It is finally time to set off!
Departure it is!

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Sooo, finally it is time!
My time in London as an intern has come to an end. I feel sad because I'm leaving too soon. Just when you finally get how to work things out around here.

But I'm happy at the same time because it means I can meet my cat again! My baby I've missed him so, I'm also scared, what if he's used to the people he is staying with
- What if he has forgotten me??!-

I've had a lovely time over here. I've learnt a lot and experienced a bit.
I'm still learning things everyday and I hope I'll become better in what I do in the future.

What I've learnt on this whole trip is that I easily can adapt to new environments and work it out from there.
I've also learnt that I'm very outgoing when I'm working, even my supervisor said so, and I'm very happy as I'm a very introverted person.

I've made a new friend as well!
I've got her number so whenever I come back or go to China I'll give her a call. Aha!
She's so kind! Without getting tired she's helped me understand Chinese a little more everyday.
Now, as I'm very curious when it comes to language, the questions has no end.
But thankfully she gladly helped me.
I'm looking forward to the day I actually can speak Chinese and meet Mengyu again.

Me and Adama just came back home from our last bus adventure. We randomly sat on a bus went to all the way to Brent Cross and came back again. We discovered some new areas yet again.
It felt nice, a last goodbye...

We've got everything ready. All we need to do is to eat breakfast, get our bags downstairs and take the cab to Heathrow.

Tomorrow I'll be back in Sweden, back to work and back to the end of gymnasium/ High School.
Then hopefully finally off to South Korea!

As my internship ends here this blog will also do so.
I'm not much of a writer but I hope you've enjoyed the ups and downs of my internship.
I hope I was able to explain myself.

I'm very thankful to my teachers who helped me a lot even if they're not here, I want to thank ADC for all the help as well. They were there whenever I needed them and they did their best. And I want to thank Ms Marcella as well for letting us stay at her house and cooking us food everyday.
I know it is a struggle to cook everyday!
And lastly I want to thank you readers who took their precious time and read through my shitty posts,
I do appreciate it a lot.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.
Remember, to be able to live peacefully and successfully you need to respect others and learn more about them and their culture.
Everybody is on different levels and everybody is learning things everyday.
All we can do is challenge ourselves and try to be a better us everyday.
Never compare yourselves to others but yourself.
And lastly courage is all you need in life.
And challenge is to be battled, let it be easy or hard.
As long as we do something about it.
We can do it.

Take care...



...Last weekend it is then...
Time flew by so quickly, it feels like we arrived yesterday and leaving tomorrow.
This has been a whole lot of experience.

Oh! I'm sorry I didn't post this Friday because I forgot. But it's okay I'll just update of the whole week.

So at work not much has changed just the fact that I keep learning new things and get to know my colleagues better.
Many things has happened, there are still many guests who are insisting that I'm Spanish. And other asked me if I was Italian and I was like "nopee!"
Aha! πŸ˜‚

But it's funny to be honest. I got to speak German as well and I'm hella disappointed!
I was a freaking A kid back in 9th grade and now, I've forgotten how to speak!!
I have to take classes again, damn I didn't get to take German classes the first year of High School!!
(I guess it's high school in English speaking countries because in Sweden we call it Gymnasium -.- )

Here's some pictures of the rooms in the hotel anyways...

Nice innit?!

Adventures with Beyza and Adama!

-This weeks edition-

Wednesday we went to a place called Willesden Green, it's a few stops from Queensbury. The reason we got off at this station was because we saw a Mosque when we were on our way home so we thought;
"We have to pay a visit."
Now we didn't go inside because it was late and we didn't know if it was open plus it seemed to be an area where people knew each other so we just took some pics.
Let me tell you how proud I was, you don't even know!
I'm very happy to see these things in non-Muslim countries, specially when there a lot going on and people are against/hating muslims. I'm not saying everyone but there are a whole lot.
Believe it or not but this is the sad truth to be honest...
Anyways that is why it is such a big thing for me to see buildings that are important to us. And I'm very proud because all I've seen around here is churches, well it is quite normal but ya know!

On that same day we decided we should pay a visit to Wembley as well, since it's on our way home so why not.

We took some pics and there was a shopping mall as well so we wandered around a little bit before going home.
And there are some cool places to be honest.
AND guess what?!
We saw a whole store for Lindt, the chocolate!
Uno wham sayin'?!

Now because I've only seen Lindt as an expensive ass chocolate here and there in Sweden so to see a whole store blew my mind.

Facinatin' stuff, yeah? πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€“

Yeh, so the next day we realised we hadn't been to Stanmore which is one station from Queensbury.
(If ya didn't kno, Queensbury is where we live).
So yeh we took the underground towards Stanmore and got to see another side of the city.
It seemed to be a place where the rich people belong,

Ya knouw?! πŸ‘€πŸ˜βœŒπŸ»

We wandered around a little, I ain't gone lie, we walked a lot!!

It felt like we'd lost our legs. We finally found a bus station waited for the bus and took it back home. It was at night time and it was creepy to be honest.

We survived and even snapped some pictures.

Friday was a day where we just wandered around in Stratford, we meant to meet with Lana, Adama's friend. There was a miscommunication so we ended up not meeting. It was late by the time so we found a restaurant and ate there. Then we went to Westfield wandered around there and then took the underground back home.

