Update in pictures  (:
Some might have been uploaded in wrong order, but I am to lazy to fix it 😂😄

👇 Food stop on our way down to Phuket. Although food is a bit overrated 😒
Lots of snacks, and about 3 food stands.
One had ready dishes, and one with different kinds of 🍢🍡 - but I didn't dare to eat from them, since you never know for how long they've been there /:
So, went with the safe card - a noodle soup stand (:
What goes for food in 🇹🇭 you can easily eat and try everything! Even all the foodstands/carts, as long you see they heat it up before giving you the food then all is ok (:

👆 Kind of 💤😴

👇 Touchdown Phuket, bus station 😄
💤💤 but happy to have arrived safely 😊

👆 In case someone is confused 😂🙈

👇 Taxi to Patong 450THB, about 17km (:
Got my own taxi 😄
Probably could havr shared, but my brain was barely in function after lack of sleep and about 16h travel 😂🙈

👆👇 The curves, up- and downhills here are not to play with 😱🙈

Touchdown Lub D 😄
Totally fell in love with all the openness and the layout 😍😄👌✌👍

👆👇 As you can see, not even doors or windows - all open 😄
Drapes in case it gets very windy/rainy (=

Even their "public" toilet for all guests here has freaking air-condition 😱😄✌👍

👆 The elevator from the entrance floor  (:
👇 Is it odd that I found it strange to use an actual shower? 😂🙈
When I arrived to Lub D, check-in time wasn't until 14.00 (and i arrived about 10ish 😫). But the great and amazing thing was that even tho I couldn't get my room until 14.00, one was allowed to use the whole facility 😄
Therefore my first thought; shower away my travelling is a must!! Awesome that they had  towels you could use 👆😄

Decided to pay the beach a visit, since i won't be able after my first session at the tattoostudio (:

The 🌊🌊🌊 was aaaawesome for adults to play in 😄😉 I was ofc one of them 😃😄

About to caputt 👇😑

Playing in the 🌊🌊🌊 has its consequences, my bikinibra taring apart a bit being one of them 😣
Get sunburned on my shoulders and upper back being the other 😣😭😢😖😨😩

Reception and game area (:

My room 😄

👆 #funnysigns 😂😂😂

👆👇 Someone enjoys vacay 🐯😄😍😘😆

👆 Poolparty and beer pong 😂😉😆

👆👇 This is just awesome!! 😄✌👌👍

👆 #funnysigns 😆😂😂

👇 Funny offer 😂😂😂

Visiting the studio 😄✌

👆👇 Banglaroad early evening

👆👇 Number 6 Restaurant is very popular!!! 😄😄

Was too hungry for that queue, so eat somewhere else (:

👇 wrong order 😖😒
But after beach, I spent playing in the pool! ordering a super yummie lemon/lime shake 😍😋
Best presentation yet! 😃😄

Tigris 🐯 was very 💫 💤 after the beach, so he stayed in the room or in the hammock on the balcony 😄
Our room was ready when we came back from the beach (:

When your toes looks 100yrs old, it is time to get up 😂😂😂😂

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Almost 😢😭 when I said goodbye to everyone 💖💖💖💖

Had a little bit of food next to the "bus station", good thing I did that!
Cuz they announced that food stop won't be until 23.00 ish, but they had smaller snacks on-board (good to know 🙄)

👆 Geez, don't know what tha fakk is wrong with my face when I'm on vacay 😂😂😂🤣😅😆🙈 Sooo not photogenic 😂😂😂

Soooo don't envy that dude's job tho 👇👆 😱😨

Soo, my/our seat I booked was nr 17 :D
Pretty spacious 😄😀👍✌

But then a couple came on, one had the seat next to mine and the other way in the front!! 😱
Kind as I am I asked where they had their other seat, and offered to change  (:
I mean, what the heck..how fun is it to travel together as a couple and then have to sit separately? I wouldn't want that, I would have been devastated /:
And since my travelling partner sits in my lap anyways, why not? (=
They got really happy tho, the female's face shined up in a wide grin 😁
Saatho I guess ✌🙏
So now Tigris and I are seated in the front, in nr 4 (=

Next to me I have a dude and his two friends on "the other side". They are from Bangladesh, and just vacay in 🇹🇭 for one week?! 😱
They had landed in BKK, been in Pattaya for two days. Staying in Phuket for three days then back to BKK and home 😫😮
On the other hand, he told me their flight from BKK home just takes about 2h or so - cuz I burst out if it really was worth only one week (typical me 😂).

