What´s up? Sadly but true, this will be our last post for a pretty long time. We feel that our last days in the UK should be something special. When we do not have to do more than enough. It´s not that it´s hard or boring to blog, it´s more that we want to add the time to something else. We can't promise when we are coming back, but you will probably notice it.

Anyway back to something funnier. We went to Sheffield a day later than planned which we don't regret at all, we got to see the hot guys;) But we couldn't stay any day longer in Sheffield so we just thought we could take the first, best bus to Birmingham. Yeah, it sounds very easy but no, of course like everything else, we screwed this up. This will really sound like we are typical blonde girls, we missed the bus because we were shopping some new makeup. Yeah, you read right, hoooow foolish isn´t that?? We were on the bus station in very good time so we just thought that we would quickly look in some store for good makeup. We had, which we had like Moa mentioned just been on spa and we thought that we needed some new, good makeup to our hot bodies. And best of it all, Makeup in England is sometimes cheaper than in Sweden. So we went into our shopaholic mode AND STARTED TO SHOP!! And when you have started the time just flies by at the same speed as our baskets filled up with all makeup you can dream about. Therefore three hours after the bus has gone, half as rich than before we were finally done:D Still happy after all shopping we started to look for another way to take us to Birmingham and after one hour looking, asking everybody who worked, we panicked. How the hell would we take us to Birmingham? All buses were canceled and no taxi driver was free. But like everything else with us, we solved it! The clock had started to be late and some of the workers were done for the day. And like falling from the sky one super kind girl, just some years older than us offered to drive us down there, then she herself was going down there. So totally free we took us to Birmingham and here are we now, a happily ending after all.

We will spend some days here because there are a lot of things to see, Birmingham is, after all, the second most visited city for a reason! After Birmingham, we have three more cities to go to. First Oxford, so excited, have always loved Oxford but I don't really know why, haha. Then London, where booth Moa and I have been before but it will be more awesome now when I will be there with here. Nobody knows what will happen on the nights.. And last but not least we will visit Brighton, whoop whoop. Party on!!!

Now I and Moa will be going out, have a good dinner and then just live life!! I really indeed hope that you have liked to follow our trip, because both Moa and I have loved to blog. And it´s with lot of love we're now saying goodbye for this time<3

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We are now watching the guys play, and I can just say; Goosh, they are good! Before you wonder, I can admit that i sit here on the platform with my computer…. I have got some looks on me, but I don’t care cause this is kind of my job. I yelled at one woman a couple of minutes ago that she can’t just yell right in my ear that Manchester United sucks. Even though I’m totally with her, I need to work.

Haha, i’m just kidding. I’m not one of those persons who yells at everyone and everything. It’s just tiring to listen to.

It looks like Liverpool is going to win. I have to admit that I am very proud over my sweet Gabriel. He is so cool and smart and handsome and the way he plays on the field makes me weak.

Kidding again. I’m not that kind of girl either. But when I am with Emma I have a tendency to be a little weird, just like her.

Now I am going to continue to watch the game, and I'll keep writing this post before I go to bed tonight :)

I’m back, now in bed. We found a bus right after the game which drove us to our next step, Sheffield. We took us to the closest spa and got ourselves a real makeover. Hair and nails were fixed, skin cleansed and heals smooth. We really needed that! When we got home we talked about the accent here in England. It is such a beautiful version of the Americans relaxed accent. I did talk American English before but now I have to consider changing it. I feel like I am in the middle of them two.

If you never heard of the accents, you can watch this little short clip. But I do not think that anyone hasn't heard it, but it can be fun to watch the clip anyway. See ya all friends :)




Hello again :)

Yesterday it was time to continue our big trip, and the next stop was Manchester. We have been here for a day now and I am going to tell you everything that happened. First of all, remember those hot football players? Well, it turned out they were going to play against Manchester United tomorrow! One of the guys that Emma flirted a little extra with got us VIP tickets. Thanks to Emma’s truly flirting talent, we are going to meet them again :) So we canceled the bus to Sheffield. It can wait. We really want to watch these guys play.

And now when we are in Manchester, I think it’s about time to take some quick facts about the city! Woohoo!

You know the very ugly fabric called corduroy? Otherwise, you know it as “Manchester”, but I think it’s mostly us in Sweden or just some parts of Europe who says that. The reason why it’s named after the city is because the fabric often is used in British country clothing. Jackets, coats and pants can look pretty much like this:

(Sorry, I couldn't make the picture smaller, haha)

The fabric was introduced in the 18th century and it’s name originated from the french words “corde du roi” (cloth of the king). The textile tradition has always been Manchester's big thing.

Another fact about the city is that the inhabitants call themselves “Manc” which I think is a pretty funny word.

Have you ever heard of the newspaper “The guardian”? It started here in Manchester. Now it’s one of the world's biggest newspaper.

