Good Evening to all my Dear Readers. How are you guys doing these days? I'm apologize to stop for writing blogs so long time. Actually, I've been so busy since couple months ago to deal with school stuff; like preparing presentation and term papers.... and now I finally can get small break (Ohhh Yesss!), "hopefully" but from today, I guess I can start writing blogs again once I could get free times. Also you know what, today is the 1st day of snowing in Vancouver! Yay ! In my mind, I'm so happy with to experience the Canadian snow day but on points of physical strengths, Its very....tiring. Have to work on to remove the snow, go buy a present, and complete homework. Well I need to cure my "exhausted body" and prepare for the biggest event that will come up on next week! Geez, winter is coming, and date is coming too honey lol. Grab your lovely eggnog (BTW, I never try eggnog honestly) and please enjoy my blog ❤️🍯🍯❤️


Before I take shower or bath, I usually comb hair to remove any tangles. Because I have ombre hair color, the very edge of hair always get heavy damage (yeah, common girls hair splits, bad man). Then I massage face to cleanse any dirts or excess oils that stay on skin surface.

You'll need

Hair Brush:

(I'm using big Japanese Hello Kitty comb which I bought at Narita Airport before I came to Canada)

Massaging Oil:

(Personally I love to use coconut oil from Superstore but you can apply any oils you prefer. Make sure to check the ingredients to prevent allergic.)


In previous article, I already mention that I'm totally fan of nice warm even hot shower; but I realized that it actually cause more dryness to your skin for some people. The one paper that I've read before says the crevasse; the gaps between skin cells are getting wider (but invisible) when people taking hot shower, and the moistures are lose from there. I'm keep in mind the temperature of water to make just right.

Soap: Ivory, Lavender

Shampoo & Conditioner: Herbal Essence Rose

Facial soap: Cetaphil cleanser


People, honestly I love bathing so so much. It makes me feel like I'm just in inside of nice warm swimming pool (do you agree w/ me? thanks) and it coze me up and so relaxing.... Last time when I wrote summer routine, I tried some bath-bombs from LUSH the girl's favorite. It work perfect to my skin and it end up with nice smooth skin and my entire body was heated up from the core. However, I'm going to try another Japanese Bath-bombs which is well known as Onsen no Moto (温泉のもと) among Japanese people. Which is any good stuff of hot springs are condensed and powdered to dissolve easily and there is a 5 different kinds of hot springs powder so you can enjoy several kinds in one time. You can purchase a box of Japanese hot spring powder at Japanese market like FUJIYA on Clark Street or Downtown Store.

Bath Powder: Japanese Hot Springs Powder (Onsen no moto)

It cost around 13 dollars when I bought.

❄️ AFTER ❄️

When I finish bathing, I take extra time to caring to protect hair and skin from dryness. I bring some Japanese cosmetic items when I leave from Japan last winter. The one of them is lip gloss but its so special cause that lip gloss is specially designed for kissing. I know, I know what you are thinking, Its kind of mysterious and I felt exact same thing when I found an advertising of "designed for kissing" lip gloss. I love that texture; its kind of little bit sticky but apply very thinly at first time and give few touches of nice dollop, then you can make perfect shiny glossy kiss proof lip. I already have 3 flavor; Sweet kiss (tea flavor), Gorgeous Kiss (Rose) , and Caramel Kiss. I'm so addicted right now.....

lip gloss: Nulè Nulè Gorgeous Kiss Rose

body cream: Lasting Moisture


Thank you for reading my blog and now I knew that I mostly upload a routine article...

Next time, I'll be post different topic (probably...)

Also, please give some comments down below or my Instagram page @m_kristy_yeung0421

feel free to share your thoughts or definitions and I'm very happy to hear that ❤️

Please have good night and See you on next blog!



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     Good Eve my dear readers, I'm in the mood of "I can't help falling in love with you". Well... I don't mean I'm in love with someone right now ( I wish I did...yep). Its already been couple week since I back to college and study; honestly, I love staying class then chatting with mates during 15minutes break time. Absolutely....studying is hard but not to die for me✋ Today's blog is going to be about my college day routine. Every single student have different routine and all love them are so unique and so much fun to know (even blog tho, 👏), so lets gets started!

(1) Waking Up

     My college day morning is so early; I usually wake up around 6:00am.... OMG, yes but I need to take time to stretch out my lazy body in inside bed. My entire muscles are totally harden under my thick fat layer, so I need to shake up or stretch my arms or legs to warm up 😭

(2) Breakfast

     What's coming up next? Yep, breakfast.... I usually have leftovers as breakfast; sometimes I have veggie soup but sometimes heavy meal like lasagna (interestingly, my dad really good at making lasagna). Guys, breakfast is so so important for you because food is like a fuel; it never work wrong or make you sick unless you really be careful what you eat. I recommend you better not to eat something cold during winter morning (such as cereal, but.... but.... yes, I know you love cereal. So do I.) One simple reason is make your body; especially organs gets really cold and be sensitive. Let's be kind to our own bodies.😌