He complemented me on my English, but I explained I was raised in 🇸🇪 soo 🤗
So he asked if I could help translate if there would be any important information coming up, sure I said (if I am awake 😂😂😂😂).

Well, we are on the move now ✌
Haven't taking a nap yet, so I might soon 😇🙄🙃



👇 Love the fact that here in 🇹🇭, this is enough to show that "We are closed" 😆😄😂

👆 My mouthgasm and foodgasm the other day 😁 Fresh lemon juice and seafood pasta, it was 🔥🔥👌👌👌👌👌 👇

👆 Another evening (:
I am always hooked on lemon juice and watermelon shakes whenever I am here 🇹🇭😍

Pad Thai - to sweet in my taste /: 👇

👆 Typical 👇

👆 The other day i decided that going to Phuket by bus was the way (:
Saves me about 1000THB rather going by flight or ferry then bus 😄✌
Since it travels late afternoon and drives through the night, it doesn't bother me (: 🤗

👆 Aaaaall mine 😍😍😍😍😍💖💜❤😋😋 👇

That feast only costed me 570THB, about 143SEK FFS!!! 😍😄

👇 1,5h footmassage, followed by a manicure 😍😊✌

Totally LOOOVE these comfy slippers they have in the massage studios 😍😁😄

👆 100% pure wheatgrass shot followed by orange juice 👌✌

👇 Saw Snorlax in a store yesterday!! Almost, just almost, bought him 😂😂😂🙈



It is with totally mixed feelings that I've started to count down my last 24h here in Pattaya, with my Pattayafamily 😢😭💖

Was lazy this morning, due to my non-sleeping this night /:
Got up about 11 and headed for my daily walk (:

👆👇 Eeeeeehhhh!!! My heroes!! Walk by them at last twice a day on my beach road walk 🤗😍😍😍

Must take my selfiestick with me and take pics tomorrow! No matter weather 😁😄✌

👆👇 Haven't been wearing a bra nor the little make up I wear since I came to 🇹🇭😂
Feels odd 😂 But hello ladies/boobies! 😆😉🙈

My last evening/night I'm taking the family for dinner, my treat ofc 😄💖💗💖

Letting a hairdresser wash my hair, blowdry it and straighten it - just because I can ✌😄
Had an aaamaaaazing scalp- and hairgams 😊😍😍😍 Niiiiiice!!

Watching a dubbed cartoon movie, Baby Boss I think it is called 😊 Waiting for Kat (the eldest son) to come home from school, let him change clothes and then dinner (:



It was raining aaall night and all morning, so my walk wasn't until late afternoon  (:

👆 I started to walk, but once by the beach I thought "what the hell! Sun is still up. Still warm out and the ocean is calm. Fuck it!"

I decided to head back home again by 🛵taxi. Said to the children to prepare clothes and towel, "we are going to the beach" 😄 👇

I did promise them when we were in Rayong 🤗

👆 Tigris was with us ofc! But he didn't felt for taking a bath 😂😆

👇 And I just recon that I have been in Thailand for like two weeks, but yesterday was my first swim in 🇹🇭 😂

👆 HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Looking all crosseyed in some 📸 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😆😆

👇 On vacay don't care about fail mixed colors 🤣😂  ❤💜💗 HAHA

👇 Everytime I by a fruit from these charts, my heart alomst stops due to the huuuuuge machete they use whilst holding the damn fruit in ther god damn hands!!! 😱😱😱😨

