Tigris is chilin on the bed at Lub D 😊 👇

👆 On of Lub D's breakfast sets (: 😋

👇 Jungceylon (a shopping mall in Patong)

Spoiled myself with a spa manicure and pedicure 😊
Felt sooo luxury to have two people tend to you 😄😋

👆👇 Done  😄😀💚

My number 1 fav breakfast set 😄
Scrambled eggs and bacon on toast 😋😋

👆 Can you tell 💚💚💚 is my fav colour? 😉😄🙈

👇 huge tank cleaning the streets of Patong early in the morning  (:

👇 After two days of pain and tension I went for a herbal massage of my arms, legs and head 😊
I was so tense that the second night I arrive home my groin was soo swollen and hurt so much, so I had to the morning after (:

👆 After she massaged my stomach I guess  she felt I had trouble with it..so she put some on my stomach as well 🙈

👇 These herbal "bags" are warmed by this steaming pot, and then they massage you with them (:
They are wonderful for your tense muscles etc.

Almost every restaurants has their Wi-Fi info placed either by the table or on a paper by the wall 😄

👆 Favourite combo❣
Fresh 🍉shake and 🍋shake 😋😋😋

After my final tattoo session I deserved a Huge size of iced Ovaltine  😍😋😄

👇 One of many cozy mornings with Tigris 🐯💚💖
The very same morning I was too lazy to change before breakfast 😂😆

Nom nom nom 😋👆👇

Another facial done 😊👇
Can't do anything on my back, sooo 🤗😉

Badass mini van 😄🎵🎶

👆 Looking funny when you only can put aftercare balm on those part that are 3days old 😂😅😆 hahaha
Thank the hostel that had double mirrors 😄✌

👇👆 Number 6 Restaurant 😋😍😁😄

👆 A wall behind reception at Lub D 😊

👇 My last evening in Patong, after my dinner the sky decided to open and rain poured down!!
Weeet as hell when I arrived to the hostel 😂

My last badass mojito 😋 👆

👇 early morning at Phuket airport 😴💤

👇 BKK, Siam Hubbiz

👇 🐯 and Phra stayed in the room, maybe I should have done the same 😅😂
Had things to fetch for at Sampeng market  (:
This market is great if you are going to buy lots of same/similar items (=
The more you buy the cheaper you can push the price (:

👆 hot, crowded and narrow 😫

👇 MBK shopping center  (:

👆 Bought myself a new cap (:

👇 outside gym right at the corner to pi Moo's 😄

👆 foodcort Big C (:
Like the hot/boiling water where you can clean your 🍴🥄 before eating  (:

👇 new flavour, didn't dare to try it tho 😅😂🙈

Went to the doctor's (as both my uncle forced me😂), got medicine 💊 not 💉 😊

marking my food before fridge (:

👆👇 When you are sick, then sweets are okay 😄😋

👆👇 Heading out for dinnethunt, ice cream was soo good for my throat (:

👆 All exhausted after that short walk 🙈
👇 Found food (=

👆 Tom yum soup the morning after (:

👇 Chilling with 🐯💚

👇 One evening I managed to walked to a restaurant on the corner of Elizabeth hotel for dinner 😊

Patrunam today (:

The fact that a rope is enough to say "Sorry, we are closed" in 🇹🇭 - awesome 😄✌

👆 Every technerds dream? 😄✌😅
7 storage filled with technical stuff 😊

👇 Every clothesshopper lovers dream!
6 storage filled with clothes, accessories etc (:

👇 This last evening in BKK we went for Siam (:

👆👇 Aaaaaaall MINE 😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋

👆 How cute!! They serve 🍚 rice in this cattle in steel and lid, keeping it warm (:

👇 If anyone doubted, I ate it all 😍😍😍😋

👆 Everyone who knows me know how much I LOOOOOVE fooooood 😍 And how happy it makes me 😄😊😍😍😍😍

Fancy toilet 😄

👇 #funnysigns

👆 Selfie without a phone? (:

👇 Love these local restaurants  (:



Sorry for lack of updates here on the blog..but this last week-ish I have been sick 😔🤢😝😷🤒
Therefore zero updates here ):

Soon boarding time and a month has flown by pretty fast and sometimes slow (:
I will update you all once my energy is back, I am better but still not 💯 /:

Here's some pic from today tho (: 👇

Lucky me!
An empty tuktuk just came along shortly after I left Siam Hubbiz 😄✌

👆 That is what I have to re-pack...