I’m sorry that this post is very short, but we did nothing today because of our hangover. But I can’t wait to tell you tomorrow how it went in the game. I’m soo excited!!! See ya <3



We are finally back!! We are deeply sorry that you couldn´t follow us these 2 weeks. And I can't actually really remember all the stuff we have been doing. But I can promise you that we had a lot of fun and finally, I understand the differences between the United Kingdom and Great Britain. Do you agree that you have the same problem? If you don't, you aren´t a typical swede, because (I searched this up) all people in Sweden say Great Britain (or Storbritannien in Swedish) when we actually mean the United Kingdom. So what is what?? Yes, I will try to explain this to you but it can maybe be little confusing. You know Scotland and England where we have been, this two AND Wales, where we are going, are together Great Britain. All these countries are located on the same island. But if you add North Ireland which is located on a different island to the three other countries you get the United Kingdom. The most confusing part of all these is that North Ireland is part of Ireland. Because Ireland consists of north Ireland and Republic Ireland. AND ALL THESE COUNTRIES TOGETHER IS THE BRITISH ISLANDS. Didn't you understand all of it? Just be calm here´s a picture you can look at :)

This picture is the national symbol of the United Kingdom and it has the name Coat of Arms. It´s consists of a shield divided into four quadrants. One of the quadrants contain the guardant lions of England which also is Englands National flag. Two of the quadrants contain the rampant lion of Scotland and that is Scotland national flag too. The final quadrant contains a harp which represents Northern Ireland which of course is Irelands national flag.

Haha, you wanna know something funny or more for us really embarrassing? We have been in Liverpool more than a week now and for some days ago we were at a nightclub. We were there happily dancing when out of the blue two hot and with that I mean REALLY HOT guys came to us. They were really cool and after a while, more hot guys came to us, and we couldn't understand why all these guys were with us? Two girls from Sweden?? All night we were there chatting, drinking and dancing without a clue. And just before we left the club we got our big wondering answered. All these guys are players in the famous football league Liverpool FC. Can you get it a whole night we have been chatting with real famous football players!!! Very happy we went to the bed to get our beauty sleep. The next day we woke up with some really big hangover and just wanted to lay in our beds and never get up. But our stomach forced us, at last, to get up. When we booked our hotel we booked breakfast too, thank god for that! So we just pulled on some clothes and went down. Now afterward I can guess we looked more like a cross between an alien and a panda, with messy hair, destroyed makeup than an ordinary human. Watch out, now I'm coming to the embarrassing part. When we sat there and eat a typical British breakfast with eggs, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms and of course the national drink of England, tea, still half asleep. I could see in my corner of the eye, same guys which we danced with on the nightclub, coming in from the entré to the receptionist. Moa and I got panic and tried to be so as invisible as possible. But of course, the saw us where we sat ugly as hell. Not enough that they saw us, they came up to us and started to talk. EVERY SINGLE ONE in the hotel stared at us, where we sat and wished that we just could disappear. But to be honest we think it was pretty funny ourself so when we got back into our room we had a big laugh attack. We have been talking more with the guys so they don´t think that we are so weird as we looked like. Or maybe we are, well they will probably never find out.



Hello, gorgeous <3 Maybe you wonder where we have been the last couple of days? Well, we continued our trip, but this time without internet. That's right, our lives have been hard these days, but we finally found a café with the worst internet ever, but better than nothing. I'm going to write this post, but then you have to wait a week til we hit a bigger city with better internet.

It was a long trip to this little small town in Wales. It’s called Bangor, and there are some pretty outstanding facts about the city. Yes, you can call it city even though it’s only 20 000 people living here. It is the smallest place that can be addressed with the word city. A third of the 20 000 inhabitants are students. That is pretty rough. The reason why they live here to study is of course because they have very good schools. One example is the Bangor university.

On the evening, we felt like we had to shake our bodies. We went to this nightclub who’s called “Time” and it really rocked. We forgot about everything and just danced. We decided to dedicate this evening to just us and not some stupid boys, so we danced together all the time, even the slow-dance. We got some eyes on us, but we couldn’t care less.

One thing that surprised us was when a boyband with 6 young boys went up on stage. They sang like gods. Most of their songs were covers from the celebrity from England Amy Winehouse. She was born in London 1983 and died in 2011. She was known by her deep alto voice and for her extremely talent.

Well, now we should get home, and we are going to bed. Tomorrow is around the corner and it will give us new memories that we’ll never forget. Love you, and see you in a week <3



Hello again!

This morning, we took a cab from Carlisle to Keswick. It wasn’t that far, but it nearly made us broke. You might be wondering why we didn’t take the bus, a much cheaper alternative. Well, we tried for about an hour to find the right bus station, and when we finally did we realised the bus left 2 minutes ago and the next one isn’t here until 55 minutes later. So we decided to take a cab. I am actually glad we did that, because I really think the cabs looks soooo cool in UK. They are black and when you walk into it, it feels like you’re in a movie.

Anyways, we had been planning all day that we were going to visit a cool museum here. It’s called “The pencil Museum”. Yepp you read it right. But it actually sounded great, and we needed a little change from all the history we had been learning this week. When we got there we had some trouble finding the entrance, but lastly we found it. There was just one problem and it was that it was closed. We googled it and it said that they opened again in March or April. Emma, that was so tired by now (and I think she has her PMS right now) had a small breakdown that ended with her asking everybody on the street after the closest place were they sell fish and chips.

