I found this Get to know me tag and thought I would answer some questions so you can get to know me a little.

What is your favourite colour? I like all colours.

Where do you like to shop? I've recently got a big liking for Zara, it all depends on what mood I'm in hehe.

What is your favourite drink? I started writing my answer but then realized, is it favourite alcoholic beverage or just anything? haha, my favourite alcoholic drink is just anything sour but kinda fruity, and non-alcoholic i would say Peach iced tea!

What is your favourite snack? I lovelovelove potato crisps but just snacking on fruit is my all time fave, does fruit even count as a snack?

When is your birthday? On June 5th!

What is your favourite book? I would have to say ''Before I Fall'' på Lauren Oliver, I read a lot of books but this book is so good, it really makes you think about life and I think I've read it about three times!

Where do you like to eat? Breakfast Lunch or Dinner? For dinner I like to go to a lot of new places for food so it all varies from time to time but a nice restaurant is Vapiano ( Its like an italian fast food restaurant, they cook the food in front of you when you order it). I will do a blog post about my fave places to eat later.

What is your favourite tv show? NCIS everyday!

Who was your first best friend? Her name is Caroline and we met in pre-school, we went to the same school until we were 15. We still keep in touch even though she's moved to Australia now!

How tall are you? I'm 5'7

How many countries have you visited? I have tried to count this a few times in my life and I know I always miss one country but I think it's either 7 or 8!

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? When I was younger I used to watch youtube everyday and I watched a lot of different youtubers, and the only ones I've kept watching throughout the years are Carli Bybel, Lauren Curtis and Aspyn Ovard ( Aspyn and Parkers channel is gold!)

What is your favorite movie? I'm gonna have to be a little child now and say Spy Kids (the first film).

How would you describe your fashion sense? This is a tricky one, it varies from day to day and what mood im in! I can wear very basic with a plain T-shirt and a pair of jeans or go full glam just for shopping haha.

Can you cook? I love to cook food, it might not always turn out the best when I try new recepies but staying with the ones I know its amazing.

What is your favorite flower? Roses and Peonies.

( Beautiful pink roses / Amazing falafel kale and feta salad)



​Hello and welcome to my new blog!

I thought I would start a new blog and write all about my life, well mostly fashion, makeup and other things that interest me and hopefully you too!

Hope you'll enjoy :)