👇 Got all three small cousins a own teddy to cuddle with (=
Kat was a little shy and perhaps doesn't think it's something for him, but pi Zae didn't care 😊😄🤗

Bought three different kinds, they got to choose themselves (: ♡

👆 Like father, like son 😂 These two 😆💖

👇 First night I had trouble sleeping last night /:  Was tossing and turning until about 03.00 /:



The treatment I was getting the other day (:

Was first gonna do this one 👆
But ended up doing that one 👇 😄😁😊

👆👇The salon from the outside (:
Was sleeping/snoozing now and then, since you got tucked in in cozy towels 😄😊

The experience was new and felt luxury 😊
The only thing that hurt a bit or was less comfortable was step 7 - "Removing Whiteheads pimples, Blackheads and impurities"

Honestly it felt like she was digging like hell with that thing she used 😂😂😂😂
My nose was most sensitive and also where I had most whitehead/blackhead pimples. The rest of the face she just did a little bit here and there. My nose was so sensitive that my eyes started to tear up cuz of the nerves and direct connection to my tearcanals 😂
But booooy do I feel fresh afterwards!!!
She even showed me how much she did remove - uuuuurk!!! 🤢😷😝 It was sooo disgusting seeing all the shit 🤢😷

👆 Fresh and baby smooth face

👇 My nose looks soooo fresh after!! :D
Before I could see lots of white- and blackhead pimples at once on my 👃

Even pi Denn and pi Ple saw great difference! 😃😄✌

Gotta look up if they have a salon in BKK too, would feel great to do another before heading home 😄

Then I surely have to consider to continue  treat myself and my face these types of treatment even back home (: 🤔🤗

If you wanna know how much it is in SWE, divide the amount in 3,98 (that was what I got exchanging money when I got to BKK 🤗)

My face, still feels baby smooth 😃😄✌



Wednesday 12 july

This day I came back from Koh Sichang.
Went window shopping a bit (:

👆 Saw this toy, got aaaall nostalgic I just had to buy back for the kids 😄
I can remember my siblings and I played with these at Ljusåsen 😍😊

👇 Window shopped for new little bigger backpack than the one I am having. Have realized the size was too small for this trip /:

👆 View from Centralfestival - one of the shopping malls here in Pattaya  (:

👇 Went back to Nantika Physical Thai Massage  (:
Think I like that place due to their atmosphere and color 💚 My fav color is 💚💚😍
And also after sleeping on that woodhard so called bed, I thought I ought to treat my body some luxury treatment 😊

Started with a bodyscrub - gaaaaah! I felt sooo fresh after that 😊😄🙏😃
Followed by 1h mixed Thai- and oilmassage, told my massager that she could focus from my knees and up - since I was going to add additional 1h footmassage 😄🙈😁😍

Goood damn my body totally needed that! 😍😄

👇 Walked around a bit and this cool club/bar/restaurant played soo much "gooootta-move-my-hips" kinda music 😍😍
But I was too tired after three hours of body treatment, that I couldn't manage to stay 😂🙈 And by the loojs if it, they seemed to just had open (:

👆 So I bought food home and rested (:

👇 Friday 14 July

Had to buy new shooes, or I bought them before Koh Sichang. Cuz the ones I had with me was on it's last tunes /:

👆 I think that it is aittle bit of ebb going on here 🤔 😜

Refreshments after my walk (:

👆 Cozy time with 🐯💖💗

👇 There is both pros and cons with really great pigment - I don't have to press under the 🌞 all the time in the hunt for a summertan if I don't want too 😃😄
But that also means that after two hours in the sun, you get unwanted marks! 😒😝😧

👇 Went shopping more of my favourite linen I bought two years ago 😍😄
The fabric are amazing in these!
Few more 🍑shorts = 💸💸💸 about 2500THB 💸💸💸 🙈😜 not that much in SEK tho, around 600SEK 😄

👇 Yesterday/Saturday 15 July

👆 Loooove 🍑shorts here!!
They fit like 💣💥🔥👌

👇 You know you are up early for your walk, when the stores haven't even opened yet 😂🙈