(3) Showering

     Honestly, I am totally morning shower person. Even take shower last night, I run into bathtub and taking nicely hot shower to make my lazy body more warm and cozy. (You know once I taking shower in this moment, I can brush my teeth at the same time. Such a time saving hun? ) My current favorite item is HONEY TREASURES from Whole Blends. This shampoo makes my hair so shiny and soft, so I highly recommend you to try one as soon as possible. If you want to know my whole pamper routine, go check my previous article. Hey, what about shampoo's info? go check from link down below💨

GARNIER (Whole Blends') official cite: 👉

(4) Getting Ready

     My one of shocking fact, which is I don't wear any make up to go school. What the hell I'm saying... well, I love makeup, but its for special occasion like go on date with boyfriend or BFFs....not for school. Rather, I prefer to wear some fake/flash tattoo on my skin. The picture down below is quick fake tatoo from Clairs in Metrotown. I love this kind of tatoo because I can make any designs or combinations and its pretty easy to clear off. (I made up this design with two pieces of tattoo sheets.) Be unique, and its make you strong beautiful woman.

(5) What's In My Schoolbag?

      I'm obsessed to use my bag from H&M. I love it's simple but useful design; it has lots pockets to put things but I'm not tring to make inside overcrowded. I have textbook, notebook ( they use 60 percent of storage in my bag...I mean they're pretty heavy and thick then kill my shoulder.), my favorite gold Macbook, and ice cold water to hydrate. Also, in side pockets, I have stickies, buscard, and lipgloss from LC love cosmetics. Some students in my college use school locker to put thair textbook but I'm totally carry person... because you know, how can I study without textbook or print that teachers give to us? Life needs study and hardwork guys...📝

     These my college/school day routine... If you like it or any blog requests comments down below or on Instagram and please don't forget liking it here👍 Thank you so so much for reading and see you next blog :)





♬Mood of Britney Spears

Hello my blog readers! What's up and I hope you're enjoying your beautiful day.... In my case, I just finished my spring semester today. Yeah, summer is almost coming everyone... I love Summer, well except sticky humid weather; when I was in Japan, every summer crazy weather totally killed me but I have no idea this years summer is abnormal than any other year. By the way, I guess summer is also good time to go shop and let's blast the annoying mood of it. Today I'm gonna share with you guys about Instagram accounts that I love soo much to see🙌 check them up and subscribe them😜

1. Cupshe @cupshe

Who don't need swimsuit for summer? Visit cupshe to find your ideal swimsuits

2.Bloom Box @bloombox_spb

Wanna surprise your BFF? Get a bouquet in a beautiful box!

3.American Threads @threads

Need to bulrushes up your sense of beauty? Visit American Threds and learn some tips :)

4.Cute Made Watches @cutemadenshop6

I love their designs of watch😍 Find your fave one here!

5.The Gents Wardrobe @thegents.wardrobe

Need to style up your BF? Check their great male fashions

6.Luxy Hair

Learn new hair trend, and get ready to go!

All these accounts are gorgeous and worth to check up😍 Ready to visit? Yes you are!!!

Hope you love these amazing accounts and see you next time🍻


I totally messed up frozen Shepherds pie (FML.....🙌🏻😢)





Hello my blog readers, I'm so Sssssorry about being kind of lazy since couple weeks ago. I totally break the promise of the introducing of my birthday edition blog...😢

Well, uh...let me share couple things that I did on my birthday as recovering.

So...see you soon! (NOT SKP, I'LL BE BACK! )





😳 Hashtag Birthdae Edition 😳

Episode 1: Cakes🎂

Hey What's up everybody' and wish you have great spring break right now! (Well actually I'm not yet, I don't even finish my final examination sadly....I'm envy you, "A Little" ) However, I'm gonna Finnish my school in couple days later, then spring break and \ MY BIRTHDAY IS COMMING! / woohoo! So, today's blog is going to be a.... CAKE.....,! Yeah, cake everybody. Every single time, I used to feel kind of insanely excited when I opened up my birthday cake box. Then scent of candle's smoke, chocolate, and vanilla... :) OMG, these drove me so crazy🍻 Actually not only me, but also my mom and my younger sister Katherine are loves to bake some cakes or desserts for special occasion like birthday. Also of course we'd love to see some recipes on YouTube channels for learning and subscribes for later (mouthwatering already). Let me share some my favorite recipes that found on YouTube channel, and let's get started🙌🏻



BY: Divas Can Cook

Who doesn't like caramel!?!? Her recipes but especially this caramel pound cake is looks so gorgeous because of the fluffiness and moistureness is the best best ever than any other recipes that I know. Also, her method to make creamy caramel sauce for garnish is such a creative and so less work!

Check her cakes recipes from link down below!





Personally, I love to have some brownie as a treat (ohhh yum!) But what if this fudge brownie meets cookie dough frosting and shiny gorgeous chocolate ganache on top and become one together as beautiful decadant 4 layers cake?

Check this out and make as soon as possible for your sweet tooths🙌





Salut! (this is common greeting phrase in French.... Well this totally reminds me a French class when I was belonged in high school). Would you like to add French twist for your cake? This cake is actually the cake for celebrate an Epiphany; which is a Christian festival held on January 6. Don't you think this is the best cake for the person who is gonna be a king or queen on their known birthday? ;)





I love eating cheesecake... Creamy, light, and decadent cream cheese and sour cream filling and crunchy flavourful cookie crust...with fruits sauce, chocolate or caramel sauce (personally I'd love to have with blueberry sauce). The presentor introduce the recipe without any tough method so you might try more easily!