Oh yeh, we ended up eating at a Turkish restaurant again, aha! 😎

Yesterday we went to Harrow Town Centre, Brent Cross and Oxford Street. We ain't got no time left so we had to visit as many places as possible. Adama made most of her shopping and we wandered around as well.

We tried to find a piercing studio to get aftercare thingy for our piercings, we searched up something on Oxford Street, followed the directions and never seemed to find it.

So after walking for a while we saw a convenient store and went in there to ask for directions. AND GUESS WHAT?! πŸ‘€

The owner was Korean, AHAHAH!! It was so funny and I got surprised at the amount of their conversation I understood! Man I'm so proud! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž

Anyways we asked where the place was, he said it was the other way and that we should walk straight the other way. We said okay and thanked him for helping and when we were walking out he said; "come back yeah?"

We: "yeah okeee, aha!" *walks out giggling*

Aww some people are just so nice!πŸ‘€β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ

Lastly today we decided we would find a piercing studio first thing because we really needed an aftercare thingy.

( I keep saying "thingy" because I cannot recall the name and I'm too tired to search it up).

So we found one near Stratford, went in there, bought it and took the bus to Stratford. We went into a store called Blue Inc, where Adama purchased some stuff she needed and then we went to Westfield again to do the rest of our shopping.

Aaaand I bought some new shooeeeess, maaaaan yeeeh! 😎😎

Ahah anyway we wandered around, bought what we needed and then got hungry. We've been wanting to eat at Dominos but all the places we went to had no tables, so it was take away and we had a long journey home so we ate at other places. However today we remembered there was a Dominos on Finchley Road, ( the place we ate Chinese and embarrassed ourselvesπŸ™„), so yeh we went there and when we finally found Dominos, this one too had no tables to eat on. And we were really hungry and it was around 4.30pm so we had no choice but go back to the Chinese restaurant!

I have no complaints though, it is tasty food! It's just the fact that we embarrassed ourselves so hard and it has only been 5 days since we were there last time!!

Anyways we went in and when the man working there saw us and we made eye contact it became so awkward! Because he recognised us and maaan I can't!

But I'm actually proud of us, we smoothly made our orders this time, because we knew what we wanted! Aha!

He took our orders and I really had to go to the toilet so I asked him if they had a toilet he said yes and pointed towards a door and walked away with the menus. And you know what??! He was smirking while walking away! I guess he had a hard time trying not to laugh! Aaaahhh AHAHAH!! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Our food came, we ate and by the time we finished the people working there decided to eat as well!! So when we were done, all their family sat around a table and ate their food deliciously, and we were sitting there awkwardly waiting for them to finish.

Because if there is one thing I've learned from my mama that is not to disturb people while eating, specially elders. AND they had been working all day so it's rude to interrupt!

But the chef, who's the oldest got up and he looked at me and I looked at him like πŸ‘€πŸ‘€. He understood that we wanted to pay so he said something in Chinese to the man who served us so he got up and got our bill. Maaan I felt so mean and rude! But we payed and we were walking out when the old man said,

"Thank you! ^^"

Now let me tell you...

I was going to say thank you just before I opened the door so it felt awkward when he said it first! And I wasn't expecting it so I got startled! However I turned around, Adama did too. Said thank you back. Everyone was looking at us and he started laughing, we laughed awkwardly and walked out. Ahahah!

Our life is so hard sometimes! But we managed I guess! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Tomorrow is Monday and my last week at work😭

Let's see what we get up to this week, aha!

Until next time, take care✌🏻🐻✌🏻



Hiiiyaaaa!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Easter dae is here...
Honestly I didn't think they took Easter so seriously here in England, it's so weird. I mean people celebrate Easter back in Sweden as well but I never felt like it was such a big deal.
It's weird...anywayy...

I'll let you know how my weekend has been this week...

Friday, we didn't do much, we came home from work, ate dinner and then just chilled. Oh I went to Morrisons just 5 minutes away from home, to buy some snacks for the weekend. I've still got quite a lot left, didn't eat that much of it. Oh well.
So yeah, we just chilled. I felt a little restless so I went out for a walk and came back home a little later.

Yesterday we went to CHINATOWN!! It was so cool and fascinating! I felt weird, it was like in another country! It was interesting, aha! I took a lot of pictures of everything and most of the pics are just things that I don't even need but hey! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

However, we went there anyway. Walked around, took pics, went in and out in some stores and then we got hungry so we started to look after a restaurant that's price worthy.
We ain't rich so we gotta find somewhere cheap.
Uno wha am sayin?!πŸ‘€πŸ˜

So yeah, we found a place after walking around for a while, we went in and there were a lot of people, naturally πŸ™„

They sent us downstairs, gave us menus and we just stared at the pictures of different foods. It was the first time eating at a proper restaurant where you get menus and what not, for both of us so it felt weird.
And not only with that , but we were in a Chinese restaurant where everybody speaks Chinese.

After looking at different things we decided we'd have a hot pot with beef in it, and by the way before we decided the waiter came to us a few times ready to take orders but we were like "eeh, not yet we're still looking, sorryy."