👇 My breakfast 😋😄

👆👇 After 🚿 and 🍽 I just hanged with the family and started blogging about Koh Sichang  (:
Whilst I did that, one movie was on - and then they one at a time went napping (: 😍♡

👇 Whilst they were napping I sneaked out and got my hair refreshed 💇
Tooootally hairgasm !!! You see, I am one of those who loooooves when someone touches/plays with my hair or giving a scalprubb - like she did during shampooing etc. Nom nom nom 😍😍😍

👇 Then I visited the weekend night market at Threppasitroad (spelling?) (=
Imagine THREE PARKING LOTS filled with all kinds of stuff 😄🤗😀😉

👆 Nom nom nom 👇
Corn in a cup and green fanta 😍😋

👆 They even have a bar in between two of the parking lots 😂😂
And here and there have footmassage chairs/recliner 😂

👇 Then they have one whole parking lot area for just food!!! Katla got multiple orgasms while I walked around tried to decide what to eat!!
But this fried chicken stand 👇 is a MUST!!
Just look how crowded it is!!! People queuing to get hold of a tong so one could start picking your piece of 🍗🍖 😊😄😋

👆👇 Went to the free-market area, where pi Denn and pi Ple has a stand. And we ate dinner together 😊😋😍😘
This free-market area are on a open spaced area. Almost as big as a parking lot  (=
But i was too tires to take a look around there too 😴😴😴

👇 Today, Sunday 16 July

👆 Pi Ple has hars time to decide what to have 😉🙈

👆 Like father, like son 😂😂😂😂😅🤣😆

Foooodtime 😁😄😋👇

👆 Aaaaall that for only 1500THB (377SEK ish)!!! 😲😱
SOOOOO cheeep! Thinking of what we actually had!! Huuuge fish, large prawns, squid a huge plate woked rice etc.
Loooove Thailand 😍😍

👇 Pi Denn and his friend who owns or run the restaurant/that beach area (:
They hadn't seen each other for almost 20 years!!! 😲😱 Only about 1h apart by car too 😱 About time then 😊

👆 Drying my shorts 🤣😂😅

👇 Pi Ple had some extra I could take 😄🤗😀

👇 Arriving back to Pattya, 🌞 was showing and my eyes popped! 😊
Pi Denn and Long Tha instantly knew whar went through my mind 😂
"Are you about to head out again?!"
YES!!! I replied in a rush 😂😂😂
The SUN IS OUT I explained 😆😄✌
Quick change and shower and I was off!! 😆😄

👆 Although I could not speed/powerwalk that fast, my left heel is still a bit sore due to my new shoes /:
But I did only the beach one more time soo ✌👇😊

👇 Found a friend at the end of the road 🐶

👇 Went shopping at this all-in-one store 😄✌
Imagine crossing ÖB and RUSTA and add a shoe, clothes and bags section - then you'll pretty much have this store (:

👆 Mmmuuuuuu, my blister is worse ):
God dammit!! That means, compeed blisters and take it easy on my walks/PW's 😝😒🙁☹😭😢

👇 Bought home Jenga to the house 😁😊😄 Never seen Kaep THIS focused ever 😂😅🙈

👆👇 But this little sneaky kid is cheating, using both hands 😂😂

Well folks, that's it (:
Now I have updated you all to "live" time (:

Been home since around 19ish.
Watching the kids play, talking ti Long Tha. Watching some kind of a song contest with him and the kids. Now tho, they are watching Ninja Turtles - the real movie so the speak (:

But FoodKatla is speaking to me, demanding some food. Soo guess I'll have to fetch some, safest thing to do now around others 😂😄

Thank you all for following ✌😘😍💖



The morning after me coming back from Koh Sichang, we went to Suphan Buri to wai Pha Poo Damm one of very important Phra in our family line (: 🙏 Although I don't know his full name 🤔
Everyone but the eldest son came along (:
Said it would be too much in school to miss out, even if it's just for one day 😮😨😱
The teacher in me felt very proud 😄😍
But me as cousin/family felt a bit bummed ofc ♡

