• Your long one: if it has a belt, it is the timeless ballader.
  • Your short one: prefer it if you're not too tall.
  • Wide with a belt: for bodies with curves.
  • Long and wide: for big and exuberant women.
  • Princess : whats needed for small and boyish silhouettes (creates female line highlighting the waist).

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The jacket or the coat is a piece that requires wisdom when choosing it, because it is what you will be asked to match with as much as possible in your closet.

In addition, it must also flatter you and keep you as warm as you want.

Upgrade Tricks.

On a peacoat : You change the plastic buttons with metal ones that show "oldies".

On a wool coat: you put strass buttons and become an evening.

On a gabardine : replacing the belt with a lustrinian or satin ribbon or a silk scarf.

On a casual jacket: make it an evening jacket with 1-2 pins.



The best pieces for the belly are the ones without pockets, which are closed with a zip on the hip or have a little wider than normal waistband and closes with a hook on the side.

Pleats, cuffs and low cavities create curves. So you do not want them if you already have.

Baggy trousers - straight or with a slight opening - favors silhouettes with intense hips, which must be avoided: the flare (like all of us), the high - cushion or the low - cushion and wide belts.

Especially regarding to denim trousers, the question has no alternative but to try as many as possible until you find the right one. Even the millimeter of the back pocket or the type of the outer rack can be decisive.



The pointy boots or high heels and wide trousers with creases do not make a good compination. Avoid creases on wide trousers and combine pointy shoes withstraigh line / cigarette/ leggings instead.


You can not wera the same wide trouser with straight and high heels. The hem should always arrives in the middle of the heel.

Cute Audrey style : when the cigarette stops at the ankle and is accompanied with moccasins or ballerina shoes.

Mary Janes fancy only baggy pants. Leggings / cigarettes / skinny needs the heels "raw".

If you decide to wear the trousers inseide the boots , you should apply the following conditions :

1. The trousers should not make a lot of wrinkles on the pelvis and generally on the thighs and

2. your hips is somewhat exemplary size.



  • Capri

The holiday sign, of the chic. Indeed.

"Those who do not keep a flag in the parade have to choose it carefully"

  • Bermuda Short

It is now treated as the most casual alternative skirt.

Thin fabrics make it ideal even for office

  • Bootcut jeans

The most user friendly pair of jeans.

It is described as the one that opens slightly low , without any connection with the flare jeans.

It flatters every silhouette.

  • Cargo

Necessary on a basic pant collection.

The less loaded of extra pockets, cords, etc the more timeless

  • Leggings

Fashion has a passionate relationship with it - or exiles it or makes it a king.

However, the ability of it to make more wearable mini clothes can not be ignored.



The classic straight.

One reliable leg lengthening, especially in combination with vertical printstripe stripes.

Wide Wideish

The dynamic was introduced by Katharine Hepburn in the 40s. It still shows perfect at the workplace.

Cigarette / Skinny

The ideal trousers for the teen bodytype. It also shows casual and "exotic" or casual and rock, depending on the material (printet poplin or black denim) and the styling.



1. The turtleneck

It became popular by the legendary Fashion Editor Diana Vreeland. From the 50s it was appreciated that it combines the warmth and comfort with a flattering effect on the neck (which is reinforced by a fine and applied cashmere piece)

2. Twin Set

Another invention of Coco Chanel, the set of jackets and sweaters with neckline. Archetypically, brings to mind conservative ladies who, while wearing it with pearls they're drinking tea, but "Fashion Houses" like Pringle of Scotland they have modernized it so that there are assumptions of the type that can even be labeled as sexy.

3. Cardigans

An all season piece. The summer is worn over a very fine dress, winter over a wool blouse. A good collection of four or five basic colors finds you ready for any weather and circumstance.

4. The sleeveless / vest

It adds coquette and finesse in casual outfits and (like the jackets) is a basic ingredient of layering, the new trick of styling that wants different clothes worn one over the other. Worn with a female shirt and classic trousers are very nice for office.

5. The V-sweater

The great charisma is that it fits equally women with small and bigger breasts. It can ideally complement printed or tweed skirts.



The one with the rhombuses (argyle)

If you want it like a college look , match it with a men's shirt and gray flannel trousers. If you want to wear it like Paris Hilton, use a velouté tracksuit and sneakers.

A jacquard of snow

It has as many aspects as it is the characteristic designs that decorate it. You can do more folklore with a brown corduroytrousers and tall boots, more "schoolyardish" wearing it inside an overall or "ski-ish", combining it for example with warm tights and apres ski boots.

A long jacket

It is worn as a coat without its own volume, something that makes it ideal for a hyperactive worker who can wear it in the weekend with cowboy boots and denim in a boho style.

Sweater dress

The archetypal is an oversized male sweater that over the woman's body becomes a dress. Combine it with dark opaque stockings or tights, with high heels or ankle boots with "something inside" (eg shirt) or not.

A Lurex Blouse

You try to disconnect it from its (disco) past, but use it as a tease of automatic "glamouring" a daily fabric trouser or a straight woolen skirt.