Hi, Everybody!

So I just wanted to give you all a little update on my life.

As you all now I’m in Los Angeles enjoying my life, and preparing for newthings to come. Therefore I decided to stay longer. 

LA is an amazing city you've got everything here, you got the city, the hills and the nature is a blessing. 
Getting your nails done while having champagne and enjoying life has been one of my obsessing here and then getting my hair done. (even though I'm so bad with hairdressers, cause it always ends up looking like s....) 

I'm looking forward to workout soon, cause I havn't been working out for 2 weeks now.

I don’t wanna go home just yet, but I’m sure I’ll be home for Christmas to seemy Family and friends.



Wearing: SKYE&SANE Photo by: Rey Trajano

I want to tell you guys a litle story about a girl that turned into a woman throughGod and faith.

Once there was a little girl who livedon the country side but didn’t ever feel at home.
In a way of trying to find where she belonged she moved to the big city, andgot involved in a lot ugly things that took away her focus from all the thingsshe loved.

Throughyears of years she kept on doing the same things, feeling insecure, helpless,sad, and like she didn’t belonged at where she was.

Finally,after many years of putting herself in the offer position and feeling bad forherself she took her first step towards a healthier life, filled withpositivity, laughs and smiles – She finally realized that being able to feel ‘home’you have to feel ‘home’ within yourself.

Afterrealizing that she changed her lifestyle, though after some months she fellright back and did the same mistakes over and over again.

Oneday she decided to go travel, follow her dream and take the first step towardswhere she’d always dreamed of to be and stay.

Shearrived in the airport and her first words were “I feel like I’m home, It’s thesame frequency as me”

Dayspast, and her thoughts started to change. God got a bigger and bigger topicwithin her thoughts and mindset.
​She actually thought that God now had a plan forher, and she’s not to be worried.

Bythese thoughts and signs everywhere she started to go deeper within to actuallytrust in God.

Shebought a book, began to read in the Bible everyday, pray, and thank God forhaving a hand over and giving her faith.

Afteryears of an intense emotional roller-coaster she had finally found her way toshow her gratefulness of what had happened in the past, and thank God Throughprayers that he had a plan, and he’s here to help.

The girl became a woman that feelsblessed everyday, she feels now home within herself and are in a place whereshe belongs.

ThroughGrace & Faith




Bracelet: HERE / / Earings: HERE

Ahjort is a webshop Universe for women that loves Jewelry. It's a good site, for you men also if you have to find something for your loved one or just a family member or a friend.

I love these two pieces that I've been walking around with almost everyday the last couple of days.
Gold is my passion for fashion.

Go check it out HERE




Goodmorning from La la land ( Los Angeles)

I want to share some thoughts with you all!
Lately I’ve been so much more aware of how amazing I feel over here.
The feeling of being able to wear whatever you like without being judge andlooked crooked at.

Everydifferent vibe that I bump into is just raising my frequency to somethingbetter.

InCopenhagen to be honest, some people made me feel a lot more insure cure and silentas a mouse, because I felt like every time I opened mouth they would slam meand say something rude.

So I’drather be quite so I shouldn’t defend myself all the time.

In LApeople are so different, you have like categories actually with differenttypes.
And I guess that’s fine, because everybody will fit in somewhere.

The thingI’m trying to say; no matter where you are in the world, just don’t be afraidof showing who you are, don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your mind, stand upfor yourself. Be you, and be happy. By being yourself, and showing others thatyou can stand up for yourself will attract more positivity and people will be fascinatedI promise you.

Itcan be really hard sometimes to actual be aware of this, but give yourself thechance to do something about it. Because you deserve the best of all things.