Star Fucker

This one is crazy because the guy is actually famous in my country.
He was at my school to make a presentation about his life and he ended the presentation with a joke about telling us his Snapchat name. I immediately added him. I’ve always been saying I would like to have sex with him so this was my chance! I am so used to get what I want, so what could go wrong?
Nothing happened in 4 months after that, but then a night while I had been drinking a little too much red whine and was in my bed naked trying to convince myself to go out I made a video on Snapchat and sent to a lot of my friends, included. It was just a video of me listening to “Stromae - Alors on dance” and making my boob bounce to the rhythm.
He replied and before I opened the snap I thought to myself “finally I get to see what a loser who is using his name on Snapchat just to get snaps like this!” I opened the snap and to my surprise it was him. Him saying, “that might just be the best snap I’ve received today”
From this point I was already completely startstruck.
We started snapping dirty pictures to each other and exchanged phone numbers. All of this happened on a Friday and the following Monday he came by my town.

So here is what happened:
I spend 4 hours getting ready and he picked me up in his big car. When I got in the car I was completely tense as he was sitting right there! He started to kiss me and it felt like forever. He is such an amazing kisser. We drove to my mom’s allotment garden and had amazing sex that involved spanking and anal (normally I won’t just do anal sex with people I don’t know very well, but I made a little exception because he is famous lol).

A few days after it came to my mind that my mom and her boyfriend put a camera up in the garden to catch some animal. The camera pointed right at the window where we had sex. I called my mom almost panicking about her finding out to ask if she could see what goes on inside the house on that camera. At first she said she wasn't sure so she had me admit the whole thing. She tried to tell me it wasn't okay while she laughed her ass off. Then she told me they took the camera down last week.
She is clever.

I expected this to be an once-in-a-lifetime event and just a one-night stand as it was too good to even be real in the first place. But after we had sex he told me we should meet again. I don’t understand why guys say this when they don’t mean it. This stupid thing is something I’ve experienced a lot of times since this.
I just feel like… If I like the guy I will be able to do what ever he wants. If he tells me it is a one-night stand I will completely understand and accept that. If he tells me he wants more I’ll start to get my feelings going and my hopes up. There is no reason for this! I know most girls aren’t like me, but I will always prefer honesty above all.
My Starfucker-story of course ended here. We talked a little afterwards and I am such a psycho I turned up to the next presentation he did in my city. It was a week before I went on my travels and I just sat on the first row to stare at him. He padded my shoulder and said hello as he walked past me. At least he remember my name.

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The Colombian Queen

Tinder game was strong and this is far from the last story you will hear from there.
This girl was just as open minded as I am if not even more.
She is beautiful with curly hair, big lips, deep brown eyes and that ass tho.
We went on our first date just to talk and get coffee and we just clicked.
On the second date she brought me to an actual swingers club. That night we were exclusive in spite of the fact that we were in a swingers club. It was just the two of us. She is quite dominant and it was quite difficult to be alone and undisturbed in a house full of horny people when being two young beautiful women together so we didn't do too much. The night was awesome anyway. I’m glad I had the experience.

We still talk as we have much in common. When we randomly bump into each other while going out we will typically start making out within less than 5 minutes. I have a friend who took time on it once.



Gentle Girly Girls

This was about the time everyone got the shallow Tinder “dating” app.
In my school I was part of arranging the formal dance and I didn’t want to go without a partner. I tried to find a partner on Tinder.
I met this sweet and innocent girl who is looking for a girlfriend/serious relationship. I can say for sure I wasn’t the right one for her. But we started dating because she was so sweet. I just never really caught the feeling of being in love and she didn’t deserve that.
I took her travelling abroad right after Christmas and introduced her to some of my sex toys. She was a big fan of my Magic Wand. The sex was sweet and gentle. On the side I still had my slave (she knew about this as it was one of the first things I told her on tinder before we even met).
She went to the prom with me and we sure had fun in the 4 months we were together but I had to break up, as I wasn’t catching any real feelings. I wish I did because she deserved it.
Now she is married to a girl with two adorable kids and she got all she wished for in a relationship - I am very happy for her but we don’t talk anymore as her new wife practically won’t let her talk to anyone now. That makes me worried but I can't get in contact with her.