I felt so miserable, confused and the waiter got annoyed I guess. At least I felt like he did, so he probably did. πŸ˜‚
Aha! Okee, back to the topic, we finally let him know what we wanted and then he said "you know that hot pot beef has got a lot of fat in it, if you want you can have this *points at something else* it's lean meat." And we were like alright. We asked him if one plate was enough for two he said yes so we ordered that and some dumplings and rice of course.

We waited for a good 20 minutes I think and let me tell you, I've never felt so uncomfortable in a restaurant before as I ever did there. I mean I'm always uncomfortable being outside my house but that just felt so miserable. Everyone were staring at us and even though there were other people from other countries in there, people chose to stare at us.
It was very scary...

So our food came and guess what?!!
The plate he recommended us were very small and there were hardly food on there, we got our rice and dumplings as well and I'm very thankful we ordered that. Anyway we ate everything in a very uncomfortable mood ever. We finished and went out.
But maan, I don't think the price was worthy the amount of food we got.
Too expensive πŸ™…πŸ»
I kind of understand it though since you know it's central and it's Chinatown, it'll always be expensive...
After that we walked around a little and then went home later on.

We went to London Bridge/Tower, Westminster, Bigben and London eye, yeh the whole lot.
We walked quite a distance today as well. But it was nice because the weather was warm so yeh! πŸ‘πŸ»

We walked around taking pictures again of everything we saw, ahah I feel like such a tourist it's ridiculous sometimes.🀣

Again, after snapping some nice pics and walking that distance we got hungry so we took the underground to Finchley Road, we thought we'd discover a new place at the same time so we got off at this particular station very randomly.
We walked to Sainsbury, couldn't find a place that's cheap enough so we went out of there and kept walking along the street.
There weren't too many food places around but we found dominos and a Chinese restaurant. Aha!
We looked at the menu of the Chinese restaurant and it was quite appealing so we went insideπŸ˜‚

I got scared again..but we just sat down somewhere this time, it wasn't that full thankfully. The waiter gave us a menu, oh man that menu was very thick! It was like a history book! Aha!
Oh the restaurant is called
"Sichuan Chinese Restaurant"
If you were wondering... We stared at the menu again not knowing what to eat but thankfully we have a Chinese friend so we took a picture and sent it to her and she recommended something and we ordered it.
Easiest way out. Aha!
But let me tell you, our lovely friend took her time so we sat there for a little while just staring.
Aha, man why do we embarrass ourselves every time?!
Oh well, we'd already thought of ordering something and our friend recommended it so we ended up ordering "Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style"
It was very deliciousπŸ™πŸ»
But ordering was not easy, the waiter came and we were like "yeh this one" *points at the name* and he was like "yeh set menu A?"
And I was like "...?..?..? πŸ‘€ this one...?" *points at the dish name again* and he was like "...this is a set.."
Me: "what does that mean..?"
Waiter: "you get everything on this.." *points at it again*
And we were like "πŸ‘€πŸ‘€"
Let me tell you there were not only one dish over on that "set" there were at least 5 different dishes!
So me and Adama looked at each other and just
"Damn! That's too much food! We can't eat that much!"
*looks back at waiter who's laughing inside but managed to cut it down to a very amused smile*
"We cannot only get this dish..?"
He very amusingly flipped the pages and found that dish for us and we said we only wanted that with rice.
He happily took our orders and went away but again we failed..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
I cannot believe that we always and ALWAYS embarrass ourselves, man it was so embarrassing.
I'm still laughing, I can't!βœ‹πŸ»πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»‍♀️

Anyway we are our food with small SPOONS because we didn't want to embarrass ourselves trying to use chopsticks, heeell naaah!
That ain't gon' happen!βœ‹πŸ»
It was very hard eating all that food and I'm happy he let us know the first one was a set because we were really close to ordering that and I don't know how we were supposed to eat that!
After the meal we walked towards a bus station nearby and took the bus towards Edgware because I need a freaking dress that I don't want but have to because my mom says so, for our graduation and Adama needs a pair of shoes so we went there to look for it but we forgot that it's Easter Day today so it was closed. πŸ˜‘

Soo we just took the bus back home...
But the day has been nice other than we embarrassing ourselves, but we laughed it all off so it's fine I guess.
But it is very ridiculous the amount of times we do that, which is ALL THE TIME!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

OH!! I forgot to tell you, our housemate Inna went back to Russia last week, because she was only here for 2 weeks. So now we've got another housemate from China, her name is Mengyu. She is really nice and funny. She's talkative and friendly. She even gave me Chinese tea because I said I liked tea.πŸ™πŸ»β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ»
And she said I was really talented with language because apparently I pronounce things properly.
All I do is to repeat whatever she says to be honest, ahah! πŸ˜‚
No she's too kind. Anyway yeh so we've got another housemate, she very niceu! πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜„
You've probably understood that she's very kind by now because that is all I'm saying. 🀣

So tomorrow is another work day for me because I work at a hotel so I need to be present. But Adama and Mengyu have a day off since it is bank holiday.
I don't mind though because I like and enjoy my new replacement so it's fineβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ»

Here's some pictures of my trips around the city

Until next time, take care
Baaai! πŸ‘πŸ»



Yeh man, it's finally weekend againπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Soo how has my week been?
It's has been good to be honest, really slow and boring in the beginning but it got better thankfullyπŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

So Monday I went to the hotel again as usualπŸ™„
Worked as a waitress again in the F&B, Tuesday was the same...πŸ˜ͺ

Tuesday evening I got an email from Diana from ADC, where she let me know that I had a new placement! She even called me that day!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Maaan! I'm so happy that I got replaced. I was so desperate to change places that I didn't even care if it was another hotel or whatever as long as I got to do what I'm supposed to do.
However I found out that I got replaced to another hotel in Kings Cross, it's more central AND it's closer to where I live. Shorter travel time πŸ™πŸ»
Actually I don't mind the distance as long as I learn something.

