I wish you could once pardon me being silly and emotional-unstable...

I know you have your own stress and problem. But you know I have mine too...

I wish you could see me being stressed or being hurt,...for once.

It seems you don't care so much :)... why am I the one who is always feeling hurt and guilty

How do you expect me accepting you as who you are when you are always pissed off when I am being who I am...I'm not perfect after all? 

I wish you could assure me that you are different than the rest... that you are my best, as I always think...

I can pretend another me as others know but then who are we to each other? :)

After writing, I will stop being upset about the whole deal. You know, you are the one who can hurt me the most. So I wish you would not do that. 

I wish we could walk a long way together,... happily, peacefully so... please turn to me and look at me a bit to see when I feel vunerable :) since it does not happen quite often. But when it does, I want to lean on you, only you! Not feel lonely like this...


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