The Slave

Now I’ll get to the third and most obscure story from that dating site.

One of my friends was also on this site and she got a mail from an old nasty man who wanted her to fill a cup with spit and watch him drink it.

She wasn’t going to do it but I found it interesting as no sex was involved and I had never really had the chance to explore my own dominant side.

I wrote to him and we agreed on meeting. For safety my ex boyfriend, who I was still fucking, went with me to wait in the car. In exchange for the favour I bought him a new pair of heels. I forgot to mention he has a high heel fetish and can walk better than most girls!

As I walked into his apartment I was nervous but I noticed he didn’t smoke so in order to get in character the first thing I did wast to light my cigarette without asking for permission and I used his mouth as an ashtray.

These visits went on for a year and by doing that I had doubled my income. I received a lot of money both for my visits and just for asking for money if I thought I needed some.

I really got to explore a whole new world with this nasty, fat, old man. I tied him up in ropes in spite of his claustrophobia he would let me do it because he had a lot of trust in me. I would spank him and hear him scream. I would pour hot wax on his body and stub my cigarettes on his body (he still has scars which he wears proudly).

He would drink my urine and he would love the taste of it. He would even save some for later and send me videos of him drinking it.

I could literally make him do ANYTHING and I took so much advantage of him - but he loved it to the fullest.

This is over now because he started to crave my attention too much and didn’t understand what bedtimes meant when I had to get up early. He started to annoy me too much and it became boring to me. We still talk sometimes. He is still a cool guy with some wild fantasies and I respect that but it just isn’t for me for now. He kind of ran out of money and I don't humiliate him for free so obviously it can't go on as the situation is now.

I don’t care about him. And I also know when he reads this it will turn him on that everybody will know about how pathetic he is. It is tempting to put his photo up here because I have a bunch of him being really nasty, dressed up as a woman, posing as if he was a sexy Christmas calendar girl in lingerie and so on. But I’ll do you a favour, my dear readers, and not put your pretty eyes through that.



The Micro Penis and the Unknown Minister

I heard about this dating site for sugar daddies and sugar babes. I thought I would give it a go. It became clear to me that it was mostly prostitution going on there. I have three good stories from this site and two of them you can read today. The last and also one of my craziest will be ready for you tomorrow.

The first one is a very short story. He was the first person I met from the site. I don’t really know who he was. He took me to the beach on our second date. He was incredible at licking pussy. I still remember how good orgasms he could give me. The problem was the reason he was so good at it. He actually had a micro penis. It is a serious condition - you can Google it. So we didn’t have sex simply because he wasn’t able to. He gave me money though. It was a weird thing because I liked him so it didn't feel like I was selling my body.

So the money thing became an exiting aspect in this new game. I found a man on the same dating site who seemed to be very secure of himself he also had a lot of money and loved to show off.
On the first date he took me out for dinner. He picked me up  the Station when I arrived by train. The first thing he did was to try and kiss me. Like he had paid me and therefore he was allowed to do that. I pushed him away and told him it was too soon. The dinner was seven dishes and seven different wines too. It is the most expensive food I’ve ever gotten. He paid my train ticket (10x more than it actually cost me). After dinner I just went home. He asked me to join him in his suite at the hotel but I didn’t feel like it.
Several months after I had been to a party in an SM club so my mood was just right. I asked him to pick me up, as I wanted to have sex with him. He picked me up but didn’t want to have sex so I masturbated in his bed right next to him. In the morning I woke up with him inside me. I am angry with myself for not stopping him because I certainly wasn’t in the mood at that time and you don’t put your dick in a person who is sleeping. But I just let him do it to get some money. I earned a lot and also I could now check “Prostitution” of my list of things I wanted to try.
I did it one more time (not happy to admit it) but I needed money and went on a trip with him. It was here I discovered he was a former minister. We walked about in a city which none of us knew anyone in when suddenly an elderly couple points at him asking if he wasn’t the former minister of whatever. He was. I Googled him when I came home and fuck me. It was him. Also I found out he lied about his age. He told me he was 42. He was 52 and so far the oldest man I’ve been with.