Let me tell you about my new replacement. It's called Point A Hotels, Kings Cross.
It looks small but it has around 700 rooms that are really cute and nice. It's a nice hotel, clean and organised. All the staff there are really funny and kind as well. They joke around, get serious and just casually doing their thing. It's really nice.
There's no tension at all!

Oh! Ahah! It's so funny how people guess where I'm from and when they get to know the truth they can't believe, but it's ridiculous the places they think I'm from.
On my first day one of the staff asked me if I'm Spanish and I was like "Spanish me? No I'm not." And they were like really you really look like a Latina. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
I mean I appreciate it but it's sad that they are insulting a whole nation! It makes no sense...
There are even many quests from Spanish speaking countries who think I'm native, they just come up casually and happily speak their language and when I say I don't understand they're just "what?! You no Spanish?!"
And I'm like ""
ahah it's funny but as I said they're just insulting their own people and I'm like

It's funny how people don't wanna believe when I say where I'm from...I mean where am I from then??! πŸ‘€
Ahah! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyway back to the topic...sooo...
The first day I got there, it was Wednesday if you didn't make a noticeπŸ˜‰
They just put me to work right away. I learnt how to check out and put the registration papers in order and the check out times and loads of information we're supposed to give to the guests. I got to learn quite a lot only on the first day!
Then the next day I got to learnt how to check in guests and how much coffee, adapters and you know the things you can buy from the reception costs. I got to exchange money, and tick off bookings.
It was really fun!
On Thursday I just got to practice all those things...
AND today..!
I checked out the guests, answered their questions, helped them with directions AND I even checked in some guests all on my own!!
Gah! I'm so happy that I actually learnt stuff in just three days. Because in the other place everything just looked so confusing and complicated.
I just thought "how the hell am I going to learn that?!"
But as I said before, if somebody explains it to me properly, show me one or two times, let me practice three and then I'm good to go!
I learn quickly, I can proudly say that it is my talent!

I'm looking forward to Monday actually, everything's going well and I'm very happy about my new replacement!

I just don't understand why it was so hard for the other hotel to show me these things..
oh well... I really believe that stuff happens for a reason and it really does!
I'm in a much better place now!
Thank god!
Thanks to my teachers who received my annoying emails and to Diana who listened to what I had to say and sorted things out for me.

I know I was a big pain in the ass and I'm very sorry but also very very thankful for all the helpπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Oh! Sorry for the bad language by the way πŸ™πŸ»
Oh my gah, I actually can't believe I changed three places in just two weeks!
But I'm happy that things turned out well..( knock on wood) πŸ˜‰

Thanks to everybody who helped me
again I'm very thankful β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

Until next time, take careβœŒπŸ»πŸ’«



So this weekend has been really nice!
I don't want it to end so quickly thoughπŸ˜•

Anyway, me and Adama were curious about something so we set off towards Stratford yesterday. We wandered around a little, we got hungry and we were craving fish and chips so we asked somebody if we could find a place nearby because we couldn't find any place. Then a man explained to us where we could find it so we followed his instructions and ended up walking three stations. We couldn't find it. -.-

So we asked somebody else and he explained it really well for us so after following his instructions we found a small little fish and chips place! We were so happy, finally we found the place! We went in and made our orders and guess what!

The owners of the place were Turkish! Aha! Already been to two different Turkish restaurants it's unbelievable. I mean I see some when we pass by here and there but it's not like I go in there consciously and order food. But somehow I do end up somewhere Turkish. Aha funny! πŸ˜‚

Anyway yeah, so after our meal we took the bus back to Stratford Centre and started looking for a place me and Adama had searched on internet. We couldn't find it after maybe 2 hours of searching BUT we found a place similar to the one we were looking for originally so we were happy in the end. ☺️

Why I keep saying "the place" is because I won't tell what we were looking for yet and what we did so spontaneously. It's a secret for now. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

Aaaaand today!
Me and Adama went to Harrow Town Centre and we went to the Chinese Herbal store/clinic again. This time we went there in right time! We went in and I asked if they had something for acne and she gave me a cleanser, cream and tea that will help getting rid of my acne. It is all natural products and she knew what she was talking about so I'm trusting her. Plus I read the reviews about this place and they we all good AND there were many customers there today who seems to be coming there regularly so I believe that they are good in what they are doing. So hopefully I'll get clearer skin after using them. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

So yeah, after purchasing that, we went back home. Adama charged her phone and then we went out to buy our lunch. Thankfully there are many food places all around the area so we just walked maybe a 10 minute walk to Charlton Road, found KFC and ordered our meals. We took it back home and ate it while watching tv.
Now! I must say it was hard eating all that food even though I got a meal for one but gee!! I had a hard time but it was delicious so it's okay AND it was chicken too! 😌😏
I was quite excited since it's my first time eating KFC. It was really worth the struggle so yeah.
Very niceu!πŸ‘πŸ»

We had our dinner around 7 o'clock but booy! I was still not hungry after having lunch but Marcella our host nicely made us dinner so me and Adama slowly fought through the meal. It was delicious but very hard to consume. Aha! πŸ˜‚

So my weekend has been nice and quite eventful. And it was a huge distraction. Unfortunately it only lasted for two days so tomorrow it's time for work again. πŸ˜ͺ

Anyways, I hope you've had a nice and happy weekend as well.
Yeh nothing more to say actually.

