Nooo, I haven't forgotten about you. Just been aaaaaalot lately 😥
Studying 100% and working 50% isn't always "a walk in the park"...naaah! Especially not when last term was my C-paper. Then Mathematics course 2x 7,5hp. Now English 😥

Well, a lot as I said..but over to my headline.
Most of you who know me knows I've been having kneeproblems like forever (more or less!) 😝🖓
At least since my car accident back in 2005. I have for sooo many years - perhaps a decade (gash, I sound old 😅😂 !!) - or ever since I started work out a lot at the gym I've been nagging about buying some kind of support for my knees.
Started with some tube/elastic thing from pharmacy..but they felt too tight from time to time..and so I got sceptical about the more expensive ones bla bla bla time went on.
Now that I've been picking up training once again. My kneeproblems knocked at the door, saying "Hey, remember us?" 😒
So finally I took my 👍 out last week and bought some 😄 👇

Bought theese babies at Stadium, "Rehband knee camo" 299sek each. Sooooo worth every penny!!! 🤗😄✌👌👌

Made dancing/moving around near the floor much easier for my knees :D
Wow! Sooo happy I FINALLY bought them! :D ✌

"Better late than never" as they say 😂😅

Well, giving my body some fuel 🍽 as we speak
then catch the commuter home to 🛌💤 :p
Hehe (:

I'll try to be more active here again (:
See yah (:

Hahaha, before I could press upload raAring called me 😍
So I'm already in my bed. Ready to turn the lights off and 💤

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Tigris🐯 followed to campus today (=
Couldn't leave him in the car could I? Not when it's freezing outside 😨

Enjoying his company,  with breakfast a la thaistyle 😄 whilst studying - multitasking,  yes sir ✌
Mamis ricesoup,  🍗 and maggi, nom nom nom 😋😋😋😋

At 9.00-14.00, it's time for written examination in mathematics 1a 😨☺🙃
We'll see if I survive this 😂🙈



...yes, sir!
🐯, Phras and I are currently living in a moving chaos 😂

But what to do when you're more or less forced to take a break for studying tome as well? 😝😫 Like always in Zaesan's life, all- and a lot at once 😑
Started this morning with lexture, was kind of nice to actually get it and understand 😁 😛

But then the network or connect started to irritate me during studygroup -.-'

Thank god for my classmate, J!
She helped me understand and figure out HOW to calculate this assignment 👆

The other one tho...👇  🤔😨😵💥💫⁉
Don't get a bit of it 😱

We're about to "see" each other again at 13.00, perhaps she can help me feel a little smarter about this assignment 😅😂🙈

And tomorrow I have a hand-in assignment..which means, study all day!
Sooo, my optimistic timetable with my move just 💣💥  😑

I am soooo great full that my LOVELY BESTIE helped me move all my heavy stuff last night 😄 Wiiiiiee (=  ❤❤❤
So all that stuff is already moved to my new room/home (: Now it's only the chaos here to deal with 😂😅  Well, I have until 15th so (=

Sometimes you just have to face that you're not a 🤖 and re-plan and prioritize  (=



Yes yes yeeeessss!!!
Finally Harry Potter (English version) is available on Storytel!! 😁😆😃😄 🎧📓

Been having study group early this Monday morning, breakfast and "redovisning" seminar (:

Now few chores of today's must do. Then towards the evening, write an assignment (=



Saw this WOOOOONDERFUL T-shirt at GameStop today, and fell in love 😍😄 👇
But you all who knows me, sometimes (read almost every time) Zaesan has to change them a bit 😉 Just think of all the promote T-shirt I've ✂ up the past years 😜

Got this idea from a video in FB, all you need is a ✂ and a hot glue-gun (:

After a few minutes 👇, ta-daaa 😊😄🤗
Oversize T-shirt 🔜 dress ☺

Added another cut ✂ (=

I've always envied beautiful Janis in her light grey jacket (kavaj), and I've always been 👀 them at NewYorker. Today I finally took my 🖒 out and bought myself one ☺
But the dark grey one ☺

And ofc I bought some moving boxes and pickef up the book from the library  (:



For my foreign relatives/followers, it's mathematics 😊

After the course "Matematiskt begreppsbildning II" several years ago, I never thought that I willingly would study mathematics proved me wrong! 😂😅 😉

This morning I saw that the seminar was postpone to tomorrow due to illness..and the seminar is postpone to tomorrow..great..not!

I applied for day off today due to this seminar!! Have emailed my "headteacher" in this course and asked how to do..