I have to add: I felt bad about myself for a month after this money thing and compromising with myself and I will never do it again. It is certainly not for everybody. I'm glad I tried it though and got to learn that about myself.



The Engaged Murderer

I was on a huge festival for a whole week. My friend and I hadn’t showered at all besides taking a swim in the lake that just made us grosser.
We were standing in the line to buy beer when this (too) happy guy comes to hug us. I said to him it was clear he was on drugs. He told me he wasn’t but less than 30 seconds later he is putting some more of it in his mouth. And in my mouth too! I just went with it because he was clearly having a lot of fun. We went to the concert and after that I went to another camp to find my friend (the Woopti-Doo guy, actually).
His camp was just next to some kind of military camp with a very big and muscular guy. I hadn’t tried something like that before so I found it interesting because I thought he would be able to really pull me around and fuck me hard.
Well to sum the sexual act up: it was the most gentle sex I’ve ever had. His dick wasn’t so big either.
The worst part is that he went down on me. Remember I told you we hadn’t showered for a whole week being in a festival. Yuk! But whatever It wasn’t me who had to taste that nasty festival pussy.
No wait. It gets worse. In the morning he thanks me for having sex with him because it was his last chance to do a one-night stand. And why? Well he was expecting a child with his fiancée. At this point I just left as fast as I could.
Oh yes… It gets even worse. Months later I find out he had killed 5 people. Well 4 of them was during war but one of them was an intruder in his home. He stabbed him to death.

Conclusion: my judgment isn’t good.



Concert, Cocaine and Cunt - Lesbian experience

Don’t mind the title it just sounds cool - C.C.C 

In my relationship with my “soul mate” we were both allowed to be with other people as long as they were of the same sex as our own. This was because we were both bisexual and understood the difference between being with a man and a woman. It is not the same. He knew that he couldn’t give me what a woman was capable of giving me and he wouldn’t deny me to have it.

It shouldn’t be a secret that it is not only sex I am so curious about - I have to try almost everything once. That also involves some drugs. My soul mate had given me cocaine for a concert I went to with two of my friends. (This says a little about what kind of person he is, I didn’t ask for it but I couldn’t pass the opportunity to try it. I am still not sure why he had it)
I ended up listening to the two first songs of the concert then go out for a cigarette and miss the whole concert. Here is why:
Outside I met three girls I started to chat with. Being on cocaine made me unstoppable! I was on fire! So of course I started picking up girls. I succeeded a lot faster than expected - she kissed me and she hadn’t even been with a girl before. In the end of the concert everybody went to different pubs and bars. I lost her but she texted me shortly after to come and get her. I took a taxi even when everybody told me the underground is right around the corner - but hell no it wasn’t fast enough! I got to the club she was at and put my brand new drivers license right in the face of the bouncer. I was proud of it. He told me it was 20+ (I was 18 or 19). I texted her and told her I couldn’t get in. She was drunk and just told me to come in. I approached the bouncer again this time with an explanation: the most amazing girl who I was totally in love with was in there and I just had to go get her. I promised I wouldn’t drink anything! He let me in. Unbelievable.
I found her talking with a guy and went straight to them and asked if she wanted to go home and have fun with me instead. She would love to. I wish I had a picture of his face because he seemed quite surprised.
We took a taxi, stopped for pizza and went home to have amazing (drunk, coca) sex!
In the morning I had trouble remembering it all at first.
I woke up next to her and thought “Oh my god. There is a naked girl sleeping next to me. That looks cute! Please continue!” and then I ran off.
My phone had died and I literally didn’t know where I was. It took me 1+ hour to get back to the city and charge my phone. 3 hours later I finally found my two friends and we could go home!
I wrote her an apology for leaving and asked her out too but she wasn’t interested. We also live far away from each other. Sometimes we will still text each other and ask how everything is. I still think she is lovely and now she is dating a girl so I can’t have made too much of a bad impression being her first girl. I thought I might have made a horrible impression being on drugs and all.