Until next time, take care 😜✌🏻

Oh! And the weather has been so nice since the day we arrived! So so warm and sunny!



Friday Friday Friiiidaaaaee!!

Happy Friday everybody, I hope everything's well.
It has been two weeks now in London and it feels quite nice.

I'll just update about my week, not much has happened really...

This week has been a not so eventful week. We
went to work and came back home and went to bed. We thought we'd take it easy this time around.

Oh and I found a place where they treat your body with only naturall herbs so I thought I'd go there today and ask them how it works (to treat my acne😷).
So 6 o'clock I went out and took the bus towards Pinner and got off at Harrow Town Centre. I was quite excited since I went there an hour before the centre closes. But as I went into the centre and found the store, I noticed that they were preparing to close the store I guess. They hadn't closed the doors and stuff though but being the way I am, I didn't dare to go in and ask. So I just wandered around in Primark and then went back home to dinner. Aha! πŸ˜‚πŸ™„
But it's okay, I'll go there this Sunday and ask and see what they're up to. πŸ˜‰

As I said this week hasn't been so eventful at all.
Oh! And update from my work placement!
Right...nothing has happened at all. I'm still waitressing in the restaurant and I still haven't learnt anything new. -.-

I got to be in the reception on Wednesday evening, they told me I should just observe what they're doing, just like the first day I got there.
Anyway, I stood there for maybe 15 minutes and then somebody who worked there told me he had some work for me to do but he said it might be boring. I just said that anything would be fine, as long as I have something to do. Because it is very pressuring and miserable to just stand there in the back.
So I followed him to the lift, we got to the third floor, through an isle and into a loft, kind of. In there where many boxes marked with the names of the months, so from Jan- Dec.
He said that there were old registration papers in them so my job was to take them all out and put it against the wall.
I was like: "Okaaaay...πŸ‘€"
But I did it anyways, before he left he told me to take my time and do it slowly. When he left I started working..slowly and taking my time as he said. I even took out my phone and texted some friends and family just to take my time but whatever I did I still got the job done in less than one hour! Bless! πŸ™„
Not knowing what to do I just sat there and waited. My lunch break is 1 o'clock so I thought he'd come back or something because he took the keys to the door and the door itself didn't have a handle so I couldn't possibly close it myself.
So I waited, waited and waited and nobody was to be seen...
I knew they'd forget me, not because I existed at all... -.-

1.40pm I had enough of waiting. I'd been waiting there from 12.30 or something! So I switched off the lights and opened the door, counted to three and pulled the door as hard as I could so it shut. It made a lot of noise but what could I do?!
When I went back down to the reception, the woman who worked there asked me where I was. And I was just like "what, you don't know?!" In my head.
I told her I was in the loft sortin out some old papers. And she was like "alright you can take your lunch break now."
I was chocked, nobody even knew where I was!! If I didn't come back down I would be up there until 4pm, which is the time I can go home! I literally couldn't believe it, so irresponsible!
On my way to the canteen I bumped into the guy who left me in the loft and he was like:
"Oh! You're done? Did you close the door?"
And I was like:
"Eh yes.."
He had forgotten me, bless the lord that I freaking decided to come back down and not wait for him. He would've even gone home and forget me in the freaking loft!!

Anyway that was the second time in two weeks I got to stay in reception but all I get to do is observe.
I'm very sure that people won't learn anything by just observing. They have to show me something, they have to let me practice so I can learn. That's what my training is for.
Now, I do understand that it is busy but there are times when they are not busy at all and I think that is a good time for showing me how things are done. But all they say is:
"Do you have any questions?"
"No...I don't know what to ask as I've never been in the reception so I don't know anything."
"Well that's why I'm asking you if you have any questions.."

Now for God's sake! How in the world am I supposed to come up with a question when I don't even know what to look for?!
Every thing seems clear to me anyways. The customers enter, ask questions, check in, check out, the staff answer to mails, count cash and just everything in their routine to be honest. All I have to do is to learn how that system is set and how I work with it. That's it!

It's so frustrating that I've wasted two whole weeks doing nothing at all! And it's so pressuring when they keep asking me if I have questions which I don't have.

I feel like my anxiety level is very high recently, I'm panicking over my future and my examination. I don't know, I've never felt so disappointed and sad while working. Maybe I'm immature or whatever you call it but I'm not happy at all and I cannot understand that my eyes get teary while I work. I try to be positive and patient but my stay here isn't long at all and I've already lost too much time doing nothing.