Instead our study group decided early this morning to meet at 10.30 to go through our assignment for monday


The joy I felt when I think I've got the right solutions 🙌 ooor is it right?? We'll see 😂

Although, in the study group we all missed

that there were assignments (plural)!! Dammit. Well, we did the first one and decided to meet in the morning before our seminar on Monday to go through the other one (:

It seemed I calculated right but forgot one step 😅 👆
So interesting how we can learn of each other, and that we learn as long as we live, like they use to say (:
And another interesting thing is how different we all calculated  (:

Well, I have to rap my head around my wrong calculations so I understand. Then head for the library and pick up a book for the course. 🚌 to Rusta for moving boxes. And do the second assignment later (:



..when she forgets her headphones at work after our meeting 💢👊💥💫

Dammit!!!! 😠😡😩😬😧😲😭😢😤

Ah well, gonna take all my aggression I have and use it at Studio Dancing Queen!!
A full body workout at "Booty" class tonight ✌💪



Well yes! (:
Today - so far - is a great example for that 😁😁

Ever since I got that text my brain has been a mess, and so my mood /:
But yesterday I went looking at a room. A little bit smaller than the one I have now, but still big and "luftig" (as we call it in Swedish) 🙂 The rent not as high, and closer to work!
And the chemistry with the "landlord" and the other one who lived there felt nice. The atmosphere was calm (:
Called Mami and talked to her. After some thinking I decided to go for it 😄
Contract will be for 6month to begin with, and of course if neither of us along the way would feel "hell no" then we would just tell each other and have about 1 month notice but, if everything feels good then we'll just re-sign a new contract  (:
Well, you all know me - hardly I plan my life more than few month at a time 😅😅😂

👆 My room to be 😊
My "landlord" was really easygoing, at least that was my feeling I got from him last night, and allowed med to bring my own bed and desk. Which I asked for (:
Since my "bed frame" has lots of storage, O wanted to bring it 😄☺ Likewise with my desk. Since I am studying and working I wanted to have space for my books and stuff (: And that wouldn't be any problem at all 😊

Oh, and this new place also has 🛀🛁 AND an ELEVATOR 😃😄 Woop woop! My first place I'm moving to that has an elevator 😂😅✌👍

And this morning started with a videochatt with my lovely sister 😍❤❤❤ and bestie Odell 😍❤❤ who are in Thailand btw!! Those 🐖 🐖 So envy them!!
They both seemed to have a great time (:
Sister had just arrived to Koh Liep and raAringen were on Phuket (:

OK, so just now I was nearly to slip and fall. but saved myself kinda "gracefully" 😂😂😂
Anyways..after vidaochatts and breakfast I got this 👇

My heart rate went to the rooof..kind of..Since I didn't know how they would re-decide their call after I sent a mail about my "missing points" (since my exampaper as postpone to February, points for that course won't come until then etc.) I logged in, during the process of downloading the documents I think I stopped breathe for a while 😅 Read it.
Chocked with my heart in the throat, and slammed my hand to my chest I read that they would grant me student aid!!! 😄😄😄😃😆🙌💃✌👍
"Whooooot?!", " Seriously?", "Am I reading this correctly?!" were my first thoughts 😅😂 Re-read the documents THREE times, and yes! They will grant me student aid! 😄😆

Oh. My. God.!!!
Such a heavy stone went off my chest!!
Sooo thankful!! Was soo happy!! So happy I had to make a memo and put in my "jar" (:

Oh, that's right. I saw on FB that someone hade made a "memorie jar". Where you during the year write down a memory, happening or anyting that made you happy/joyful etc. and put it in the jar. And then on New Years Eve you read all the notes, and re-live all those happy moments again 😊
Wanted to do one last year, but forgot or something..Created one this year (:
Or, I toook a "gift" I got from Thomas and turned it to my memorie jar (: Look 👇
If you wanna make one, then do it!
Still not to late 😊 Just remember to don't read anyting until New Years Eve (:

I saw that some made one each for every family member, some one for the family etc. It's up to you  (:

And now, I'm soon about to sit down with my new "landlord" to be and go through the contract for my new room to be 😆😃😄
So this Tuesday is one hell of a day - in a veeeery good way - and this day has bearly begun 😆😄😄

Before I had the chance to press "upload", my meeting begun (: the contracts are 📝✒ and I even got the keys 🔑 🙌💃✌👍
Wiiiiiie!! WOOP WOOP!!! 😆😄😄😊



So much to think about at the same time, don't even know where to start⁉
》My C-paper was postpone to Feb 20th 😯😑
》Two nights ago I got a text that I have to move (AGAIN) before 1st of March 😧
》 Called on 4 ads last night, which already was "filled" - well delete you ad then FFS!! 😡😬😠
》 E-mailed on several ads as well. Got one response last night, and another one recently - yeeeii (:  Go with the flow, feel the space and go from there. One room I'll go check on this evening. The other one, don't know yet. Waiting for a respons about time and date.
》 New maths course started today, all literature not here yet 😒
》 Work on top of that..
》 Life on top of that..
And my brain on top of all the above 😅😑



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