Swung by BKK first to drop off my huge bag filled with stuff for Mami 😂💖💗💙💚 Only her stuff are about 31kg!! 😂🙈 HAHAHA
Good thing you can by extra weights ;)

Didn't wanna drag along that to Phuket etc. so asked if we could leave it at Pi Moo's c/o, since my last stop will be BKK (:

👇 Since we were here, I stopped by Mae Kae and Pha Kae (Mami's parents who passed away when I was very little ♡) and said hi and gave refreshments 😊😄

I think it is pretty clear whenever I have been there 😂😅 HAHA ♡

👆 Kao a bit 💤 😍💖

👇 Finally arrived at Pha Poo Damm's residence  (:

Preparing food etc. to tawai Pha Poo (:

Wai time (:
Pi Ple helped me chant and Long Tha helped me with the incenses (rökelser), where to put them and so 💖😃😍 (:

He was also the one helping me get all the stuff 💗💖💖💖
I asked him, gave him money and he and pi Ple too fixed it all 😍💖💖

👆 Pi Ple and I wai with incense at all statues in here too and put on Golden flakes  (: 🙏

👆 Pha Poo is the one sitting on the head, leading the elephant in the fight 🙏

👇 Kao & Kaep ♡♡♡

Looking inside Pha Poo Damm's temple.

Visited another temple area with a huuuge sitting Buddah 👇

👆 Totally L O V E my selfiestick 😄😍💖

👆 Kaep thinks he is supposed to knock it as hard as he can 😨😱🙈

👆 always amaze me whenever I enter a temple. The calming powerfulness that goes thru your body 😊
A must be there to experience it fully 💖

👇 Wai a bit of fabric clothing the sitting Buddah  😊
Long Tha said I should, cuz that would give bon and help KetKaeo (my son) on his way - wherever his spirit chooses to travel ♡♡♡
So I did 💗 I also tambon so the family could do as well - but together  (:

👆👇 Whilst they pull up the fabric, we are suppose to chant to those we want to give this bon too. And not let go of the fabric, and try to keep it over our heads (:

👆 His face when Pi Zae told him off to NOT hit it hard!! 😂😅🙈💖

👆 They are huge!!! They are to be put in the ground around a new built temple.
It's like the ceremony we went on about a year ago (:
Opening a new temple, they were building a gorgeous one at this area. Didn't get any 📸 tho, cuz I was on video call on messenger with sister ♡♡ So she got to see it live and direct 😄😃

Pi Ple wai this Phra, to complete her wish she had to lift that heavy elephant with her ring finger!! It sounded heavy as F! when she thumped it down again😱😨

👇 Restless little Kaep 🙈💖

👇 Early morning, loooong day so many was sleeping on our way home. I may have Zzz off too 😅😂

👆 Even Tigris 🐯 was exhausted 😍💗

👇 Driving through BKK, we saw this bullet shaped building - does anyone knows what it is??! 🤔 Cuz non of us knew /:

👆 "Safety first" as we like to call it 😂

👇 Apparently FOUR lanes in BKK's motorway isn't enough 😅😂🙈
Naaah, you have to squeeeeze yourself - and almost driving on the freaking wall too!! 😱🙈

👆👇 Tigris has been making many new friends during this trip 😍🐯💖

Back at home, we all just chilled 😊💗💖



Hoooow the F!! did this happened?!?!?! 👇😱😲😨

Not for soft/weak people to look further 🚫☠❌

Was just stopping at a red light, putted my foot down. Apparently I was standing right over a well (brunn), with wide gaps. And OFC! my foot went in one of those gaps when I was gonna support my 🛵 at the red lights. There and then I just saw my nail had broken. Fine. But shortly after it started to pound and I saw it was bleeding 😱

Was nothing to do about it but turning back home and tend to my wound -.-'

👇 Goodie I had prepared a aid-kit 😄(=

There! As good as new! All cleaned, nail cut away and plaster on 😄



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