Do you know about Facebook

Facebook is the powerhouse of the social networks, But interacting with a large audience is a very hard job. To communicate with a large number of people at the same time is also a difficult task. But Facebook has a feature called group Setting which today enable us to tie all people together in a single Common row. Without showing his or her identity and gives a chance to share views on a common topic whether it may relate to politics, Crime, Education or Government Policies

Benefits of Creating a Facebook Group

1 Give more personal interaction

On a Facebook majority of business, pages have lacked the type of engagement the page owner as having likes and comments that fuel the discussion. Right discussion can lead the business to a new height. Because it will not as work as a business page.

As today's consumers don’t want to join the conversation on a Business post, but if it’s in a group, the barrier is removed. It gives a platform to be more personal.It provides the face behind the group, not a company name and logo. Customer and Consumers want to engage with a person, not a company.

2 Drive focused attention to a call to action.

In an FB group allows an ability to pin a post to the top.Which call to action and guarantee you draw eyeballs to it and you will see an invitation to join your newsletter, especially if you provide value to the group members.

3 Receive immediate feedback from polls.

Groups are a great source of fast feedback, and if there is a nice group from the beginning, the feedback you get will be extremely valuable. By creating a poll in the group, you can receive feedback on any subject matter or question you might have.

4 Announce offers.

Sometimes group gather to build online businesses for several reasons -- bounce ideas back and forth, share experiences, ask questions which ultimately help in growing business.

5 Build trust by providing value.

Group on FB also build trust and value.Things like sharing first experience, Question, and queries and simply help in building trust between you, your group members.

Steps to Create a Group on Facebook

Step 1: Login to Your Account

First of all, login to your account by entering email or phone and password, which you have used at the time of account creation

Step 2: Click on “Groups”

After logging in to your account, you have to search for Groups option. This option is available in Explore section on the left side of your Facebook homepage. Click on Groups option

Step 3: Click on “Create Group”

In this Groups window, click on “Create Group” option on the top right side of this page.

Step 4: Choose Your Facebook Group Name and Privacy Settings

Next step is giving name to your Facebook Group and choose its privacy settings. Click on Create button after filling this information.

What is Facebook Group Privacy

Social media is a broad connection where billions of people come every day to share, view, post anything to others. If there is no privacy enabled to your private data such as to your photo, videos, and posts, then anyone can view and share it with others on the Facebook. Where anyone can comment or like your post.

Facebook group privacy is also very important to Facebook users so that they can securely continue their conversation. An admin can set group privacy to public, closed or secret. There are mainly three types of Facebook group.

1.Public Group

In a public group, anyone can join or be added or invited by a member on Facebook. Anyone can see the group’s name, discussion, tag, location and its stories. Anyone can also search for this group and post in this group on Facebook.

2. Closed Group

In a closed group, anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member. In this group, anyone can see the group’s name, discussion, tag and it’s location. Anyone can also find this group on Facebook search. Only groups members can post and see stories in this Facebook group.

3. Secret Group

In this type of Facebook group, anyone can join this group but it is necessary they have to be added or invited by a member. Current and former members of this group can see group’s name, discussion, tag and it’s location. They can also find this group in search on Facebook. Only current members can see who’s is in the groups, what members post in the group and stories of this group.

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