Anyways I've talked to my teachers and to ADC and I really hope I'll get replaced to a much smaller place or a place that's not as busy. Because I feel like that's when I can actually learn ,when they've got time to show and let me practice.

I'm just waiting for the best, I cannot say that I'm so very happy to be honest. I've lost my motivation and everything just points at the wrong direction...

However, other than that everything is fine I guess. Me and Adama will set off towards Stratford tomorrow.
What will we explore this time? πŸ‘€πŸ˜‰

Oh! Just for your information, I'll post only two days a week, so Friday will be update of the week and Sunday will be update of the weekend. Unless something exciting or dramatic enough won't happen. πŸ™„πŸ˜„

I'm not much of a writer so I wouldn't know what to write anyway, I've had hard time enough writing this so yeh.

Here are some pics I randomly took during the week...

This is seen on my way to innit! πŸ˜‚

And this is seen while I'm on my way home with the bus...Kenton station and Fairdale road ...
I think that was the name of the station but I'm not very sure, aha!

Aaand this is the dining place in the hotel I'm currently working is quite nice...

There are pretty cool places but I always fall asleep on the bus or train so not many pictures are taken.

Aha! I'll try to take some more nice pictures from now on. ☺️

Until next time...
Have a blessed Friday πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜ŒπŸ™ƒβœŒπŸ»



Sooo one whole week has gone already! πŸ‘€πŸ˜§

Last time I updated about what's going on was on Tuesday, as it is Sunday now I thought I'd update you guys about the remaining daysπŸ˜‰

"What happened?! How's the new place? What have you been up to?"
These may be the questions you want to be answered. Well how fortunate it is that I've got them answers for you!
Don't worry I gotchu' πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜Ž

Aha I said before I got replaced at a hotel in Heathrow. It takes roughly almost 2 hours to travel but it seems to be a good place.
All the staff is really friendly and kind towards me, which was very shocking because I was told that it was going to be strict and so on but they keep asking me if everything's good, if I want to take a break, over and over.πŸ™πŸ»

Anyway, I started working on Tuesday, I stood in the reception and just watched them work. It was tiring and very confusing because there's so many things done and nothing explained.


The remaining days I worked in the F&B, the restaurant.
Now..,there is one thing that I don't understand is, why the hell -excuse my language- am I always placed in the restaurant?! πŸ‘€
But it seems like nobody understands me...sighπŸ˜ͺ

Well it has only been a week, so tomorrow on Monday...

I'll see where I'll end up. AND I WILL ask if they're thinking of keepin me in the restaurant and once again let them know why I'm here in the first place. If that won't help I'll have to talk to my agency -ADC- which hopefully won't be the case...

Another sighπŸ˜ͺ

The Hotel from the outside ( I'll post more laterπŸ˜‰)

It looks like I'm a negative person now, BELIEVE me I'm NOT. I'm quite positive and cheery to be honest. But due to my luck not being on my side this month, I feel very disappointed, that's all. But hopefully it will turn out to something better soonπŸ™πŸ»

Sooo...what have I done other than work. Another thing that I'm very surprised about is, how much I've actually seen of the city in such short time. It's ridiculous!

Since I'm taking the bus back home I've been travelling through so many places on my way. And then me and Adama felt a little experimental so we decided to just hop on a random bus and just ride it until the very last station, we even walked very I mean VERY long distances and that made us discover so many zones -may I say- of the city. It's crazy!πŸ˜†

The neighbourhood we live in is populated almost only of Indians, we then discovered a place where only Jews live in! It was very fascinating! We just looked out the window and there they were!
A whole area!
It was like being in another country! πŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ»

And then we discovered a whole neighbourhood for Arabs as well!
AND THEN...we discovered so many "rich man" places as well, "rich man places" that's what we call those expensive areasπŸ˜‚

It's crazy how close those areas actually are! In Sweden there are a good amount of distance between the classes and races. It's very fascinating!


And today! Me and Adama went to the central of London. Firstly we went to Green Park, walked to Buckingham Palace, walked to Hyde Park and then walked again to Oxford Street. Unfortunately we couldn't walk around Oxford for too long because we got hungryπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜‚
As we couldn't find a reasonable food place, we went back to Edgware Road and found a Turkish restaurant! It was very delicious I must say and very much worth the priceπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Œ

Then we walked around the area and went home again around 6pm. We ate dinner and now about to go to bed. It is 2 minutes past 10pm.

I just thought I'd update you guys quickly about my first week here in London.
I'm actually quite liking it here, it is possible to live here. It is not too confusing.
Oh well...I'll let you know about my working placement more when it actually happens something new. And more about our activities outside of work. 😁✌🏻

OH! And I just want to let you know that I've been seeing so many Mini Coopers its CRAZY!! 😍😱
They are everywhere and I cannot help but react every time I see one.
I'm like:
Every time...I literally mean EVERY TIME!
Aha! Here's some pics😜✌🏻




I wasn't going to write several days in a row, I'd planned to write on Sunday because I thought I could write about the whole week plus the weekend but too much has happened today...

I was very excited on my way to work, I was nervous but still looking forward to it. So I even arrived an hour earlier. As I was on route I took notes on the spot because I was feeling anxious somehow and kept thinking if something would go wrong, to calm down I just took some notes, which I'm very happy over because it is 22.06 right now and I'm tired so I don't want to right everything from the beginning.

