Updates from past few days (:

Ate at no 6 restaurant 😋
Then bestie and Henrik showed up 😁
Went back to their hotel and chillaxed at their pool 😊

Be one with the 🦄 😉

Waking up in my bunk with Tigris 🐯😄

👆🏽 Finally had grilled 🍗 with sticky rice 😋😃

👇🏽 Afternoon nap time 😆😉

👆🏽 Bodyscrub time 😊

👇🏽 Dinner at Wok (:

👆🏽👇🏽 At Pranee's pub on Paradise gaystreet (:

She came with cake to Henrik, his Bday that day 😁🎈🎉

Yesterday's lunch trip 😃
Had lunch at a Japanese rest nearby the marinearea. Wow their food was sooo delicious 😋

Back to Patong beach (:

👆🏽 Soooo god damn ugly 😆😂😂😂

👇🏽 Yesterday we all took a facial treatment 😄😊
My nose are soo smooth now and feel soo fresh after they removed all the disgusting white- and blackheads 😷

👆🏽 Dammit that I didn't see that earlier yesterday 😭😭😭
Saw that sign on my way home last night 😒

So nice to just be down here. Do whatever. Whenever 😊🤗

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This is where I am staying during this visit in Patong 😊😄

Following pics are from hotels.se 👇🏽

I am having my bed in a 6-bed mixed dorm, with shared bathroom one like this picture 👇🏽
And my bunk is a upperone to the left 😃✌🏽

Some pictures I have taken 👇🏽😊

👆🏽 Hilarious sign 😂🤣😅
In case it's not obvious 😆🙈😹



..especially to these guys 😢😍

So happy souls 😄💖
Will miss them. Will miss pi Denn, pi Ple and Long Tha as well ): 💖

👇🏽 past few days (:

👆🏽 Yesterday's video call with baby sister 😊💖
So happy and beautiful 😍😘

👇🏽 Nom nom nom 😋
He is wearing a freaking hat!! 😨
Got all warm just by looking at him 😱

👆🏽 One of my high scores ✌🏽
Well, when you are forced to rest or simply too lazy to be out - you just gotta do something 😅

👇🏽 From today (:

👆🏽 My firsr heavy meal in daaaaays 😋
Was OK..

👇🏽 Foot massage and pedicure (or removed my 💅🏽 first, then did all the steps besides new color) ☺

👇🏽 Great that the kids had to make the candy first before they could have it 😄
Nice concept! 😁  Was interesting to watch before leaving (:

👆🏽 For a while Tigris had his own seat 😄

👇🏽 Now my long sweater and circulation travelling socks are on! Gets a bit chilly here on the bus 😨

Now Tigris and I will try to get some more sleep (:
Already been sleeping back and forth since we left Pattaya 😂



Yepp..when you don't listen to pi Pön's advice, or just common sense, there will be consequences..

You might have read about me being out walking as soon as the day after my "surgery"/teeth removal - whereas one had to cut open and get stitches, like a minor surgery  - feeling great in my mind and body had consequences for my jaw..an already swallen jaw - which made me look like a hamster 😅😂 - got even worse during the night..
Due to my walks..pi Pön said "you must rest!", while I said "But I feel great, and I will just go short way"...yeaah..had to eat those words..
Not rough consequence tho, but huuuuge 😂
My already swollen jaw got "the hit".
And perhaps triple during the evening/night 😲😱😱😱😨🙈

What I am about to share looks more terrible than it seems. It looks horrible, even laughable 😂😂 Sister laughed her ass off 😂😂🤣, but it doesn't hurt or anything..
Half my face has swollen up, cuz whilst walking due to every step I took sended vibration/thud throughout my body - and my jaw's heeling process took the fall..

Which I should have known. But I was too excited about the kinda pain free feeling, post removal, that I didn't think further than my nose reach 🙈🤦🏽‍♀️

So after a short trip to the market with uncle and the kids, I went home and stayed there..
Been home resting/being bored as hell all day today as well..😑😒

👆🏽 As said, got worse during the evening..and even worse during the night!! 👎🏽
Look yourself and might I add that 👆🏽 these are soo not my prettiest sides 🤣😂😅 👇🏽

👇🏽 My lovely small cousins, patiently waiting for me to get better so I can take them to the beach ☺
Here we are about to go to the market where pi Denn and pi Ple works (too lazy to change to SWE keyboard and back all the time to get the ö, so from now on I will write her name Ple - as in apple, but here they pronounce it like appön).