We headed to the town's best street food restaurant and the place that everybody had been telling us about and ordered 2 big plates of fish and chips. It was weird eating it like this, in some paper on the street with remoulade sauce all over it. But it was yummy. Fish and chips is a standard brittish thing that you have to try when you visit the country. Otherwise, the police will hunt you down. Uhm…. Just kidding, but it wasn’t even fun haha :)

Then it started to rain, and we just had to snap a photo (or ask a creepy man to take it for us) in the water. Here it is :)




Hey, lovies! Here are some updates since Sunday. When we left the Isle of Arran, we drove immediately to Carlisle where we are right now. Yesterday we felt that we needed some time off from traveling around all the time. So we decided to stay here a day longer and do some shopping!! Carlisle has an amazing shopping center named the Lanes Shopping center where there are more than 70 stores. It isn't the biggest shopping center we have been too but more than enough for us. This shopping center is like an ordinary shopping center in Sweden. The only difference is that there are some others stores and instead for one big building like in Sweden there are several buildings. This shopping center is more like a neighborhood with only stores and restaurants. If you don’t really understand my description you can think of heaven, where you can find everything you want and you are there with your bestie!

We were here for all day long, we were among the first ones to be there when they open and one of them last to leave when they closed. We came with a small shopping budget and we left with a LOT of clothes and only exceeded our budget a liiiittle bit. After all shopping, we were exhausted so we slept late this morning. The best of all is that we had brunch and now we're going to be tourists for a while. We're going to visit Carlisle Castle and Rickerby park. We are both very interested in history but I don't think we will handle more history than this today.

A perfect weekend with both shopping and history. Now when we have been in the UK for a while I have discovered one thing. That almost all british people are so nice, even when they don't know who you are. They say hi to you and help you if you're lost (like me and Moa when we try to find around). In Sweden it isn't like these, there you try to avoid eye contact as much as you can. But of course, if you need to talk to a stranger you're nice. But all british people can just drop a comment from nowhere. So if you´re a brit you really should be proud, I love you guys <33

Here you can see me and Moa when we walked around and were tourists. The second picture was taken exactly after a nice brit told us a joke. And yes we look funny when we laugh but it really was a funny joke!!



Hi, guys! I think this day was one of the best time in my life. If you ever think about to visit the UK, then visit the Isle of Arran. We visited the island today and I want to stay here longer, but we have already booked ticket home :( At least we caught the most important, THE SEA ANIMALS!!

All day long we walked, watched and just beamed together with the cold wind. And yes, we should have twice as much clothing on us. But we forgot very quickly how much we were freezing when we saw a real shark!! We found out that we stared at a Basking shark. The cool with a Basking shark is that it´s the second largest in the world. It can reach a weight up to 7 tons and be 11 meters long. When we saw this shark we both decided that we never willingly will jump into the water anymore, NEVER. But when we some hours later saw a group Bottlenose dolphins we wanted to jump into the water immediately. And when they communicate with each other it sounds so funny. You just wanna take all of them with you home. In Sweden, I have never in my life seen neither a shark or a dolphin. But Moas mom saw a dolphin for a while ago so it isn't impossible but veeeery hard. Have you ever seen a dolphin or a shark, if you have how was it?

Right now we´ŕe laying in our bed completely eliminated and soon we will sleep like puppies. Do you have the same problem like we have? That when you are going to sleep together you just need to talk? That you just need to remind each other about all fun you have done together? We have that problem every night and we need a solution soon, please help!!



We couldn’t write so much in our last post, cause we sat on the bus. Well you know that already so I don’t know why i wrote it again, haha. But this day has been amaaaazing! We visited the gallery of modern art. We didn’t like the art, you can describe it as useless things hanging from the roof. Most of it was useless things as balloons or yarn hanging from the roof. Even if the art were so strange, we stayed in there for 4 hours trying to talk like stupid people to every (I mean every) employee. They looked at us with a questioning look, but they all tried to answer us as professional as possible, haha.

At the evenig we went to this cool hamburger bar where they made us the best hamburgers in the world! Here is pictures of Emma, and you can tell she liked it! See you guys tomorrow <3



Today it’s time for Glasgow. We are in the moment sitting on the bus, and it will take us 1 hour to get there. The bus is full of tourists and most of them are from Asia. It’s kind of fun to sit here and watch them fight on a language that sounds fake, haha.

Anyway, we have been doing some research on Glasgow to see what is worth visiting. We read that the medieval Glasgow is mostly destroyed, but there is one building left that is a prominent landmark that we need to see on our trip. It’s called st. Mungos Cathedral. It got a little bit destroyed in 1500’s, but they repaired it and i’m very thankful for that, because it’s a lovely building.

Glasgow is known by their nice architecture. The inner center of the city is from late 1800’s and the victorian era. This is something me and Emma not are used to. Our hometown is filled with boring apartments and ugly houses, so this is going to be exciting!

We are almost there, the guide said it was 5 minutes left on the trip. We will update soon about this day. See ya, we love you <3