👇 Too hot for that now tho..

Wenr out..almost went to see 👇 but didn't have my selfiestick with me, and my energy was 👎🖓 Next time! (=

Had to try 😄😋

👆 Strawberry Rossini 🍓🍾 Why not? 😄

👇 Wasn't as tasty as the one I had in Dubai but it was good 😊

👇 FFS!!!
Been avoiding/didn't fall for its temptation the entire trip..until now....😑😒
In less than 7min 💸💸💸💸 (about 6min of them I was hesitating as hell 😂😂😂)

As I promised Pha Poo, I bought him a new frame in the goldshop (:
Whilst he's getting ready I took a foot massage..altho this dude hardly knew what he was doin...😒
Strength? Oh yes! Knowledge? Naaah..
But I was too 💤 and warm to care and didn't wanna go home and back straight away... -.-'

👇 Brand new 😁😄✌😍😘

On the way to the airport  (:
Waaaay earlier than I planned, but my cousin and uncle kind of kicked me away 😂
They were worried about traffic etc..
But the taxi driver I had knew other ways so I arrived to the airport with no difficulties  (:
And was checked in and through passcontrol with about 4h left....😑🤔

Mami's stuff in the big bag, that one got to go for a spinn 😂
Mine are the little one and my backpack 😊
Yet I didn't bring ALL of my/her stuff 😂😂😂🙈😆

All alone, and still have to walk this zig zag..

Boarding time now✌



👆 Pic from Google

As long as I can remember coming here to 🇹🇭 this ‘face mask phenomenon’ (like a surgical mask) has always been around and worn, but it isn't until my "elder days" that I actually GET the reason to why they are wearing the masks.
It's not what Swedes/Scandinavians

(and yes, I am being a bit judgemental now)

probably would guess; to protect themselves against airborne illnesses, bacteria or other shit..
Naaah! The reason is actually the opposite! (=
When someone is sick, even as littleas havinga runny nose or a cough - people here in 🇹🇭/Asia wear the masks to protect you (:
And if you think about it, it is pretty genius and obvious! Cuz the mask will trap all of those nasty, icky germs in one place that can easily be washed (cloth masks) or thrown out (disposable paper masks) instead of projecting (spreading) all of that germs into the air and onto others with all the sneezing, wiping, coughing, etc. 😷😷😷
Especially when you are for instance in public transportation, and/or with children!! Anyway, we all get how that cycle works and the masks just stop it from spreading ✌

And since I woke up WITH a god damn cold today I figure I would try 😷

And you know what? Even for me it felt better and somehow more "ok" to walk around in public with my runny nose, small coughs, little feverishly etc. with this thing on - since I am "isolating" my icky germs 😷😊

Other occasion when people wear the masks is whilst walking along the streets/being outdoors or when they are on their scooters.
Due to all the exhaust from the hundreds and thousands of scooters/cars rushing around, people in this case wear the masks to protect themselves from breathing in the fumes and black smoke in the air.

👆 Pic from Google  (:

If you ever been to Asia you know the worst situations with the fumes are at red lights when one can’t avoid it and you just have to breathing the stuff in. The mask really does help. Which I got to try walking from my hostel to the dentist wearing one (:

I think it's great that the culture about wearing them here in Asia are so "normal" (in lack of a better word rigt now), they even sell lots of different styles and patterns of the mask as a more permanent option; which you then can just wash and reuse. You can find all kinds of colors, shapes and designs actually 😅

But I just dropped in to the closest 7eleven and bought white disposable paper ones 😊   

👇 Pic from Google

It’s also a nice warning to others to stay away from you if you're sick. For instance whenever I see someone wearing a mask, like I did whilst i was at Koh Sichang,I stayed away and as far from those wearing them as possible 😅😂🙈
1. Not get in their personal space too much. 2. Avoid getting sick myself etc. (:

My point is, and I have been discussion this  with my sister and friends as well,  the use of the masks are an awesome idea!
Since it is really considerate and really shows concern and care for the community by wearing them. In short it's for your health 🤗😊

Although I don’t think for example Swedes would do it, and now I am being judgemental again but, I think that "landet lagom" would freak if they saw people wearing these masks in public. .even if the whole meaning of it is to warn others to stay away if you are sick for instance (:
I also think many in Sweden also have a bit of a problem with not admitting when we have colds or are sick. Cuz it would seem like a weakness or so..