👆🏽👇🏽 Loong Tha or is it Tha Whichai? 🤔 is soo cute in his hat  😍💓

👆🏽 "Skinny"/normal side vs. my fat/swollen side 👇🏽 🤣😂🤦🏽‍♀️🙈

How the f u c k do I loook?! 🤣😂🤦🏽‍♀️🙈😅

Watched like 2 movies with the kids before bedtime yesterday (:
Cozy tho ❤

And so, today I woke up about 8.00ish.
My swolleness had "calm down" a bit 🙆🏽‍♀️😃
Came down, watched some cartoon with the family 💓 Loong Tha went out for breakfast for me 😍

Ate some, then went upstairs..determined to rest all day. Which I did. Fell asleep 😂😅
Woke up around noon..Loong Tha then went for KFC mashed potatoe for me  😋
Ate some and was bored, listen to audiobook & played games.
Then around 17ish, Loong Tha called my name from downstairs. Asking if I wanted to come along to Talat Quai/Thephrasit market.
After a bit thinking; I asked when.
"Well, take a shower and then we can go", he replied.
"Have to pick up the kids".
Ok, why not I thought (:
Let us hope that my face/jaw doesn't agree to that later/during the night 😂🤣😅🙈

👆🏽 This stand has THE BEST 🍗 ever!!
It is always a queue to them 😋😋

👇🏽 Couldn't help myself from buying one fishy 😋😍 Will share it with the family later  😋😋

👆🏽👇🏽 The struggle is tough getting other than soup or smoothies in my system, especially when I can't open my jaw any more than this 😅🤣😂🙈😱

But tonight I managed, after some struggle, to ate BBQed squid in yummie chilli sauce and a bunn 😋😋

So yes! Lesson learned the hard way!!
Use common sense after removing wisdom teeth especially when there are open cuts and stitches involved 🤦🏽‍♀️🙈😵😒

Now I got to hang out with pi Denn and pi Ple this evening, since I stayed with them when Long Tha took the kids home (:
Pi Ple walked the market with me, then we went back to their "square" where they sell their second-hand clothes and just sat there; eating and talking about this and that.
It is packing time now tho, and about to go home (:

Bye for now 🙋🏽‍♀️👋🏽
And Mami, don't be scared or worried about the swollen face/jaw. Det ser värre ut än vad det är ❤ Det gör inte ont, medicineringen är bra och det känns knappt (:



To compare my experience I had so far from post-removing with the one I had before in Sweden: Toooootally different!! 😱😱

What I can recall from post-removal in Sweden I was in sooo much pain! I had to stay home from work for about a week or so!! Could hardly sleep or move from the bed to the living room. Was sooo weak and exhausted, I was more or less bedrested 😲😱😝
And the so calles pain killers? What a joke!!
The prescribed ones ran out, the dentist there could not let me have more of them. So I had to settle for the mix of TWO panodil & TWO alvedon every third hour!! I had to set the alarm. Cuz one night it wore off (forgot the alarm), and OMFG!! The shooting pain I felt that time it took for the panodil & alvedon to kick in 😱😱😱 One of the most evil pain I ever experienced!! And eating four tablets every third hour had it backside to my stomach 😢
Anyhow, that experience printed in to my fear-system..

How about here then??
Well, those of you who sees my Instastory has seen that I have been up and out short periods today!! Yes!!
Been resting on and off, with hardly no pain at all!! 😲😲😲 Wonderful!!
Only woke up at 03 this night cuz I couldn't sleep 😂 Fell asleep at 05ish again.
Then I had the strength and energy to get out a bit, cuz I was craving cold shakes (=

Came back home. Rested a bit more. Then out one more time in the afternoon for something to eat. Rested and have been awake without any problems at all.
Swollen AS FAKK tho!! 😂 And my entire left jaw/sheek feels tighten up 🤣😂
Can hardly move it, but NO PAIN!! 👌🏽✌🏽😃😄
Loooove the pain killers here!! Don't have to eat as often or as many as that time in Sweden, which feels great.
The only thing I've noticed is that I cannot stand and bend over for things, that makes all the blood rush to my head and makes it painful!! Other than that, manageable ache (: 🤗