When I and my younger sister was a kid, my dad used to bring some Chinese custard egg tarts from Bakery in Chinatown. I love that it's flaky pie crust and creamy sweet smooth egg custard filling. If you areinterested in and like have this Chinese twisted little cute cake, I would recommend this recipe for you!





Black and White, chocolate and vanilla.... So so beautiful patterns of nature animal. Lets celebrate your birthday with natural spirits 🐅🐴





This recipe is inspired from the Japanese story book of "Guri and Gura" which is two mice brother called Guri and Gura founded a huge egg in forest and bake sponge cake and have a cake party after all. It also reminds me a story time before bed. Moreover you may bake this as regular vanilla sponge cake and garnish with some cream and fruits as well🍰 ( sorry but recipe is told without English subscription)


Thank you for reading through and hope you'll have beautiful birthday with these magnificent baking creations!





Hello my blog readers :) How are you doing these days...? My school life going to be a little bit tough for the final exam, but one good news is after 2 weeks schooling SPRING Vacation will coming 😂 Well... Today's video is going to be my pamper routine! 👏 let's get started

Preparing :

Before taking shower or bathing, I love massaging my scalp and brush my hair by using my finger. Someone prefer to use a hairbrush but I believe the lukewarm soft skin of finger will more help removing the grease from hair roots. Also, I dont want to give a excess damage of static electricity and scratches to (include surface of) my hair.

Shower time:

Actually, when I don't have enough time for bathing I usually take crazy hot shower ( I guess it is approximately 46-48 degree celcius because I don't want feel cold during shower...) and wash my hair and body.

Soap: IVORY (I usually use Original and Lavender )

Shampoo + Conditioner: Pantene

Face soap: Cetaphil


Every time when I taking bath and warming in there, I can't help to remember teeny tiny bathtub in my mom's house... Well in japan, the culture of hot spring is pretty famous and well known its numorous healthy effects on body. I believe that because of this fact, many people in Japan taking much much time to take a bath. Couple days ago, I've got some bathbombs from LASH and tried imnedietly and it was so nice and it helped to softened and moisturized my kind of dry skin like desert..( OMG, and the scent was so so good!)


1.Rose BATHBOMB with shine glitter



I can't wait to try the last bathbomb after school...!👏


After bathing, I'm using some products to give extra moistureness and nutrition to my hair and skin. I apply Tsubaki hair mist from Shiseido and lukewarm coconut oil to my hair (You're not necessary to boil; just let oil massage and melt in your hand). Also, I also use some same oil and Japanese liquor moisturizer for my facial care.

1.Hair mist: Shiseido Tsubaki HairMist

(I've got this from T&T, and it cost approx, $15-20)

2.Coconut Oil:

From Superstore at Metrotown

3. Japanese Liquor Moisturizer: 

Sake Shizuku 

From DAISO, Japanese dollar shop


From GIVENCHY eaudemoiselle

These are my basic pamperroutine,and hope you'll try one of them if you are interested... Thank you for reading!

Love, and have a beautiful afternoon





Happy Easter Holiday Everybody

How was your beautuful almost sunny Easter vacation...?

One good news is I had so much fun during this such a long 4 days holidays.

For 1st day, I went Stanley park and spend almost 3hours to walk through 10 KILLO

Well officially map says the park's edge is totally 9 killo, but in my case I lost my way during path to go Beaver Lake....

Ey...such a saddy thingy😷

Then what, oh day 4 was nice to me too

Actually I just came back from Robson street cruise in couple minutes ago

I'm gonna upload what I got in there :)

See you then!





Hello my Blog readers...

I just came back from my half-day cruise in hour ago,

I was so much exited to feel being one with nature in Stanley Park.

Hearing sound of weaves from harbour, seeing beautiful blues of sky and sea...moreover, smelling the scent of spring flowers....(well sounds so romantic)

Have you enjoy any spring activities already?

Maybe I'm going to visit downtown again next Monday...

Can't Wait!

I hope you also have nice weekend!

And Happy Easter Everybody!

From beautiful spring Vancouver





Well hello my blog readers,sorry for being lazy for these days because I've been so busy and I tried "everything" to handle my all hard tasks to right paths....

One of my hard task was writing essay about Sexualization and Women.

Sounds so professional huh...?

Actually I am really not sure how women's are considered that they are sexy or not

Is it enough for people when they have healthy body, intelligent thinking, fatile, physically sexy looking, and well-trained less fat body or whatever...

Everything sounds kinda greedy, I know every people wants anything as much as they can

(including me obviously)

But...what actually make women sexy, and people think they are?




"I...I"m totally feel like eating Tree"

today's our lunchtime was kind of "Educational" for 2 Asian girls about American Broccoli.

it was so, so hard..... and R*A*W....!!!!

I've heard about broccoli in North American Broccoli from my boyfriend