Someyhing special for your loved one 
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For the most people October 11th is a simple and ordinary day . But not for my family . . . Because today is the Birthday of one of my most beloved people ! This lucky man is my dad !

I hope you understand in what terrible agony my week has passed . All my thoughts boiled down to one question . . . WHAT to give up ? ? ? I had a couple of " very creative " ideas .

How about socks ? Always the right thing in the wardrobe , but if I give socks , then on my day I will get a bagel with poppy " mmmm " . No , bad idea ! For many years I have found an excellent compromise to give nothing or make a wonderful card . But no I had to grow up and become a loving daughter who should give gifts to her family !

This event gave me inspiration for my new article and as you already understood it will be dedicate to the ideas of gifts ! Lets star !

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 this is what I wanted 

Your friends , relatives , parents always tell you about their problems , thoughts and most importantly desires . So , be more vigilant and really listen to what your close people tell you ! When you will choose a surprise you do not have to bother too much . Because people themselves on the plate bring you ideas for a gift . Just take it !

back to the past

If your dad or grandfather rock'n'roll in the shower or just really like music . You can give him back his youth even for a few minutes ! How ? Retro pendant with the most loved and adored records ! You'll notice how your old man turns into a young boy , how his eyes light up and music starts to play in his soul . Maybe you sing well or play an instrument , then you can create your own song on a record for your loved one .

and you ? 
can you fly ?

You can give wings ! Not exactly wings , but you can give him the felling of flying . Nowadays is so many opportunity to fly ! A jump with a parachute , big balloon riding , airplane , he can also control the helicopter himself . Just make sure that person can carry out some kind of flight .

the best gift 

How to reckon since ancient times the best gift is a book or the one that is made with your own hands ( DIY ) . It is the absolute truth ! It isn't necessary to spend a lot of money on a gift . All you need is to use your talent . You can draw , to write , to sing , to dance , to glue , to sew , to make something incredible . Your beloved will really appreciate the fact that you put your love and effort into the gift !

it is     
so cozy 

Your gift can provide a lot of warmth and comfort . This is the soft , fluffy , knitted blanket . Where your loved one will bundle up and feel so much better . You can add to this some scented candles , lotion ( for body , hands , etc.) , a cute frame with a picture of together , cookies ( who can not love them ? ) . Everything is wrapped in beautiful packaging and gift is ready for giving .

the suprise party

It is already well known and a great idea to make a surprise party for birthday ! The most important rule is to keep it on a secret . You will need to find a place spending for a party and then figure out how to lure the birthday boy ( girl ) . You should invite the closest people , arrange delicious food and live music . Need to decorate everything perfectly , that pictures would be struck all on instagram and left a lovely reminder about this day . This sounds all very difficult , expensive and long-running , but when you see how much you made person happy , all will go by the wayside .


Make this day special and perfect . That would all the problems be forgotten . Start day with a huge bouquet of flowers ( which you can choose and order on the Internet ) , as well as a tasty Breakfast in bed . Anything : pancakes with honey, cinnamon and berries / scrambled eggs / croissants / fruit salad / fresh juice or coffee ( actually drooling ) . Give attention and care to him ( her ) . It should be a fun and relaxed day ( movies , talking , shopping ) . Just give to () a good mood and a lot of fun .

But in general it does not matter , what day it is ( Birthday , Christmas or teacher's day ) , it's not necessary to wait for a special day , for to make a person pleased . You can just do it every day ; ) , give flowers , make a compliments , say " thank you , that you are here " ! It will be not superfluous to say how much you value and love this person . Be careful , kind and surprise people without special days ( just like that ) !

So for no reason tell you - THANKS for being here

I have more ideas about what to give ! So , if you want a follow - up article on this subject , please let me know . . .

P . S . Daddy , Happy Birthday to you !

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It is time to get acquainted

My name is Kate Starikova and I finally decided to do something my own, something special . If you only knew how many times I have copied these lines . All because in my head so many thoughts , so many words that need to fit into one sentence ( and it's difficult ), but I'll try. I'm from Ukraine , but for 3 years I've been living in a sunny place Israel . I'm still in school , so there is a great choice in front of me . What to do ? How to do it ? What for ? I think you understand me . While I have time , I want to dedicate myself to something interesting and creative . I have many hobbies such as drawing , playing guitar , singing , photoshop work , as well as skiing ( winter I need you ) . But the most favorite is of course to travel . I want to tell you about all this , and this is not for " Look , I'm such a fine fellow " . NO . My goal is to inspire you , that you would raise up your 5 point and start living , loving , doing something really beautiful .

I am the most ordinary person , like you . I have my things that I love and do not like .
I love such beautiful fresh and clean air in the morning , but it's so hard to get up in the morning . I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee " mmmmm " , but I can not drink it , my belly :( I love lilies of the valley , but in Israel you will never meet them . And you know what ? it's all so not important ! it's easy to live with these but , and you try to forget this word . Try not to look for something negative in the things that you really love . Life is so amazing , that it's just silly to waste your precious time on disappointment or not remarking on how beautiful every little thing around you .

If you are waiting for stories about cosmetics or what's in my backpack ? My advice : go away from this blog . Because here I want and I will share a part of myself , things that really excite me . I really hope that you will support me , because I promise to try and put my soul on this blog .

THANK YOU very much for being here , this is very important for me .

There are many interesting things ahead . . .