👆🏽👇🏽 Woke up like this 😂😂🤣🤣😅

👆🏽 Nom nom nom😋😋
Freshly made 🍋shake and 🍉shake 👌🏽

Very good plasters tho (=
Spreading warmth to the are you patch on, and the doctor/dentist told me that today was ok with heat on (:
To help the swollen area sink. Ofc I forgot my neck-thingy at home, that one I could use both hot and cold! Ah, well..Fell alseep for few hours (:

👇🏽 My afternoon walk/food hunt.
First I was in a place further down the road, ate thin, thin noodle soup. But they didn't have any shakes 😝😑
So went here and had 🍅soup and another 🍉shake 😋😄

Soo, both time when I went out..some people were staring at me, hmmm..I wonder why? 🤔🤔😂🤣😅

Can it perhaps be cuz of this fat and swollen sheek of mine? 👇🏽 😂😂😂😂😂

A lot of unfiltered pics of me now, and "behind the scene" 😂😂🤣
Well, I am only human. Can't look 💯% fab all the time ;)

Gotta post the "real" stuff too, that aren't all about great "Insta-/most liked pics" 🤗
So there, now you all are updated about all that has happened until very now (:

The mask singer is over for this week, everyone downs stairs are getting into bed.
Me too, in the "stolen" room of poor young nang Kat 😄 Big cousin coming here and "steel" his room, almost make me feel bad. But he/they happily "give it up", cuz we are family 😍😢😭💖❤

Well time to tuck in (22.00 here), watch a movie or so (:
Nighty night!!



Today is the day...nervous and scared as fuck!! 😫😖😦😢😭😭
THREE f-ing theet are about to get pulled out, one they have to cut open 😢😭

⚠️ I apologize in advance, cuz I am about to swear a lot in this one..and ❎❎ I will post some nasty pics further down, but I will warn you beforehand - if there are sensitive followers/readers here (:

👆🏽 Always getting these bites here...back home 🇸🇪 I hardly get any bites at all 😖

👆🏽 So I had to do some comfort shopping before it's time 😂🤣😅🙈

👇🏽 It's this mother fucker, on my down left, that has to be cut open and then removed..!!!

Let me tell you, it was a haaaard fight!
That tooth didn't gave up easily..nooooo!!
Why should it? Typical my luck! 😖😝😤
The dentist/doctor had to drill and pull, drill and pull with all his might!! He did so sooo many times and soo much that it felt like he fucking pressed the fucker further and further down, rather than pulled it out 😱😱😱😲😲

All I did was praying to Pha Poo that; "please release! Please let the tooth go! Please!" And my other thoughts was that this will soo hurt later 😭😢😢😭

🚫❌❎⚠️ WARNING !! ⚠️❎❌🚫
The two following pics are not for the weak/sensitive ones!!!

If you can't see blood, scroll past this two pictures!!

👇🏽 Ok, for the less sensetive ones:
This mother fucker gave a hell of a figt, but the doctor/dentist won at last!
The struggle went on for about 40min!!
These pieces are from ONE F-ING TOOTH!!! ONE!! 😱😱😱😱😲😲😲

The other two, after the anesthesia had kicked in, only took few minutes each. *plopp*, *plopp*, finished! 😱😲
It all went soo fast - in comparison - that I for a moment wonder if he pulled out right ones 😅🤣😂🙈

But there they are 👇🏽😅

✔✅🏳🏳🏳 You can stop scroll now 😄

🏳🏳🏳 You can stop scroll now😄 🏳🏳🏳

All in all, the dentist/doctor I had was amazing! 😄 He listened to my fears about the pain afterwards, and calmed me down a lot. He also spoke gentle and soothing to me all the way (:
Made everything feel a bit easier. I can totally recommend this clinic; V Dental Clinic ✌🏽👌🏽

The good thing was that during the procedure I had like a cloth-thingy over my face with a circle shaped whole in the middle for the mouth. That way you cannot see what's happening (:

Got my medicine and the nurse was very clear about when to take what 😊



..also my second day in 🇹🇭✌🏽😄

👆🏽 Two resorb in a bottle of water, each day, is a must for me whilst in 🇹🇭 Helps you keep your body hydrated 😄

Yummie breakfast, Latna squid 😋

👇🏽 Didn't get any facial, the booker had missread the schedule..ah, well, that happens 🤗