My alcoholic manipulative “soul mate”

This is probably going to be a hard story to write as well. It was a long relationship, we moved in together and it was very intense for me at all time.

So I came straight out of my relationship with the punk. This new guy I barely knew was the one who told me he was cheating on me while we were drunk at a party. I had a dream that told me I had to ask him about the cheating. I had been suspicious for a while and now I saw this guy from my dream and I just insisted on him telling me the truth. Later, after I ended this new relationship I found out he knew about the cheating because he had been the punk’s driver whenever he wanted to fuck this other girl. Guys are just great aren’t they?

My life fell a bit apart when I found out and I was still very vulnerable as you can imagine (a few months after the rape). As he was the one to break the news and watch my heart break, he naturally comforted me. We went home to his place and the night passed by with me either crying my eyes out or him getting me to try on corsets and wet look pants. It was way to easy so of course we ended up having sex most of the night.

For some reason we fell in love with each other very quickly and I cut off my relationship with the punk. It was intense and romantic in the beginning, like a proper in love feeling where you go completely blind. I was blind to the facts that he was twice my age (19y and 37y) and also had a serious problem with alcohol.

So this is still supposed to be about my sexual experiences but a little background knowledge never hurt anyone. Sexually he was very dominant. I was his submissive and he owned me. I was his for about a year. This was my first time to be a part of a relationship involving SM almost all the time. I experimented a lot with the Punk but nothing like this. This guy had all the experience.
My submission started to fade when I found out I couldn’t really trust him. He couldn’t keep his word because he was drunk all the time. Compared to the beginning there was a huge change in my willingness - before he started to lack basic kindness I would literally do anything he possibly could want me to do. This is a very intense feeling for me and it rarely happens unless I am in love with someone.

He was bisexual and I am too, so the relationship was open for same-sex stuff. He never did anything with that opportunity but I did once (that will be the next story). He was very focused on anal sex (both ways!) so I really got into that too. It is absolutely amazing if it is done right. I even got to fuck him in the ass with a strapless strap-on a few times.
First time was a few weeks into the relationship on a short trip to the neighbor country. I was a bit shocked when he asked me to do it but I thought why not? It was fun and a new experience!
He opened my eyes to anal and I will be him grateful for that until I die. (Orgasms are like 5 times stronger!)
So basically I learned how to get the best out of anal. It is very simple so upon request from one of my good friends I’ve made a little anal-guide from my experience:

Get yourself ready! Get clean an comfortable (you can buy a shower dildo to make sure you’re completely clean)
Any position where he can have a good view at you facial expression is recommended, I find it important that he can see how I feel or if it hurts. I personally prefer missionary.
RELAX and make sure it’s wet. Use lube or spit. Let him put it in slowly and when it is there just relax and get used to the feeling and size. This took me several minutes the first time but I got used to do it in 10 seconds. This depends a lot on the size as well.
Once you’ve gotten used to the feeling of him just being there (without moving!) you can get started. If he has a long dick, don’t go too deep as a first.

As we had a SM relationship we went to a few clubs to explore even more. I still go sometimes, very rarely though. The people who come to places like that are so open minded and I really appreciate that.
A little story on the side: He once gave me permission to have a spanking session with another man in the club and specially after that I realized he was not taking care of me properly. To maintain a relationship like that takes a lot of patience and him being trustworthy while in a session. Two things he wasn’t able to give me anymore.