In my opinion and if you think about it, it is really odd why more cultures/countries don't follow suit by wearing them 🤔



Ever since yesterday morning I have felt this unwelcome feeling..the feeling of a fakking cold building up!! 😷😫🤧
Do not want nor have the time for that shit now!! 😖😩

Guess it comes with all the emotions after three tens days of tattooing and the relief afterwards /:

Get myself some food, back to the room and rest (:

Walked around a lot in the hunt for "the right" restaurant, but didn't find any. .
Soo ended up here somehow, maybe Pha Poo didn't want any more seafood 😂😅🙈

👆 Not as good as the one at my hostel/hotel 🙁

👆 My kind of club 😄✌

👇 Since my tattoo aren't suppose to be washed with nothing but water the upcoming two more days, then I just "had to" go get my hair washed - bummer 🙄😜💆

👇 Late lunch at Number 6 Restaurant 😁😃😋😋😋✌



Just woke up from my last afternoon nap here at Lub D (:
Wondering where to have my "last meal"? 🤔
Sometimes you just gotta love the lazy days during vacationtime 😄✌

Tomorrow my ✈ back to BKK leaves at 08.50, booked transfer today that will pick me up for airport tomorrow at 06.00ish 😴
Geez, that means early bedtime today! hehe

So more or less; out and eat someting. Back to pack/check I got everything. Maybe a 🍹 or two before 💤🛏  🙄😇🤔😄

For those who missed it, my post about my 10th tatoo is up  😄😃✌ 👇




The post everyone has been waiting on 😉
I have literally been more or less totally knocked out these last two days 😵😱

Anyhow, Saturday I went to the studio. Talked a little with the staff and he gave me "homework", even tho I wanted to give the artist free hands he said it's easier to get a vision if I have a more specific vision to aim for. And added that they have booked/found a great artist for me 😃😄
We decided I would be back again Sunday 13.00 😊

Did my homework!
Found the perfect vision to aim for 👇

The studio is huge!!! Two floors 😮😄
About six "stations" on the first floor, and 12 upstairs divided in two different rooms (:

My Tattoo artist is freaking AWESOME 😃😄
His name is pi Keng - how suitable, keng means "good, able, efficient, capable" 😄
I later on got told that he (pi Keng) is the studio's crown jewel so the speak, and that he is the only one who gets to tattoo the owner as well. "WOW", I replied and felt honored 😊😄✌

"So it begins" 😃😄
First session took about 2,5h. No pauses/breaks and didn't listen to anything but the buzzing sound and surroundings (:

Pi Keng is AMAZING!!
This is what he managed in 2,5h - FFS!! 😱😃✌
Before we finished he also said that five days won't be necessary, approximately 3-4days maybe - piiiuuuh! I exhaled and felt a bit relieved 😂😅

Curled up in their sofa and ready for session 2 😊✌

👆 Two of the managers (I think they are) during daytime 😊

👇 So glad I had Tigris 🐯 with me this day 😂✌

Second session we went on for about 3,5h with two shorter breaks and a foodbreak for his benefit  (:
This time I had Storytel in my ears (:

Third, and to my delight also the last session ✌
We went on for about 4h, with more breaks due to my oh so f-ing sore back 😢😭
This last session was all about freehand for his part (:
My back hurt like hell!!! But my experience I'll talk about that in a separate post (:

👇 This fucking wing took about 20min and HURT like *beep beep beep*

When he was almost done with my piece hr asked if he should do something about my nametattoo.."If you have the energy and time, please do it as well whilst I am here in pain already" I muttered 😂😂😂

So he filled it in with new ink - AWESOME :D

Since I've been a bit knocked out, I haven't taken any "better" pics than that 😄

I am sooooo pleased and speachless to my backpiece!!! Amazed and soo impressed that he was sooo quick - and yet the quality is 💣💣💣💣💣 or 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 out of five!!
Soo worth the trip here, and I wouldn't doubt in coming again and can sooooo recommend them!!!