So I walked to the market where pi Denn and pi Pön was working that day (:
Little bit of shopping, and walked around asking different dental clinics for prices and appointments earlier than the 5th (which pi Pön had fixed for me.
Found one that seemed nice, much nicer than other ones(!), both tourists and Thais went in there and so did I  😄



..also happens to be my first day in 🇹🇭✌🏽😄
When you see the screen saying it's 26°C outside, you just can't complain  🤗

👆🏽 First thing I did, and always do, change clothes in the restroom ✌🏽 Don't wanna die due to the heat 😂🤣

👇🏽 Right before Airport skytrain, I stop at this small shop and buy fresh juice 😋
This one contains 🍏, 🥒 & celery 😋

Arrived at Saphan Khwai, I just haaaad to get one of these badboys at 7eleven! Cheese and ham toast 😍😋

Ofc I visited grandma and grandpa (Mamis parents), and wai to them 😏😊
Then did a little tam bon at Wat (:

After an hour or so at pi Moo c/o, and tapped my thainumber with net and cash I headed for Mo Chit, to take the big 🚌 to Pattaya 😄

When I got here, pi Denn and pi Pön picked me up at the station 😍😄
Kaep run and hugged me with big open arms 😍💓 Kao got shy somehow and hided 😂 but came out and gave me a hug too 😍
Kan and Kat gave their wai and returned to their phones 😂😂 Haha

This night we didn't do more than greet each other. Went for something to eat, shower and was in bed before 21.00 😂



As many of you perhaps already know, I went to 🇹🇭 on New year's eve 😄
This time mainly due to removal of my three wisdom teeth 😨😱😭
But also, this time - for the first time in SEVEN years - my bestie and I are in 🇹🇭 at the same time 😃😃 Woop woop!! 😄❤

He and Henrik are having their Bdays here too ✌🏽😄 Ofc I had to stay long enough to celebrate with them 🤗❤

So new year's was spent at the airport in Dubai 😊 Not that it matters since I am not so into celebrating new year..I have never got the fuzz about that, not even as a teen 🤔

👆🏽 Huuuge elevator 😱

👇🏽 Cozy restaurant, where I ate and drank in the new year 😄✌🏽


My new year's resolutions? As same as previous year 👇🏽
Continue to work on loving- and taking care of myself ❤🤗

At the gate, waiting to get onboard can be boring 🙈

👆🏽On the plane (:
First I watched 👇🏽, got myself about 1,5 hours of sleep. Then I watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword with Charlie Hunnam 🤤😍🤤
Sooo hot!! 💣💥🔥 In some scenes you could get a glimpse of his character from SOA 🤤🔥 Nom nom nom!!! 😉

Mohahaha, made the top list. although it was slightly different rules than I am used to 😂

Hope all of you had a nice ending of 2017 and great beginning of 2018 🎉



So, few days ago I turned 31 😊
Hadn't planned much, but ended up with "last minute thingy" 🤗😄

Table booked at O'Learys and 🎳 with those who could amongst my family and friends 😍
Then the day after we also went to ICE and played 3 sets of Lasergame, woop woop 🙆🏽‍♀️😃
But first, earlier on my Bday, I had a loooooong and sooo well-needed and missed lunch/catch up with no other than 💜SANDRA💜 Wiiiieeee 😍😍😍

👆🏽👇🏽 This coooooozy sweater I got from my lovely pi Jack a week earlier 😍 Love it❣

And my warm and nice cap I bought during the  mellandagsrea, although this one - and two other things I bought that day - wasn't on sale 😒😑

👆🏽 Just looooook who is (barely) alive 😍😍😍😍

Then when we had said our goodbyes, she gave me a gift of her own (or her BF) did. She didn't have to work, so she could turn around AND JOIN - WOOP WOOOOP 😃🙆🏽‍♀️💜💜🤗

👇🏽  Dinner/game time 😄💜🤗💖

The day after 😄

Not did only Sandra joined us again, but so did C and her siblings 😄😊😃
So we were 8people 😄
1st match: Everyone against everyone
2nd match: Sillanpää/Klaiubon/Katajamäki family vs. Hendrikson and C
3rd match: Kids (all under 24) vs. Adults 😆

A sincerely huuuuuge thanks to everyone who could join me on my birthday, soo made my day/days 😄😍💖💖💖



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