Dagen började med en presentation av Jesper, Vilma, Anna, Emmy och David. Sen gick vi runt på en tur i huset och fick lyssna på när en äldre dam pratade om Churchill. Väl ute ur huset var det jättefint väder och vi såg den vackra trädgården samt studion som låg lite längre bort.

Utsikten från huset över en del av trädgården

Baksidan på Winston Churchills hus

En bild på två svarta svanar

Här är vi påväg för att hålla vår presentation innan vi gick in och kollade runt i huset

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Jag och Chance hade hand om besöket av Royal Pavilion, som är en tidigare kunglig bostad med mycket speciell arkitektur som har många asiatiska influenser. Det blev många fina bilder i huset även fast det var fotoförbud hehe. Efter en rundtur i byggnaden så begav vi oss till caféet där vi avnjöt cream tea- vilket innebär scones och te.

Här är några bilder från vårt besök.

några var med russin, några utan !!

// Hampus och Chance



Our groups task was to do a tour of Brighton. We visited the Brighton Pier, Churchill Square, Kemptown, The Lanes, West Pier, British Airways 360, which were places that picked ourselves. It was our first day in Brighton, and we were tired after our eaarly flight, but the sun was shining and the weather was nice. The places we visited were all very interesting. The stops we enjoyed the most was the Brighton Pier, Churchill Square because of all the shops, and The Lanes because there were many small shops and it was a cozy environment.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to Brighton.

// Christine, Ted and Anna



On the image above you see the Bodiam castle. Isabelle and I (Debora) had the opportunity to present this castle built in 1385. By the looks of it you can easily see that it is a castle, it is very typical looking, and you can simply imagine knights occupied with princess-savings living in there.

Our presentation of the castle was held with the building itself in the background. We explained that it was Sir Edward Dallingridge who decided to build this home during the “Hundred years war” (The Hundred years war consisted of many feuds between England and France in the late medieval ages, 1337-1453. They fought over the control of France. It was one of the biggest conflicts throughout the medieval ages. As many as five generations of kings fought over France, which was the biggest kingdoms in Western Europe at the time).

The castle ended up not only being a defensive structure, but also a comfortable home and of course a status symbol.

All around the castle there is a moat which was for protection. There were many other different defensive attributes to the castle, such as:

Murder holes in the roof. These holes could be found in the entrances. If an enemy would have entered, the guards of the castle could pour hot fluids down the murder holes and stop the enemies from entering much longer.

There were also arrowslits in the walls.

These narrow “windows” were built this way to make it easier for the archers to shoot without risking to be hit themselves. As one can see, they are more narrow right by the wall, and gradually get wider and wider, everything to make it easier for the archer to do their job. Isabelle is here showing how it probably looked at the time, with her invisible bow and arrow. I think she would miss her target since she isn’t even looking in the right direction.

There were more things to see in this place. There was nice weather so we enjoyed the different stations you could visit. It was the best presentation of the whole week, we would say, without doubt. Everyone else´s fell into shadow after our’s was done. The class of HU14K agrees.

At the centre of the bailey there was a couple dressed in medieval clothes. They had prepared a little show to present how it was living during these times. As part of the crowd one was not only listening to them, but also taking part in several trials, that had actually taken place in the castle centuries ago. It was very entertaining and educative as well.

This is the couple that was dressed up and acted. They were very nice and spoke to us afterwards. The clothes were made to look real and added a feeling of really being a person living in the 1300’s.

At this place some English terms got cleared up. To “stand by someone” actually comes from the meaning that you stood by a person who was sitting in this kind of stock made as a punishment. If you were a friend of the person being punished, you could stand there and make sure that no person would throw things at your friend. Another word also explained, concerned the punish-stock were your head and hands are stuck. This piece of “furniture” is called a “pillory”, and until this day it is called to “pillary someone” when you tease or treat someone bad because of what they have done.

There was a room with armours that could be tried on.

You could also walk up to the top of one of the towers and enjoy the view. The English countryside is very beautiful.

To summarise, the time at Bodiam Castle was very well-spent and enjoyable. If you ever go to Brighton and the area around, a visit to Bodiam is highly advised.

// Debora & Isabelle



We (Sofia, Matilda, Julia and Max) were in charge of the Chawton House visit and also to present the author Jane Austen, who lived there. Our group work went along rather smoothly since we were quite well-planned and prepared. We didn't encounter any major problems or difficulties, instead we occasionally scheduled meetings to check how we were doing as we worked with the presentation before the trip, thus I'd say we had excellent communication with one another.

Our impressions of the house were very positive, and we thought it was a very interesting visit. To visit the house and discover more about its history and the author herself made the history come to life. The original environment from the early 1800s had been kept true to its vivid history.

Our tour began with a short film about Jane Austen and her life at Chawton, and afterwards we strolled through the house, exploring the rooms. Many of the objects and furniture had belonged to the Austen family.

Once again we would like to say that this visit and our presentations were very successful and we do feel that we did a good job presenting Jane Austen and Chawton House.





Tiden i Brighton vi sent kommer glömma. Om en liknande resa man bara kan drömma. Ibland var det sol, ibland var vi cool. Vattnet var ack så kallt, men ballt när man sedan fick på sin mysoverall.

På dagarna gårdar vi besökte, på kvällen klubbar vi undersökte.

Cooking apples vi fick, britten drog en liten limerick så vi gick.

När lärarna hade gått och lagt sig hoppade vi uppå bord. Precis som calle på revenge, där han letade efter en hemmagjord.

Doritos vi skall äta vi sade, doritos vi sekretessbelade.

Vi vill nu utbringa ett skål och ett väldans tack för alla trevligheter unde resan! Tack o bock / Di partygalne sk-folket

(SK på den som ej likear bilderna får, precis som ted igår)



​Hi there! Since I've never been to Southern UK before, this trip was very special to me.  Busy scheduele everyday, ten girls, one bathroom (surprisingly no problems), and lots of new impressions. From my point of view I do actually believe that I enjoyed all the other visits more rather than the London visit. During our stay we all were divided into several groups responsible for the different visits. Myself, I and the group were in charge of the visit and a presentation about the author Jane Austen and here residence Chawton House. Our group work went along rather smoothly since we were quite well-planned and prepared. We didn't encounter any major problems or difficulties, instead we ocassionally scheduled meetings to check how we were doing as we worked with the presentation before the trip, thus I'd say we had excellent communication with one another.

 I definitely have to make another visit, both to Brighton and London, and that ASAP. Enjoy some of my favorite pictures! /Matilda Espelin

 The Old Pier
 The famous Brighton Pier
 Not too cold, to be honest, considering it is October
 Beautiful sun
Royal Pavilion