Anyway let's have a flash back to my morning;

First day 28th March.

Wake up 4.30. Get ready and dressed. Eat breakfast. Leave house 5.40.
Walk to Queensbury, take overground Jubilee line Southbound. Get off at Wembley Park. Switch line to Metropolitan Northbound. 8 stops. Moor Park- get off. Walk through fancy neighbourhood and woods for 26 minutes. And then arrive at the Mansion.
My new morning routine.

Nervous, what if they forgot about me? Not very anxious during trip but still a little hesitant. Otherwise everything feels okay for now.

Arrived at Moor Park 6.40. An hour early! Supposed to be there 7.30.
Waiting outside the station on a bench.
It's starting to clear up, thankfully.

Okee, now its awkward, I left the station 7 and tried to walk slowly but unfortunately I was too speedy so I arrived 20 past. I went inside and asked for Ms Fox who's my supervisor but guess what? She's never working earlier than 9 am!! And I was told to be there at 8.

So the receptionist or someone who worked there took me inside to a dining hall right next to the kitchen and told me to wait until somebody could take care of me.

She kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want anything to drink, tea or coffee. I said it was alright. She seems to be nice.

They thought I'd be in the kitchen but I'm not supposed to work in the kitchen since I'm not a catering student. I told them I was going to work with administration work. That's what I was told.

7.45 Anxious anxious anxious! But everyone is being nice at the moment. Still feeling like a burden. It's very obvious that everyone does not know what to do. Because the office won't open until 9.

8.00 Still waiting, a waiter started setting the tables. Don't know what to do. Nobody knew that I was comin so I'm just waiting until Roopal is here, my supervisor. The waiter seems to be a kind person too. He started asking me what I'm here for, where I'm from originally and if I live in Watford. He said he's from Algeria and that he's been to Turkey a few times. He asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, that he could make me one. I said it's alright.

I feel so miserable. I asked the manager I think it is, if I could walk outside until 9. But he said that the guests were coming in so I couldn't. It feels even more miserable when the waiter is setting the tables. I'm just sitting and staring like an idiot.

I just want to run away to be honest. Get back home. 50 minutes left. Time is passing so slow.

I think the manager is annoyed. He looks pissed. He keeps passing by and looking at me.
I knew something weird would happen. It always happens to me of course. I think I was cursed with bad luck. These kind of stuff always happen. Oh and it's 8.19am right now by the way.
Honestly I don't think I've ever had luck in my life.

Someone else just walked by, and she said:
"aah, bless you, they keep you waiting like this, those witches."
She was joking of course.
She even asked me which school I'm from. I said from Sweden.
She was like: Sweden?! Your English is quite good!
I said thank you.

29 minutes left
20 minutes left
10 minutes left
It's 8.59 now, Roopal will be here in half an hour the manager said.

Apparently I'll be in the kitchen. Because the mansion doesn't take any other students to any other place than in the kitchen.

10am. The chef arrived. I waited in his office for awhile before he entered. We greeted each other and he explained to me that I'd be working in the kitchen with him and that they always take good care of their students on work experience. He said I'd have a really good time working there. I then explained that I could work there for the day but catering is not my profession and I came here to learn more about my own profession. I'd already worked as a waitress before and never even once in the kitchen. He said he'd talk to the managers and to my agency so they could sort it out for me.

He went away, came back after awhile and said that I'd be working in the kitchen for now and that my agency would contact me during the day. I followed him to the locker room, got the uniform and went back to the kitchen after changing into chef whites.

I got simple tasks that I did. All the chefs were really kind and funny. As I'm not very talkative and very shy because I speak a certain way when I speak English, I didn't talk much, but I answered their questions whenever they asked or talked to me. They were all very chatty.

It's so funny, while waiting many of the staff asked me which school I was from and where in England I lived. And I always answered:
"No I'm from Sweden, I'm an intern."
And they were like:
"Sweden?! No! Your English is very good!"

And coming back to the chefs they were like:
"If I closed my eyes I'd think you were an English girl!! You sound so English!"
"You're proper English aren't ya? Eheh!"
And then one of the chefs said I spoke just like his kids. But he asked me how I could sound so English and I answered that I learnt English when I was really young because my mom always said that it was important and that I had to be able to speak. So I watched a lot of tv shows that were running on tv, a lot of Animal Planet and discovery channel AND a LOT of Harry Potter, me and my bigger brother were proper nerds when we were smaller. So that kinda influenced the way I speak.

So they understood why I speak the way I do. To be honest I never knew that I had an accent before I started school. I thought "yeah I can speak English!" But as soon as I started people asked me why I was so weird and why I spoke like that.
They just kept teasing me.

Anyway, all the chefs took good care of me, they kept telling me to eat or drink something all the time, and they were kind.

ADC had now replaced me somewhere else but I have no idea where. They said they'd contact me as soon as possible. And I really hope they do. Because I have to find out how to find the place...

So yeah, I was about to cry when I heard that I was going to work in the kitchen. I mean it's alright I can work there and they were all very kind but I came to London on one purpose and that is to learn more about hotels and my own profession.

I'm happy that I was replaced,!the only confusing thing is the trip to work. I have to change lines so many times and take a buss. But I hope I'll find it. I even got help from our agency.

