* Some words shouldn't have meant to say,...

I regretted immediately as i spoke to T. and saw his expression. My words were like salt rubbing his old wound, despite him assuring me over and over that he was totally ok. I hate that I was always stuck there in his dramatic mess without being able to help him with anything but making thing worse. His life is challenging enough already! uff... I sincerely wish that he will eventually find someone who loves him for who he is, what potential he has instead of looking at his outlook and financial status. And there will be, and that moment will worth all these suffers that he has experienced.

* A,...

I know A might not ever be able to find someone like me anymore. And our breakup will be one of the biggest regret in his life. I would not expect this went fast like this. I broke up with a guy I loved, my best friend, my family, with the one that shares so so many similarities, as well the one who loves me the most. And yet, sometimes we are not meant to walk the same road forever.

* 2016

what a year to live in,

I would never think that I made all big decisions within a year like this. Leaving out of my comfort zone and taking up another road with all excitement and scare are indeed big achievements I've got. There are and will be obstacles but isn't it good to live and grow as a person?

Ri has a kid now. She seems so happy and mommy-material. I'm so happy for her. I'm worried but happy for her. I just hope everything will be good, and that man will love her with all his heart. We girls no matter how strong-minded we are, now matter how successful we are, and no matter how independent we can be, are still pitiful species when it comes to love and family. It's really sad that I and Tr can't feel the love that man gives Ri as much as we expect. We want more than that, since Ri deserves much much more than that. But this is her choice and her life, and we just need to stay behind, supporting her, care for her, and love her and Xop...

Tr,... Never be worried about her. She is another version of me, perhaps even the better one, so I know she will always bounce back if she ever falls down. I just really wish she will meet someone that can make her put her guard down and love him with all her heart, for once. Last time when we sat down and had a conversation like the old time, we talked about life and guys and relationships. We laughed at how we are so analytical and how we have trusting issues. Nah, I think we just reach the age of seeing thing in a realistic way. Afterall, we are not 19 anymore.

I feel blessed that I have such a supportive and loving family and friends around me. I've never been good with words to express my gratitude and respect for them, but yeah that's how I feel. Looking at them motivates and inspires me to live and grow everyday... Here and there, the boredom and depress will come but not stay long.

Resolution 2017

* Love and care for myself. Love and care more for T. Love and care more for family and friends

* Get a good internship. Learn on job. Gain experience in the chosen field.

* Finish the education

* Travel to a new destination. Meet new people. Speculate the beauty

* Do any charity work.

* Master writing swedish

* Enroll Hanken's finance courses.

* to be added....

- Kat-

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To me,

A man at his best charm is when he shares his knowledge with passion. I can see his eyes sparkling and focused and his voice at the most confidence.

Seeing him working would definitely turn me on.

Hmm, got a lot of motivation and inspiration to work harder and better.

Tack för det,





Mong yêu thương của chúng mình sẽ luôn tròn đầy,

Để những thử thách chỉ làm mối quan hệ thêm bền chặt,

Để những giận hờn, trách móc chỉ đủ thoáng buồn, và trở thành những cáu chuyện vui sau này,

Để những điều khác biệt trong nhau sẽ trở thành những điều gắn kết nhau,

Trong đâu đó những ngày cười thật nhiều, sẽ có những lúc chúng ta sẽ buồn nhau thật nhiều, chỉ mong rằng chúng mình vẫn sẽ luôn nắm tay nhau...đừng quay lưng lại với nhau. Thế là đủ :)

Falling in love with someone is always easy, but choosing to stay in love is another thing...,

Cảm ơn anh vì đã yêu thương em,

Cảm ơn anh vì đã mở lòng và chia sẽ rất nhiều điều về bản thân mình,

Em chưa bao giờ đánh giá hay nghi ngờ anh gì đâu, về những người này người kia, về những câu chuyện xưa. Anh không cần lo lắng nghe :)

Em luôn nói với anh là em không thích drama đâu, nên em chỉ mong câu chuyện chúng mình sẽ chỉ toàn điều vui vẻ bình dị,... như là cặp đôi vợ chòng hâm đơ trên tv ấy, nhưng mà vui hơn thế nữa :)






Sometimes, I just wanna fly far far away...