into college.

I saw Father John Misty for the first time in concert. This was the most amazing and enlightening night. Needless to say, I was crying after the concert.

I finished high school! I also started an internship at a local ice cream kitchen.


I went to Govball for the first time. Was marginal, but I got served some great avo toast by Australian guys. Thumbs up.

Senior prom!! My best friend visited from Norway, we spent time in the City, I GRADUATED! (Didn't get the best graduation pics...)

July: I went to Utah with my best friend. It was the most amazing and freeing trip. I am so thankful that we were able to have this little adventure together. We went to the border of Utah and Wyoming, visited Arches National Park, and just explored.

August: I was getting ready to leave for college. Saying goodbye to friends was the weirdest feeling, but I really savored every moment I had left at home. I said YES.

I road tripped to college with my mother (19 hours across half the country), moved in, had my first day of school, and even spent time outside in the middle of Missouri watching the solar eclipse on the path of totality.

September-December: It's a blur.

I rushed a professional fraternity, pledged, made friends, made new friends, saw Father John Misty again, went out, stayed in, missed home, studied, aced things, almost failed things, cried, laughed, smiled, got really frustrated... At the beginning of the year, I would never have imagined that I would do even half the things I did in just a few months. I'm definitely not the same person I was coming into it. It's weird looking back at the whole year and how I've changed.

Without taking time to look back at the really amazing things that happened, I would say that 2017 was my hardest year so far (although it may not look like it). I struggled with a lot on the inside that definitely isn't present in my favorite photos. But, despite this, 2017 was a year that included a lot of travel, learning, and friendships. I have so much to be appreciative for. So, just about a week after I turned 18, 2018 will begin. I'm ready to set goals and learn from what worked and what could change from 2017. I'm ready for a fresh start.

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