Tomorrow will be a new day, new place to work at and I hopefully will find it. AND Karin our teacher will visit me so yeah it feels a little better. This time I was told that I'd be working with administration so I hope that is true.

I have to wake up early in the morning, so I'm going to sleep.

Goodnight and sweet dreamsπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Œ



So we departed from Stockholm yesterday at 11.35 am and were supposed to land 13.45 pm.

Everything went well in the plane, had a very comfortable flight, but as we were flying just above London the pilot informed us about the air traffic in Heathrow. So we flew in circles above London in about 45 minutes. I think it was about 10 laps.

Talk about free sightseeing as my uncle said. Aha! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

However, everything else went just fine. We spotted our bags very quickly and walked towards the exit. The ADC College who's responsible of our internship had payed an uber for us so we met the driver who was holding a sign with our names on and followed him to the car. Again, the traffic was quite heavy so it took us for about an hour to reach the hosts house.

Where I'll be living with Adama from our school and another woman from Russia, Inna who's here to learn English, she's an English teacher. She's going to stay here for only two weeks because her husband and children doesn't want her to be away for too long. She seems to be lovely anyway so I hope to get to know her a little more before she leaves. πŸ™Š

Oh! And it was my first time riding an uber by the way, so I felt very anxious in the beginning, very doubtful. But thanks to Adama I felt comfortedπŸ™πŸ»

I'm not gonna lie, the first meeting with our host was very awkward, we just went in, she took us to the room which was on the second floor. We did not talk too much. It's still very awkward but I hope it will get better soon. She cooked us a very delicious meal for dinner though. She seems to be very kind. ☺️

After dinner she showed us how to get to ADC College, it wasn't too confusing. Firstly a 5 minute walk to the bus stop just outside the neighbourhood, then take the bus 114 towards Ruislip and get off at Kenton Library. We then walked another 5 minutes to take the next bus H9 towards Harrow and got off at the station Palmerston Road. Lastly we walked for maybe 10 minutes or less to ADC College.

Today we went to the College, were we talked about the culture differences between Scandinavia and England. The reason I say Scandinavia is because we sat together with three other students from Norway. At first I thought the teacher for the Norwegian students was going to explain everything and I thought- Oh my gaaah!! I cannot understand!! πŸ‘€πŸ˜±

But luckily she was just their teacher, Diana who's responsible for the students who come to ADC explained everything for us in Swedish which was very relieving. Thank god! Aha!

She then recommended an app for route planning and showed us how it works. Around 12pm we were told to take a trip to our work placements. So I looked up the route and took screenshots of it to be able to look at while I am on the way. We did not set off right away though.
Since me and Adama went out right away without having breakfast we were very hungry by the time. So after looking around in the area we decided to eat Indian food. We went in and ordered our meals. It was very delicious to begin with, and for just about Β£5 we got a whole plate full of food! I was very hungry but MAN! I struggled so much finishing that plate. I mean in Sweden we pay so much for so little food! And even though I think it is expensive I'm used to it so it was very hard to eat everything. But it was worth it in the end...πŸ˜ŒπŸ™πŸ»

I ordered Chicken Biryani and Adama ordered Fried Rice with chicken...πŸ˜‹

After the meals Adama decided to purchase a sim car so she can have internet when she's outside the house in case she needs to search something.

We then set off for my work placement. We took a bus in the area switched to an overground and then walked for about 26-30 minutes to Moor Park Mansion where I will be working for the last 5 weeks.

The area looks a little fancy, I did feel very out of place to be honest but well...the working place seems to be a good place and I really hope that it is worth the 30 minute walk...aha!

We walked back to the station took the overground, arrived at Queensbury which is the station 10 minutes from the house we live in and took the bus 114 from the bus stop 5 minutes away from our house towards Adams's working place.

Her route is a bit more simpler than mine, she just has to take the bus 5 minutes away and ride for about 20 minutes get off and walk for three minutes and she's at work. While for me it takes about an hour. But it's alright I have to take the underground for almost an hour in Sweden as well when I go to school so yeh.

It was very funny at the bus, we took one of those tall buses with two floors! I was very excited because it has been a dream for me since I was very young- I know it nerdy but hey! πŸ€“πŸ˜„

It wasn't too hard finding our way to be honest. I thought I was going to be chaotic and confusing and I really thought I was going to get lost but it was quite easy.

As long as you know which bus or train etc, you're going to take and just follow the signs you're good to go!

And also a good memory is very handy as well πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

But Adama played a big role as well, I felt quite safe with her. If something got confusing we could laugh it off together and just start searching. So I'm very thankful to her.

Thank you AdamaπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

So yeah! It has been one and a half day now and it feels alright.

The area we live in is quite similar to the neighbourhood I'm used to in Sweden so I feel less out of place. And there a a lot of different nationalities and cultures here- it's amazing!

The small stores and all along the road is so alike Turkey I feel weird but quite relieved at the same time. It is not unfamiliar so it's fine.

Who ah! This post was so long! But I just wanted to explain what happened at the day of arrival and what we did today.

I hope everyone else back in Sweden has got it good and my lovely friend in Spain as well. πŸ€—

Until next time...
I'll leave you with a cute picture of the house we live in...☺️✌🏻