Many people traveled long way to come here! I truly can see why :D 😄✌

👇 The studio's Instagram page and they have a Facebook page with the same name 😄

👇 My tattooartist's Instagram page 😄✌

Please leave a comment or two about what you think 😄
Either here, on my Instagram page or FB 😄😃😁✌



Update in pictures  (:
Some might have been uploaded in wrong order, but I am to lazy to fix it 😂😄

👇 Food stop on our way down to Phuket. Although food is a bit overrated 😒
Lots of snacks, and about 3 food stands.
One had ready dishes, and one with different kinds of 🍢🍡 - but I didn't dare to eat from them, since you never know for how long they've been there /:
So, went with the safe card - a noodle soup stand (:
What goes for food in 🇹🇭 you can easily eat and try everything! Even all the foodstands/carts, as long you see they heat it up before giving you the food then all is ok (:

👆 Kind of 💤😴

👇 Touchdown Phuket, bus station 😄
💤💤 but happy to have arrived safely 😊

👆 In case someone is confused 😂🙈

👇 Taxi to Patong 450THB, about 17km (:
Got my own taxi 😄
Probably could havr shared, but my brain was barely in function after lack of sleep and about 16h travel 😂🙈

👆👇 The curves, up- and downhills here are not to play with 😱🙈

Touchdown Lub D 😄
Totally fell in love with all the openness and the layout 😍😄👌✌👍

👆👇 As you can see, not even doors or windows - all open 😄
Drapes in case it gets very windy/rainy (=

Even their "public" toilet for all guests here has freaking air-condition 😱😄✌👍

👆 The elevator from the entrance floor  (:
👇 Is it odd that I found it strange to use an actual shower? 😂🙈
When I arrived to Lub D, check-in time wasn't until 14.00 (and i arrived about 10ish 😫). But the great and amazing thing was that even tho I couldn't get my room until 14.00, one was allowed to use the whole facility 😄
Therefore my first thought; shower away my travelling is a must!! Awesome that they had  towels you could use 👆😄

Decided to pay the beach a visit, since i won't be able after my first session at the tattoostudio (:

The 🌊🌊🌊 was aaaawesome for adults to play in 😄😉 I was ofc one of them 😃😄

About to caputt 👇😑

Playing in the 🌊🌊🌊 has its consequences, my bikinibra taring apart a bit being one of them 😣
Get sunburned on my shoulders and upper back being the other 😣😭😢😖😨😩

Reception and game area (:

My room 😄

👆 #funnysigns 😂😂😂

👆👇 Someone enjoys vacay 🐯😄😍😘😆

👆 Poolparty and beer pong 😂😉😆

👆👇 This is just awesome!! 😄✌👌👍

👆 #funnysigns 😆😂😂

👇 Funny offer 😂😂😂

Visiting the studio 😄✌

👆👇 Banglaroad early evening

👆👇 Number 6 Restaurant is very popular!!! 😄😄

Was too hungry for that queue, so eat somewhere else (:

👇 wrong order 😖😒
But after beach, I spent playing in the pool! ordering a super yummie lemon/lime shake 😍😋
Best presentation yet! 😃😄

Tigris 🐯 was very 💫 💤 after the beach, so he stayed in the room or in the hammock on the balcony 😄
Our room was ready when we came back from the beach (:

When your toes looks 100yrs old, it is time to get up 😂😂😂😂



Almost 😢😭 when I said goodbye to everyone 💖💖💖💖

Had a little bit of food next to the "bus station", good thing I did that!
Cuz they announced that food stop won't be until 23.00 ish, but they had smaller snacks on-board (good to know 🙄)

👆 Geez, don't know what tha fakk is wrong with my face when I'm on vacay 😂😂😂🤣😅😆🙈 Sooo not photogenic 😂😂😂

Soooo don't envy that dude's job tho 👇👆 😱😨

Soo, my/our seat I booked was nr 17 :D
Pretty spacious 😄😀👍✌

But then a couple came on, one had the seat next to mine and the other way in the front!! 😱
Kind as I am I asked where they had their other seat, and offered to change  (:
I mean, what the heck..how fun is it to travel together as a couple and then have to sit separately? I wouldn't want that, I would have been devastated /:
And since my travelling partner sits in my lap anyways, why not? (=
They got really happy tho, the female's face shined up in a wide grin 😁
Saatho I guess ✌🙏
So now Tigris and I are seated in the front, in nr 4 (=

Next to me I have a dude and his two friends on "the other side". They are from Bangladesh, and just vacay in 🇹🇭 for one week?! 😱
They had landed in BKK, been in Pattaya for two days. Staying in Phuket for three days then back to BKK and home 😫😮
On the other hand, he told me their flight from BKK home just takes about 2h or so - cuz I burst out if it really was worth only one week (typical me 😂).

He complemented me on my English, but I explained I was raised in 🇸🇪 soo 🤗
So he asked if I could help translate if there would be any important information coming up, sure I said (if I am awake 😂😂😂😂).

Well, we are on the move now ✌
Haven't taking a nap yet, so I might soon 😇🙄🙃



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