We ended up having a pretty impressive collection of sex toys. Things I didn’t even know existed a year before. It has probably been the time in my life where I’ve developed the most sexually.
Because it was so intense I actually ended up being completely addicted to this very unhealthy relationship. Even two years after I moved out of his apartment we would still have sex. I stopped the relationship and moved back home which was the best decision for me. But here we are, 3.5 years later and 5 months ago I finally found the courage to completely cut him out of my life. I should have done it much sooner. It was so unhealthy and all the pain he put me through (we are talking double life, girls on the side, constantly lying to me, manipulating me, trying to make me think I was mentally ill even though he probably was the one who was, and I could go on)
I am happy I don’t poison my life with him anymore, but I feel like I’ve learnt many valuable lessons from that relationship.



A Night With Random Dick And Unwanted Dick

This has been the hardest story to write and now I realize it is even harder to actually post it and make it available for you all to read. But I feel strong and I genuinely hope you will enjoy the story although it is rough. It is important to me as it is part of my sexual experiences after all.

I was at a party at my school. Former students were also allowed to attend and it was crowded. I wore red lipstick and I was so drunk it was embarrassing. I was about to go out and get some fresh air when I run into two guys - one of them asks me if I could kiss his friend on the cheek to leave a lipstick mark and I didn’t find that to be a problem. When I am about to kiss him he turns his head around so I found myself kissing his mouth… Now with tongue as well!
We ended up in the toilet 5 minutes later having sex (this is the first person I forgot to warn about my nipples and clit piercing, he got quite shocked!)
When we had been going on for some minutes when he asked me to go home with him but drunk me just told him I wasn’t done partying at all and left him with his pants down on the toilet. I don’t remember either his name or what he looked like. It annoys me so much because I don’t know if he was a former student or he had been looking at me everyday for 2.5 years without me knowing it. This was the story about the random party guy. As I told him, my night was certainly not finished yet!

Later that night when the party was finished I got a ride to the city from my first boyfriend’s mother (I don’t know how this happened) but being very drunk I went clubbing till I got tired.
I ran into this guy I had been chatting with for several months (almost a year I think) and he asks me if he should walk me home. He didn’t feel like a stranger to me and I would probably have done the same if I was sober, so please don’t blame this on alcohol. My mom always told me to never walk alone so this sounded like a great idea to me. I always walk alone after that night. Before I went to my apartment I sat down to smoke a cigarette.
Then it all started. He didn’t ask if it was okay, he didn’t listen when I said “NO!” and if it by any chance was unclear that I didn’t want him to do what he did he should have figured when I threw up on his dick. But he went on and raped me. I was ashamed and couldn’t be at home being so restless after this. So I went out again to lie down in the snow and cry.
Fortunately my punk ex boyfriend picked up when I called him and told him about what happened. He talked me into going home to bed. This is the main reason we got back together - I found comfort in having a boyfriend in a time where I was completely vulnerable.

I did go to therapy for half a year to make sure I was okay. I am comfortable talking about it and I don’t let it affect me or who I am today more than it should.
Although it has been hard to write in detail about it and let that take me back there. What I am proud of is the fact that I managed to tell my dad within 8 days so I could go to therapy. That act showed my strong and independent traits.



Woopti Doo!

We have known each other since I was 12, at this time I was 17 and we are still friends today.

I don’t know how the hell we came up with the idea of having sex with each other but we did.

Sure it was awkward. It was not that the sex was bad in itself but I don’t think it is a good idea to be with (any of) your friends you have known forever.

As awkward as it was it was about to get worse (or funny, depends on how you see it)

I was on top when he had his orgasm. So I was sitting there not really sure what to do now, when he says “Woopti Doo!” in a really light voice in an attempt to break the silence. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

Now it has become a funny story among our friends. At first people thought he was yelling “Woopti Doo!” in the moment he came, which makes the story a lot different, but it was nothing like that.

It was just awkward friendly sex and we can probably agree it wasn’t really the best idea.